Exec Meeting 1


1. Apologies
2. Notification of AOB
3. The surplus
4. Structure of the exec
5. First Aid budget
6. Social?
7. AOB

JC: Currently we have £25 000 more than we need to get through year without levies. We have too much money. We’ve made £100 000 in 3 years in terms of our reserves. We need a justified amount of what we should have as reserves, and then what to spend the rest of the money on.
CM: Cut Michaelmas ball tickets?
JC: Would prefer to cut things long term rather than one year.
RH: Table tennis table? Collapsible? Book a room out to train?
JE: Where?
RH: Brooks?
CM: Usual amount of money?
JC: Normally we have £40 000 reserve but we currently have £115 000 reserve.
MC: We can’t have more than £50 000 in account as we are a non-profit charity.
JB: When does it have to be spent by?
JC: Preferably end of year.
MC: Green machine stuff should be bought, don’t know what needs replacing yet.
Tasked to think about what could be spent on.

Structure of exec:
MC: Most efficient way we can run the exec? How you think your role works? Should it be altered? Any other roles (not your own)? Senior welfare? Gym manager/music room manager oversight?
JC: Coherent plan was made last year?
MC: Bring it to this year’s exec before we make a motion to take to a JCR meeting.
RETURNING TO THIS at later meeting.

First aid:
JC: Approve a small budget to reclaim first aid? 60 quid. Many teams forget to ask for first aid in their yearly budget so this would make my job simpler.
CM: Do we need to train anyone?
RH: Training is run by Team Durham, so no.
Vote held, 60 quid spend approved.

MC: When are people free?
ACTION POINT: MC will make a poll about dates/times on the exec facebook group.
TJ: Syncing calendars with college has been requested by EA, so we need to make a plan of events.

ACTION POINT: JC will show everyone how to make calendar events and everyone will update our cuths.com calendars for TJ to relay to college.

CM: Hatfield banter has gone too far. Everyone should keep this in mind when mocking Hatfield. Targeting individuals and freshers is wrong, make amicable banter, not anything abusive.

MC: Welcome to exec. Yay. It’s fun (sarcasm). We’re having meetings this week to discuss your roles, but everyone helps with everyone else’s jobs when people are snowed under (ex: Staging moving).