HLE: My job is to work on alumni engagement within the JCR. Fundraising and careers are my two main jobs in this regard. It’d be good to have input and feedback from the exec. Each year the college sends out a giving letter to all alumni. This year is an open year for fundraising, so what do we think the JCR could do with? Don’t need specifics at the moment, but the letter will be sent out in the next term, so it’d be good to think about it. Increase npot of money available to students, so we can give more prizes or bigger ones? More long term: Improve on the Bailey JCR/Library? Careers: We have the careers angels scheme, students can apply to an alumni volunteer for guidance? Large increase in students this year, but 75 students for 75 volunteers is too low, we could work on increasing engagement (events? Under represented sectors/professions? SaS works for Mars, who are focussing attention on Durham, and SaS would like to know what sort of events would work best? Suggestions on the way in which Mars could engage cuth’s students, and longer term how to maintain a closer relationship with Cuth’s (Sponsorship? Mutual benefits). Get students to attend, then able to ask for sponsorship.
Fundraising: What to ask from alumni. Short/long term?
Careers: Any feedback on careers angels? Grey started 10 years ago and have 550 alumni signed up.
Mars: What events would be beneficial to students and what mutually beneficial events we could put on.
JB: How much funds do we currently receive?
HLE: In the 10s of thousands/annum? Will double check.
JC: Fairly casual meetings would be more attended, especially if they’re around in the JCR when people things are going on.
MLJ: I have used cuths careers angels, but a lot of the time it feels very corporate/finance oriented. There is not many non-corporate opportunities out there in university events.
MC: If there are any ideas, let me know and I will compile and send on to Harry.
HLE: The more tangible our requests are, the more likely it is that we receive the funding.
2. Updates
SS: We elected 5 new postgrad committee members, first meeting this weeks. We have held research meetings, trips, etc.
RH: Got all my reps now, going to meet with them, sort out the deadlines for the naked calendar. Pushing for it to be available on the 14th/15th of December.
JC: Racking up accounts, put through some motions, started getting finance comm doing things.
MLJ: Housing talk is now Tuesday. Gilesgate is difficult.
EL: Formed international committee, want some restructuring for next year, one or two events this term, and have a plan for the next ones.
JB: Welfare is ticking on. Charity formal last night went well.
AS: Library now has 19 volunteers and 4 reserves. Started the book cull. May be some fiction books given away.
TJ: Odd jobs and generally being helpful.
MC: Me and JC met with people to talk about alternative ticketing/payment system. Bought a camera. Organised an extra steve meeting. Fashion show guidelines being written so as to make them uniform (best practice). Post offer visit day in february, having ignored all prescomm and college advice on the date.
SJ: Govcomm meeting, JCR meeting.
HJ: Michaelmas ball. Few little final details. Dining hall booked for feast. Going to plan refreshers week and sorting logistics for summer ball.
3. Budget

JC: The budget is not democratic, so I want to make a budget writing policy which is open for challenge at JCR meetings. Is not legally binding, and will be classed in order of importance.
JB: Would you add in a clause to explain reasons for breaking guidelines?
JC: Yup.
4. Camera purchase
MC: Paid slightly extra for storage. Came to £351. Can we approve purchase of bag/memory card?

Yes, agreed.
5. Surplus ideas?
RH: JS wants steps? Is waiting for a quote.
JB: Look at next years freshers week, print our own welfare keyrings?
MC: Mildert did a lanyard saying please return to mildert with lots of info on it.
6. Environment Committee
MC: They think they should have more elected roles. As it stops volunteers stopping working. They also want to start an allotment.
7. Fashion show
MC: They’re rebranding as it as been inaccessible previously. At Missoula. Raising money for a refugee charity, been given funding by JCR. Auditions are on Sunday, 3-6pm in the bar.
8. Exec restructure





MC: Last year we decided that we would create a facilities type officer who would oversee the gym, music room, green machine managers and would take over when the roles are not filled. Welfare: Don’t want to make exec bigger, so we’re adding a facilities officer and making a senior welfare officer instead of two male/female officers. One person overseeing alleviates tensions and allows that person to focus on welfare. They would also do drop ins. 3 officers to do drop ins. Not sure about live-in position.
JB: What would senior welfare’s role be? Would we do similar to Aidan’s?
MC: Maybe have the senior do more? They should oversee full committee and split workload evenly. They would be elected in 2nd term.
SJ: A very good idea to have one person in charge.
JB: Not sure how different it’d be, and wouldn’t effect welfare. I think there would still be issues between male/female welfare officers as would still have the same job.
SJ: Have whoever is the senior welfare make all the decisions about hours? That way there is a specific person in control, not two people who are equally in charge.
HJ: Campaigns team manager’s role?
TJ: As like the current assistant welfare officers.
HJ: If male and female welfare is to do with more active listening, then make them equal to welfare officers?
SJ: If the campaigns manager is under the control of male/female officers, they would run into same conflict problems.
JB: This year we decided on campaigns, what we wanted, and sent the assistants off to run it and make it happen, promote it, etc.
MC: Moving forward, shall I write job descriptions/structure of what it would be and put it forward for comment to exec before JCR meeting motion?
JC: What about livers out rep?
MC: We previously agreed to keep it.
JC: It lines up more with SU rep. We should do that.
MC: Agreed.
9. AOB





TJ: Website is rubbish and very very incomplete.
JC: I could create a new exec password for the website?
MC: Another sleepover sorting it out? Will make a poll on exec group.

MC: Loads of stash and stuff in Tom’s corridor and housekeeping are whinging.
JB: Donate to charity?
SS: Add a competition to newsletter for stash?