RJ (S&S)
CW (Facilities)

Exec Updates
DG – Feast happened
AF – had the last JCR meeting with some elections
CL – reshelving – getting rid of some shelving
AJ – inter MCR formal
VC– Chinese new year event – not loads of people but fun
LJ – writing newsletter
EM – poorly attended pub quiz and FRAMDA last week
AK – reclaims – teach finance comm SAGE
HJ – stash delayed by snow but here by end of term – have contacted them about Open Days too
CM – loads of trustee stuff – memorandum rewritten – policies and procedures finally nearly done

Exec Impartiality
Exec have to be impartial in other colleges for online elections
Freshers may trust the exec’s opinion when they don’t know the people and hopefully they can be trusted?
As people who care about the JCR shouldn’t we be able to say who we think is best for the JCR?
Motion will be run at next meeting

Binding Machine
People seem keen
Only risk is that it needs to be bound properly
Would only be like £30 for enough for all the people to do it this year
Will be situated in the library
Another library has a new expensive one that charged and made the money back
Ideally we’d have the one we’ve got for free, but if need a new one then will only try to make back the cost rather than for profit

FRAMDA Showcase
Wednesday 14th
CM is doing lifts and things for people that want to come
May need help making some props

Exec Social/Dinner/Get out for a bit at Women’s Rugby
Saturday at 8.15pm is the women’s rugby – might be nice to have us come together?

New Deputy Principal – want to do something with him and the SCR
– First week next term

Members of social comm members wanting to go for a ball manager that have to give up their position – want to have them not have to give it up, but then if they get it then their old position becomes free
Will have to run a new motion next time, and will have to let them know now that there’ll be a risk for them