Present: AK (President), SM (Comms Officer), JG (Facilities), AB (Treasurer), EB (Librarian), EM (VP), MM (Social Chair, EC (Chair), JB (International Rep)

Apologies: LM (Senior Welfare) (chunning), EP (Outreach) (job interview), EMo (Sports & Socs)  (holiday)
Setting: Presidents Flat, members all dressed as either Tigers or Penguins except AK (disappointed tbh). The tigers are looking better than the penguins.

Alumni Proposal (AK)
S&S Changes (AK)
College Parents (SM)
JCR Meeting Attendace (EC)
NEW JCR Positions (AK)

Alumni Proposal (AK)
Alumni Association have come up with a proposal for a scheme
Can only give up to £3,000 (between all projects) and only for one year “for projects”. Would we, the JCR, like to apply for this? (AK) *everyone looks at a copy of the application form

Could we use this for campus card entry for music rooms and gyms so other people from outside Cuth’s don’t use them- this would also be good for making sure there are two people in gyms at any time? Maybe – if no students and alumni were trying to get these funds
Tangent about the relevance of the campus card entry system and whether they are worth paying for. But we think that college won’t fund it.
How much will campus card entry cost? About £6,000
Points against campus card entry from EC – not really need for the music room as people are having to get the keys from Brooks Bar away. Maybe it is good for the gym because things do get trashed.
Will we be able to know who the last people into the gym was if it were trashed? Yes, it’s all times stamped.
Do we want to run a strawpoll to see if the students want this? No, because it’s more about practicality which most people won’t see as it seems like splashing out and it might not be obvious about how much money it might save us in the long run. Also, hard to get the AA to accept the application if students have voted against it.
We also considered having it in the study room so that people don’t leave it in a state and party in it.
In general, are we good to put this proposal through, for applying for campus card entry? Yeah. Especially if no one else has applied for anything or if no other proposals have been accepted.
Frustrating as we feel the alumni prefer to help with things that are enriching rather than things we need so we aren’t confident. Worth it anyway though.
Can we move the staging closer by having a shed in the House 12 garden? No, because college don’t want it in the garden. Also, it would get in the way of the Cuth’s Day stage.
But we might have to move where the stage is anyway because of noise complaints so that might not be an issue.
We should buy a car? College say they use the garage for when they need to
It would cost quite a lot to fund long term. Lots for insurance and petrol. Insurance would be hefty, but people already claim back petrol for things they use from JCR purposes.
Who would we insure on the car?
List of uses for the car; Framda, transporting social comm and exec to events etc. Being able to run errands needed for events,
ACTION POINT: AK is going to ask SCA how their car works in terms of insurance and who can use it.
Could we move the gym in House 8 to the laundry room in house 8 that the cleaning staff use? Lets look into it maybe.

S&S Changes (AK)
We were considering a £35 participation charge so that people could pay that yearly rather than the levy but they would only be able to join S&S but couldn’t do any other JCR things like balls, meetings, gyms, voting, welfare. Pros; mean things are more accessible.
Hard to restrict people using the library because it’s centralised. May also have the same issue with voting. Lots of effort even if it is possible.
General view that it would cause so so much faff. We do already have this issue with people who don’t pay the levy.
People won’t realise they will want to be involved when they first come here.
No one is for this.

College Parents (SM)
SM says it’s a nightmare this year. We can’t have a list of freshers or their emails unless they sign up on her google docs. Only have about 170 kids who have signed up at the moment- out of 393. People also keep mucking up the forms.
What if SM has a stall when people are moving in? But Sarah can’t be on two sites. Need another exec member to do it along with selling wristbands.
Going to be really hard for SM to do this without much advance warning as allocating takes a really long time.
We could go around halls? This is super intense. Better to have it when they are having their wristband. We can be nice and friendly at the stalls. We can remind Freps to tell people to sign up. The fresh are likely to sign up if they see that it’s what most people do. Also, good to give people something to do while they are in line on more in day – particularly in Parsons. Exec would have to do this because it’s dealing with personal data.
Are there any long-term plans for GDPR? Main issue is the memorandum of agreement and one of things in it is the data sharing agreement and policy. We are struggling to have meetings with the university to update this so at the moment we are in the dark. Basically, university don’t want to give any answer until it’s the correct answer, so we can’t have those meetings yet to alter update the memorandum of agreement appropriately yet.
Fun note! Looking into having an electronic family tree on the website like JoBo have on their website because it’s really cool and EM and RR both mentioned it. SM has been working on how this is possible, and it seems easy in theory but we need to know what the new website is gong to be like. There will also have to be some blank spaces because some people don’t want to be there.

