Exec Meeting 16.00 Conference Room


Apologies: EH



  1. ReFreshers

More Newcastle – once a term

Easier to do within your own college

Needed more frep presence

When we recruit freps in the summer, part of their contract is refreshers

– they get spread out between each night

Have it on less nights and have more going on – ents and live music on

– fresh had exams on saturday so thurs and fri was less popular

silent disco islands went down well


  1. C-Card Sign up dates (CR)

Wednesday afternoon sign up, with cake (in brooks)

Do one on both sights – dinner time at Bailey

Any wednesday not 18th – 4th or 11th


  1. Give it a go budget (JC)

A small budget for JC having a go (and any others trying it out) – doesn’t cost the society anything to have James try it

Will only be for specific clubs – swimming, climbing, art, there may be others

– should only be open to a set number

Work out how much it might be for 6 people and we can approve that


  1. Team Cuth’s sponsorship (JC)

Find someone to sponsor team cuth’s as a whole

They’d probably want something on playing kit – a large proportion of sponsorship would go on kit (which most socs buy themselves anyway)

Would have to mandate teams to buy kit?

Looking at a lot of money – need a big company

Sponsor sports events/social events

Do a long term deal

‘Old Boys’ event sponsorship


  1. River Safety
  2. Correspondence (SC)

Should go to a JCR meeting – made clear it is SC’s opinions

No longer need to tiptoe around the issue – we need to talk about it

It’s our responsibility to acknowledge what happened

– by its nature its an upsetting thing to talking about

We are in a position where we can take a lead

– people have to come to meetings – we need to communicate the message to them

Need a follow up – anger, hope, action

– sign up to something

A lot of them will be freshers

Has to come from us

Not just something we can leave to the authorities – don’t just wait for someone to fix it, we’re going to take control


Formulate a response letter as the executive committee to be read as correspondence at the beginning


  1. Union Update (DS)

In response to S? and L? a group was set up with key stakeholders in the city – has been going for 6 months

Police were very honest with the group – the council gave the union 50000 to improve education (that;s what the union was given)

Last term 1000 people did a survey (good number) to work out why we do what we do

Don’t want this to be in reaction to E? – the campaign will be soon

The river and city are being audited by experts

Spoken to police about what we need students to do – many things that can be done to make the river safe, alcohol is one of them

Long term

Prevention of accidents coming to see how long it will take to evaulate the city

Improve alcohol safety in common rooms

Need someone to drive the nightbus – council will try and get someone to do the nightbus – need every night or not at all

University will identify one taxi operator where if you can’t afford your fare, the university will pay for it and you can pay them back – all it takes is campus cards

Looking at the cost and availability of alcohol in clubs and bars

Short term

Tonight there will be a safe haven thing with street lights, 10 student officers (5 union, 5 presidents) there as extra help – taking on night warden role

– will be tonight and next weds but we want to make it a more permanent thing

– everyone wants to do it now but will they want to do it in 6 weeks? need to make it sustainable – we all need to be seen to be taking a role – not always the same type of person – durham students for durham students

– dont want it to be the christian union, want it to be everyone

– common room organised rotas

– DU sports teams need to take a role

– everyone must be trained

– stringent rules on student welfare as well

We can now tell people that something is being done

Management of expectation – can’t barrier everywhere

– education, culture, home safe, bouncer training and expectation

The councils responsibility to make the path safe – council meeting with the starter of the petition

– want it to be as safe as it can be, so we will let the experts assess it and trust what they say


People will forget about it in 6 weeks time but we need to be there so people don’t forget and continue to be sensible

Students would have the same training as police – they would get reviewed etc – detail will be sorted in the next few weeks

Notice what drink does to you – it’s just the culture we’re in

– we want to do something? volunteer. look after ourselves

– can’t do it on our own, need to trust the union to get on with this – they can make it happen where indiviudal JCRs couldn’t

Spread the message rather than demand support

– we want to do something but when there;s a call to arms we need to be there to act in support



look at the logos (LM)

book a room for the union husts q&a sections 7th/8th (TH)

we have a responsibility to promote these elections

(JC) town and gown – have all the clubs compete as well

– end of term mayeb 7th or 8th of march