Present: AK (President), EM (VP), EC (Chair), SM (Communications), EB (Librian), JC (PG & M) (looking iffy), MP (Sports & Socs) (looking red), LM (Senior Welfare), JB (International Rep), MM (Social Chair), EP (Outreach)

Apologies: AB (Treasurer), JG (Facilities)
Setting: AK’s flat and I’m happy because it’s clean but she’s also talking really fast to this meeting was quite hard to keep up with

1) Naming the study room AK
2) FCO-ness AK/JC
– future of the role (hours)
– election type
3) Standing orders position J.C
4) Exec office

Last minutes meeting passed on a general aye
1) Naming the study room AK
AK: the conference room is called the Henry Tudor conference room. The study room doesn’t have a name. do we want to try and get someone to pay for it. I want plaques so we look more official. I want college to pay for half. I want to look official. It should help people. I want to be better than Hatfield. We could name it after someone inspirational.
EP: this is better than a donor as there was backlash with the 17th college
EM: but we just did this with the music room and got donation
EC: Id prefer more money
AK: we could set a minimum donation. Greg Kyle Langley donates £80 a month for that room
JC: He was also at Cuth’s and was inspirational
EB: if we do something inspiration can we have a plaque inside explaining why they are inspirational
AK: yes
ACTION POINT: everyone to think about how much the minimum donation should be and whether it should be a one off donation or a rolling donation
ACTION POINT: everyone to think of inspirational people
AK: We need the money for any improvements that the donor might want. Also up to us whether we want a one off or a rolling amount of money
JC: Do we know how much we have in reserves?
AK: AB isn’t here
ACTION POINT: AB to circulate how much we have in our reserves

2) FCO-ness AK/JC
– future of the role (hours)
AK: we talked about doing a 4 day week because this is safer. I don’t want to waste the money on a 5th day. The trustees haven’t commented on this yet. They haven’t come to any of the call ins. I would prefer the 4 day week.
EM: I think 4 day week is fine
EP: what do Grey do?
AK: they have a 5 day week
JC: how much would a 4 day week save?
AK: I think about £2,686.32
EC: that’s a significant among
JC: So, we could reduce the amount by which we increase the levy. Given that we are looking at slight austerity and higher levies that would be good.
AK: at the moment that’s a good place to spend it, but in the future It would be nice to spend money on events
MM: so you work in the weekend AK…
AK: I log my hours and try not to go over that even if I do some of them at the weekend. So FCO would probably work similarly
EC: that makes me feel more up for it
All agreed a 4 day week is a good idea shown with a hands up
EP: would it be worth talking to Grey about why they have 5 days?
AK: that person does other things like being gym manager etc

– election type
JC: at the moment it’s a method 1 because it was a rush. But should it be made presidential
EC: we thought about this on gov comm and that it should be but we can’t change it now
EB: what’s the difference
EC: Longer husts and proposer speaks
JC: okay so there is an argument to move the election calendar and have just the presidential and FCO in the first meeting and the rest later
AK: I think president and FCO should be in different meetings..
EM: …is this because Grey do it like that?
AK: no, do they? Anyway, being in the same election encourages people to run together. I don’t want it to turn clichey
EC: on the flip side, a Pres could get elected, and then their friends are more likely to run
MM: that could be good
AK: I’ve just changed my mind
All discuss: would two elections mean that FCO was always the presidential loser etc
AK: then I agree with JC and it should be those two in one meeting and then many add the Vice President to that meeting. I think that would make it look better.
EC: how will this effect method II positions?
JC: I don’t think we should move those around. But we do need some thought about when other roles should be run as we don’t want 10 in one meeting
AK: John’s do that
EC: so really we are only moving senior welfare which isn’t too bad
AK: Are we just pushing SF just back one?
SM: the next one has M and F Welfare running so we could push that back
ACTION POINT: JC to write this position
JC: we now have 3 live in places and only two flats. We should move VP to Bailey
AK: I agree
ACTION POINT: JC to write motion to change VP to being on the Bailey

3) Standing orders position J.C
JC: no one is responsible for keeping the SOs maintained. I think it should be FCO because it is about compliance and the Chair often doesn’t have time
EC: the chair does have time to do it. Right now, they are a shit mess because they are too much but I’m going to get as much done after exams and having someone to look over them and suggest changes so that the next chair just has to update things after meetings which isn’t a big job. If you took that away from the Chair then all they have are meetings
AK: interim solution: Ideally by the end of the year these are sorted but they might not be, realistically, if that happens, then FCO could pick up the pieces and then form that point on it would go back to being the Chair’s role. I agree with EC that that would take away a lot from the role. If the new chair wants they can work together over summer
I’ve got a role task list at the moment so I can build this into that
JC: then we should give the Chair a method to pass the orders. To have a specific order to proposing this
ACTION POINT: JC to write that order

4) exec office
AK: it’s tiny, there are no windows. It’s not a nice place. We want to gut it and get rid of a lot of the stuff in there. Welfare used it last year but now they have the room in Refounders. I just want to use it to store things. We are getting lockable storage in the study room so we can put disco tech there and then we can buy more. The tech proposal for the alumni association should be pushed through and we need somewhere to store all that
EC: So, you want a storage room? So where are FCO and president going to work?
AK: I’d like to assume that this living room is the shared space but I’m trying to talk to college to see what spaces we can get. I’ll delay the gutting until FCO defo has a place to work
EM: can we make sure important minutes are archived?
JC: can we have a labelled filing system
EM: can the VP still use it for stash?
AK: yeah, I just want to get rid of the sofas and all the extra
MP: Can we rename if the executive suite?
AK: yes
EB: the computers in the computer room. Apparently only 3 have the software for physical geographers or music students
EP: that’s not a problem for music as they have stuff on palace green, but for geography it is an issue
EB: I don’t know what other spaces geographers have
ACTION POINT: EB to email CIS to get them to come out
ACTION POINT: AK to then talk to college about this because it’s their job really

MM: when the summer ball manager gets elected, is that before or after the holidays?
EC: checking. Summer Ball is not on SP’s Plan

Everyone please send EM their exec reports