JCR Meeting Attendace (EC)
There is a Standing Order that says that those holding a JCR
It says if you miss two in a row or three without apologies there is an automatic VONC.
EM already has a lot of typing to do. EMo already does S&S reps.
Online sign in? doesn’t need to be in their own committee.
Exec should make note of whether their committees are there. Exec without committees would be able to keep track of those with positions that don’t fall under any committee.
This obligation should be explained to people with positions. They should send apologies to EM. How long in advance? 24 hours unless it’s an emergency in which care they will grovel. If people keep sending apologies less than 24 hours before several times then that’s also an issue and we will address that.
We also need to enforce the rule about sports and socs signing in. We should.
Ask RJ about whether the system has worked well last year? Is it effective.
What the rule about people signing in for multiple S&S? They can’t but it’s not in the sports and societies.
Can JCR position holders sign in for sports and socs? Yes, unless they are gov comm because they are impartial.
ACTION POINT: EC will keep track of attendance of people with committees. She will post a list with the positions we’d need to look out for and who need to look out for who.

NEW JCR Positions (AK)
Idea: Assistant Treasurer- Grey have two treasurers and one is sabbatical so it’s a bit mad that we only have one without any support.
Are we really good friends with Grey? Yes. Also, they have the most similar JCR and College structure to us.
Pros; our annual reports have been late every year so with more hands we can resolve this. Sports and socs don’t keep on top of their own finances so the Assistant would look after the S&S side of things and the main treasurer would do the other things.
College want us to be more involved in formals so if we had to deal with the finances so having
It would be normal method 1 position. But not exec. Run in the first meeting after it is created.
How would this impact the work of finance committee? Finance comm is mostly advisory, and this year they might be trained to use SAGE more.
Should we cut finance committee if we have this role? Yes, says AB, we probably don’t need all 9. EC points about how competitive finance comm is and it’s a shame to stop people getting involved when they are keen. AK agrees and people nod along.
Will they have discounts for events etc like exec? Initially no because we don’t know how much work they will be doing at the moment. Exec also get discount because they set up. Would this person set up? Probably not.
Idea: Formals manager – great because we can have themes we actually want. Hopefully increase formal attendance.
It was a position previously but it flopped. We think that is was because college didn’t actually let them get involved or had a say so now that this is changing it should be better.
MM also wants more informal formals- like proper fancy dress. Maybe one without a high table?
What’s the procedure for getting other uni catering staff to do some of our extra formals (as we want to give the catering staff a break.
Method 1 or 2? Method 2 like Ball Manager etc
ACTION POINT: AK is writing this motion. She will look into having external catering for extra formals.


International Committee- Does it exist? (EC)
Not in the Standing Orders! We shall fix that! JB will help because there isn’t really a basis or structure at the moment.

Why is SRO not on the exec? (AB and EC)
Impartiality. But also they are independent so that if anyone on the exec has a problem with the Chair, they can go to the SRO but this has never been enforced and isn’t in the standing orders even though it’s used to justify SRO not being on the exec. This issue will be sorted out within Gov comm.

There aren’t any formal procedure to dissolve a S&S which often leads to societies that already exist technically being started again. What’s the deal?
S&S should ratify when they submit a budget. But some S&S don’t have a budget. Then they should submit one for nothing and make it compulsory.
There might be something wrong with the email (SA)
Bigger companies may reject our emails because the emails are coming up as unsafe. Just be aware of this.

ACTION POINT: Exec must send EC their exec reports 4 days before a meeting. She will remind them of this.

Meeting Ends, Social starts.

*the first letters of JG’s name are almost always swapped in the original version of these minutes, a nuance that was tragically lost when forced to update to use initials.*