Apologies and absences

Minutes from previous meeting; matters arising


Submitted for JCR meeting

Sports and Socs Budget: RR

Team Durham Presidential Husts: RR

Attendance at JCR Meeting: SC, CP, MF

Open Day Requirements: SC

Apologies and Absences

Apologies: LT

Absences: HLE

Late: MF (many thanks to HR for minuting the first part of the meeting)

Minutes from previous meetings

They alright?
Matters arising?
Sound as a pound.


Submitted for JCR meeting

Sports and Socs Budget: RR

Our sports and socs budget is twice as large as any other college and more money needs to be spent on facilities. One possibility for reducing the budget is to increase subs but there is a feeling that if subs were increased, participation would go down. It was suggested that sports and socs are more valuable that facilities as they engage more people, however all the facilities combined are used by a significant number of cuth’s students and require regular maintenance. The question is whether sports and socs should be budgeted for or just get what’s left over (as currently happens for facilities).
Regardless of a budget reduction there is agreement that there should be a standard for what subs are spent on and when they are paid, and sports and socs annual budgets should be itemised – and this should all be made clear to club treasurers
Enter MF.

The reserves currently stand at £3,000, dramatically down on a few years ago. Even if we cut spending on our Sports and Societies by 50%, we would still be spending as much as Hild Bede, who currently spend the second most. If a limit is to be introduced, should it be proportional, based around the cost of subs, involvement in other JCR activities, success, prestige and membership? This may be difficult to apply to the societies. A further point for consideration is that Team Durham have suggested a plan to keep the composition fee (currently £8,500 and spend on pitch fees) and not charge any pitch fees. This would avoid complaints about the price of pitch hire and wouldn’t disadvantage us, though it would disadvantage smaller colleges. There was general indifference to this proposal, at least without more details. It seems likely that the smaller colleges would object, so if the Presidents have any say it would be unlikely to happen. An alternative suggestion, rather than a large cut, is to gradually decrease sports and societies funding over time, allowing them to gradually increase subs and be better prepared. A further suggestion was an increase in JCR fees.
SC was asked to work out the possible implications of:

A decrease in funding for sports and societies, carried out in one year.

The same decrease in funding, carried out over several years.

An increase in JCR fees

He will report to the next meeting.

Team Durham Presidential Husts: RR

There are five candidates, and Cuth’s has three votes. However, the President and Sports and Societies Chair are both unable to attend the husts (to be held on March 13th at 6:30pm in the Marriott hotel). Volunteers from the exec were requested to go in their place. As canapés will be provided, this was met with enthusiasm by almost all of the exec.

Attendance at JCR Meeting: SC, CP, MF

Following the low attendance at the previous meeting (and in general), CP said that we are supposed to be checking that we are quorate every meeting, not waiting for it to be called. Various suggestions were put forward:

Make it compulsory for sports and societies and committees to send at least 2 members to each meeting (tricky administratively)

Have a gimmick at each meeting (not a long term solution)

Fine anyone who does not attend (not in the Cuth’s spirit)

Change the venue (more likely to get casual attendance/convivial atmosphere in the bar)

Better incentives (expensive)

Increase relevance by summarising how what we will discuss will affect people

Greater clarity in meetings

Pressure on candidates to bring friends along

For the meeting on Monday we will attempt to encourage (rather than force) sports and societies to attend. There will also be a world record attempt. Next term we will discuss ways to increase the relevance and accessibility of meetings

Open Day Requirements: SC

Everyone who is helping out at Open Days will be required from 7:30pm on Friday to make noticeboards etc. MF needs to contact A? about t-shirts.

Bar profits and Sky – SC will challenge the fact that all of last year’s profits are going back to the bar. Sky currently costs £12,000. Possible alternatives include BT Sport, better promotion by the bar, get rid of the bar manager (highly unlikely…), avoid the commercial licence. General agreement that the JCR would not pay.
Community Action – North East Air Ambulance Ball on May 10th, two student DJs will perform for free in exchange for free tickets to the Ball. GC will find volunteers.