Exec Meeting 13.00 Conference Room


  1. Apologies – HLE, EH, RR, JC
  2. JCR Awards (HR)

The point on JCR awards I’m happy to be discussed in my absence and is whether it would be permissible to allow members of the interview panel to apply if we don’t get enough applications (I could use one and we only have 1 application for four awards so far). See my post on facebook about colours.


If you apply for the awards you withdraw from the panel


AP for us – push the awards

Panel is president, vp, chair and sports & socs

  1. Colours (HR)

push these, make them more desirable, submit lots of nominations

encourage club captains and remember it includes just jcr contributions as well as sports and socs

Please have a look at the provisional nomination form before the meeting (https://docs.google.com/…/1tCnYBIg3f9-NcPispj28bNP…/viewform)


all get pins

you can buy a tie if you want

half colours get a certificate

the way we give them out


  1. Sports & Socs formal (HR)

formal inviting all the people

you’d need to make sure everyone who gets colours would be there

make a formal fun – more informal

silent disco didnt work last year but was poorly advertised



4.5 DLBs meeting not well attended

final jcr meeting of term – make it into more of an event – combine it with the cider festival or something like that?


  1. Post-exams (MT)

wants a more formal agenda for the post exam season

most other colleges do this

country festival – CRACAS

get a name and a similar brand – ‘Summer Starts Here’

Newcastle trip

beach trip

Eurovision – make it an event but not a drinking game

Dog day – two half days so the dogs are less tired


Admirals regatta – wednesday after cuth’s day


garden party – chino party

summer party/country festival/cuth’s day


barbecue – in books


a big sports day where everyone dresses up and plays other sports


edinburgh zoo/day trip to edinburgh


go to the highforce

day trip to york

alton towers


Finalists formal – monday of graduation week


5.5. Arts & Culture Week

run by S? but uses a lot of jcr societies

sunday before cuth’s day – principals garden party – 7th

drama play, photography things,

culture – wine tasting/cocktails/mocktails/cheese


welfarey – make people more aware of study spaces in college

motivational wall with motivation post its

promote use of the library responsibly

need some study free zones – tv room

maybe outside space – fairly reactionary to weather


  1. Apologies (HR)

having too much work shouldn’t be an acceptable reason – depends how far in advance things are announced

would apply to all committees as well as jcr meetings

committee meetings are often less advertised but are shorter – an hour lost isnt much

jcr meetings are well publicised but longer,


Compassionate reasons

Family commitments

Medical reasons

Job Interviews

Being out of Durham for social reasons

Compulsory academic commitments

All at the discression of the vice president and president




can’t have people leave in the middle


  1. AOB

meeting times will go out soon

consider handovers