Exec Meeting 12.00 Conference Room

1. Apologies & Absences
Apologies: CR, EH, MF, JG, HLE

2. Ball Debrief (RR & MT)
Ticket Price
Food not good enough to warrant the price – was the only option for the venue
The location wasn’t used to those numbers
Booking System
All fine
Ticket Pick Up
Nice to go inside, signs would have been useful to direct people where to go
Good social vibes
Loading Buses
All fine
First Impressions
Because it was smaller venue, the venue and ride had a better visual impact
People liked the red carpet
Drinks Reception
Cloakroom access was a bother – it all got quite crowded
Lucky it wasn’t raining – most bossed it without coats
It was alright – not amazing
Only people served last noticed the delay
Fairly quickly done
Circular tables makes it feel more like a ball – less like a formal
People don’t want to be in corners or on ends
The Look~
Not a very impressive aesthetic
The drapers dropped out
Nice that it was light and you could see people
Venue in general
No beamish but okay
Felt like a cottage – garden was more enclosed, you could find people easily
Not that impressive
Emptying the hall
Hard to clear because the bar was in that hall
Need a signal – something served outside, something to go out for?
Photo booth – always a winner, LM tried to sell him some tyres
Chocolate fountain – the chocolate man was terrible, generally disastrous
Pop corn – he was great, delicious and fun
Martini glasses with wet beads – NEVER AGAIN
St John’s Ambulance
Not as attentive as they could have been
Saying people had to be taken home etc
A chill out area for people to sit in that isn’t their vom room – an area that isn’t a thoroughfare
Messiness levels?
A bottle of wine
Noting – remove the rules? freshers in particular were taking digs very seriously
All the people taken in were freshers – give them all a bottle of wine on the first night of freshers (the only way they’ll learn)
Noting at the freshers formal – that way they’ll get it – ease them in gently
Soft drinks options – money back for non bevvers, advertise the non-wine price
Safety should be in the back of our minds all year
The Twizzler Ride (Carnival Fun Fares – our mate PE)
So much fun
The guys running it were fun
No one vommed on it
The guys working it were great
You can get a lot of people on at once
The Monroes
Not very well attended – just kicked everyone out the hall
Took nearly an hour to get the hall turned around
Basement Jazz
Better attended – funkyard lite
Very enjoyable
Good tunes later on – no one cares about theme later on, they just want stuff they can dance to
Would we prefer to have something a bit more special
Only cost £20 – put the money where people remember it
Ents finishing at 12
Felt quite abrupt, general grumbles
Their license finished at half 12
If people did know then they might not have bought ents
People were so drunk we couldn’t have gone on longer
Coaches back (Lees of Durham)
Didn’t go to the viaduct – only did it last year and yet people expect it
Little niggle-y bits – people always remember last year
Some people were standing on the coaches home – need to be thought through more carefully
Rather have people taken home right away than wait for another coach from Durham
Ents tickets
Did a lot of pre drinking
Arrived as dinner finished
A few felt like they were crashing someone elses party – generally awkward
People felt like they were missing out – mostly freshers

3. Exec/finance Office (MT)
Create a JCR Office – the President can use it during the day, can be used for drop ins, interviews etc
Windowless and good for the soul

4. Alumni Weekend (MT)
Have an Alumni Association weekend in the summer – only attended by a certain group
Want an event in term time – be a JCR event
Sports teams – current versus old boys (Saturday afternoon)
Keep it low key
The last 5 years or so of graduates
Do a t shirt for the weekend – buy a ticket that might include a drinks receptions
Theme in the bar, wear a t shirt etc
Halfway through next term
Have the exec as a committee put on an event
Best way to contact people is through sports teams
Advertise the date before christmas

5. Sports Cupboard (JC)
Someone has taken the cones – needs a system of organising shared equipment
Can get a key for reception
Need a sign out sheet – James will sort that out

6. Society Execs (JC)
Currently need a president, secretary and treasurer
Not all societies have or need this – currently illegal – change the standing order
Need to be able to make a case for it – if you have a budget you have to stick with the structure
One person needs to be responsible for the clubs finances regardless
One person still needs to attend treasurers trainings
Same structure just without the fixed titles/roles

7. Team Durham Stuff (JC)
Player Layer are keen to sell their wares
Wants to rebrand college sport – Team Cuth’s
Have some lovely cohesive stash
Unity, identity, college spirit
Team Cuth’s Facebook page – captains can post their results and match reports and the like

8. Any Other Business
Get involved in assembly and the union