Conference Room


  1. Apologies & Absences


Apologies: JC, TH



  1. Execspectations (MT)

Careful with emails on phones – safe confidential information in a secure place

Emails only for role relevant matters on exec emails

Signatures on emails


  1. Volleyball budget (MF)

Freeman’s quay for 10 sessions – change to 5 times.

Spend the excess on volleyballs


  1. Extraordinary JCR Meeting (LM)

Lots of method ii positions unfilled – will keep the meeting after shorter

Not sunday night – pub quiz

5.15-6.45 dinner

Monday 7.45 3rd nov (provisionally)

Landscape rather than portrait – less lecture-y, you won’t have people right at the back


  1. LGBTQ Comm (JG & HR)

Committee/secondary rep to help represent a larger group of people

Devils advocate – the more committees going on, the more unwieldy things become

Secondary rep – in the past we haven’t had anyone at all run for the position, who’s to say anyone would run for it

You’ll never be able to represent everyone

Have it as an off shoot of welfare

Creation of a group last year – potentially push the group more – weekly meeting without having a committee

Would then set a precedent for needing multiples of other positions – e.g. disabilities rep

Push the union for LGBTQ rep training – one person who is good at everything rather than lots who do little

Not just training for welfare related things – also involves actively looking to put on events etc, encourage a community

Have people help out in a more informal basis – less structure, have more autonomy

Currently, their only real responsibility is to sit on welfare

Allow the union to better outline the role first, promote it through the group


  1. International Comm (EH)

Will need to go through a JCR meeting, will probably face little opposition

Takes a few years to work out what people should be doing – if it doesn’t work straight away that’s okay

Would also be useful to have a budget

Having a committee would have more ideas bouncing around

Interviews (like welfare) or method ii elections?

Create an informal taster session, to see if people are interested

Need to raise awareness first, that way you have people on board before it’s set up

Have a trial committee for the year then make it official

Until it’s ratified as a committee would struggle to have a proper budget

Currently a small budget for PGs and internationals


  1. Mature students????? (HL-E)

HLE has been neglecting the mature students

Can/should we identify them? Should we be providing more services than the JCR already provides?

The majority of mature students are livers out – a position under outreach committee?

Push college to have a designated mailing list

Weekend lunches – bring them in to college

We have to concept of who they are or how many they are

For now it will remain in the postgrad committee remit

Hold events outside of college?

Be aware when creating events/campaigns – there are mature students in the JCR

We need to ask them – see what sort of things would appeal

HLE will speak to DUMSA and see what their deal is this year


  1. Union housing campaign (AH)

Have been assigned 13th nov 7pm for a housing talk

– Ideally have a different day

Held in the dining hall, need a projector

Accomodation office will come in and talk about ‘Stop, Think, Sign’ – focus on being honest and the reasons why it’s beneficial to sign later

Drop in sessions afterwards

Working with other colleges to put together an information pack, so all colleges are giving out the same information

Campaign week – 2 weeks from 10th November – information focused, treating everyone like adults – check they’re happy and secure

2 lots of information – prospective livers out (contracts etc) and people who are actually living out (cooking lessons)


  1. Reserved Business (MT)


  1. Any other business

Student Safety (CR)

Can we as an exec put pressure on the council/union

The nightbus – it’s coming!!


Freshers’ Week (RR)

What did HLE spend????


Meeting time (MT)

Can we put it on evenings? Or leave it on Sunday?

Running 2 or 3 times in rotation – not everyone can attend every one but can attend 2 out of 3