Housing Database
Housing database – on the website – list of houses from other students – have had calls saying it’s not updated – is it worth keeping? Update?
LJ’s manifesto said she would update it – can’t publicise it without update. Or better to start fresh?
– When the data has been updated should be included
Can add a disclaimer saying may not be up to date to protect us
Change columns – add in landlord column for filter by that
– So refresh with dates of when the entries have been updated and new columns

Old Stash
Dodgy to donate to some places as they get loads of clothes and takes money away from local people and businesses, but found website for refugees in Calais – or could recycle them – reused as insulation etc.
Should find most ethical way. Sale may not work as well again due to loss of big selling items
– Find best option

Fashion Show
May not be happening as trustees want to pull it due to the comperes – content of speech wasn’t appropriate – got lots of complaints.
Great opportunity for students and raise money for charity – want to keep it going – some people love it
The fashion show would probably happen without Cuth’s anyway if we were to pull it but they wouldn’t be able to advertise on any of the facebook pages – harder to get insurance etc
Focus on charity aspect – get models to be involved in actual charitable acts? But then almost forcing people to volunteer – downside cos you’d probably lose interest and raise less money
At least make the awareness for the charity better
Castle’s show had completely anonymous applications
If show for charity it shouldn’t matter what you look like – shouldn’t negatively affect it, although it may not be positively received – some people may find it strange
There’s a limited group of people interested in it in first place – could open up the applications and lessen the inappropriate jokes
College wants it in college – give more funds for security
– General consensus thinks not so good as there’s appeal in external, the glamour of it and also can’t get many people
Making them a JCR committee? They’ll also know more things about it and EM could be involved to help with actual charitable aims
HJ would sit on the committee and also probably be involved in interview process

Housing Database 2
It does actually have the date that it was input – a landlord/letting agency bit so encourages to talk about both – take out old ones and make sure the disclaimer is there – make the freps do it when they can
Disclaimer: this is information inputted by students and doesn’t represent views of Cuth’s JCR

Introduction to Exec
We’re a team to support each other – may have hard things to deal with, but it’ll be worth it – everyone remember we’re here to help.
People writing motions for things take it to exec meeting first so we can all discuss it.
Freshers’ Week – exec have no authority over any other rep – you’ll be asked to do random things. LJ may need to take over some VP duties with HJ in labs.
We can also spend up to £150 without running it by anyone.

Exec Updates from over Summer
AJ: trying to organise postgrad freshers week – aims for the year is to keep up postgrad events and the forums – make sure the postgrads know about JCR and that it’s here for them too
HJ: freshers handbook – freshers week stash – aims = find something better than phoenixprint and help people and much as possible
CL: books – getting people to work for library – aims = sort through books
AF: emailing lots of people asking to sponsor JCR meetings – to no avail – need to go round in person – hopefully we’ll get sponsors and we’ll hand out flyers etc. aim: rewrite all the standing orders – they’re text docs not formatted at all – will take to gov comm and then bring to exec for input
AK: we hate Lloyds bank – AK and CM added as signatories – they said we didn’t have the right info – so had to do again – MC didn’t get rid of the VAT thing when we changed – need to do that – could cost us a lot of money – we can now write cheques – should have a card in a couple of weeks
– we were told the audit had been done – turns out hadn’t been done – takes two months – we’ll be v close to charity commission thing as that’s the deadline
LJ: wrote the livers out handbook – set up google form for college parents – reminder tomorrow – deadline tomorrow – assign during freshers week – trying to sort out the website – not good at these C panel thingies – need computer scientist
VC: sorting international freshers week – get international committee together and do events etc
RJ: contacting staff – talking to team durham – made list of captains and presidents of sports and societies – spoke to RR about naked calendar – talk to EM about charity side – want to get experience cuths pages more active
EM: getting rid of stash and books in sustainable and good way – getting a project for cuths – got a leader and deputy leader for SCA things – should be running interviews soon for it – project school play. Working out logistics of food bank
CS: got a joint LGBT+ night on bailey Monday after freshers week with Aidan’s – Holly got a C card set up for students in college in freshers week – get free condoms etc from Boots – grant for an event to promote inclusivity – could do t-shirts that people could get – let me know about issues in cuths about inclusivity – want to get the toilet sign changed to gender neutral rather than male and female signs
DG: booked clubs and ents for freshers – booked Beamish for weds 15th Nov – making some motions – got two rooms for food – more people can get in – 380 dinner and 100 ents
CM: freshers week – everything being put in exec office rather than flat due to more keys for it – office has computer and phone and safe and minutes from forever ago – back bar been done up – brooks hopefully being done this Christmas – got account for money for bar – can upholster the sofas etc – we can paint it ourselves – get floor done – no carpet – change money proportions for B? – get more money for bar from there

Social Comm
Event Discounts
Thinking 40% off events – should SRO and female and male welfare officers be entitled to it?
Currently it’s £10 off – want same for social comm – want them to have guaranteed tickets – if you guys don’t get a ticket then no need to help out though – would be too many guaranteed tickets
SRO is only not exec due to having to be impartial but hard to draw line maybe? Welfare etc?
Maybe a different reward? Invites to formals – free formal tickets? Formals college run – so we’d have to buy the tickets to give out.
Let CM know if people are doing great work – can get them invited to high table. We get to meet SCR at some point this term
Social Comm Members
Looking to pass motion that we get rid of some social comm members – only have 3 reps per the classic years, 3 postgrad and the event managers – get rid of photography, sponsorship etc

College wants it cancelled – we don’t want this – how can we lessen heckling? College have suggested seating plan but who would sit in their allocated seat though – more work but won’t work
Does she know that heckling is part of the interview process? It’s made very aware
Maybe have microphones – stops interrupting performance
Drama has some budget willing to use for some things
An article was going to be run about panto – got stopped – about the content of heckling. CP wrote panto at one point and is willing to look over the script (is a writer)
Possibly get security for if heckling gets really bad