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EL: Essentially we need to make a calendar of events that will happen over the term. First event is the Chinese new year event that MW has messaged me about but has not put on the group. Plan is a bar crawl. Dress code: Red. Calligraphy at Cuth’s separate from the bar crawl in the conference room, have talked to art soc. 3rd Feb, which is after Chinese new year.

TJ: Have you booked the conference room?
EL: Not yet, will do now. I am going to talk to J about bar related things. Aside from that there is not much on the schedule?
MM: St. Patrick’s day? If we can collaborate with the bar and college. I think there is a formal.
EL: Could collaborate with ArtSoc too? It’s on the 17th of March. So maybe run it beforehand as that is the last day of term.
TJ: Potentially social comm as well.

EL: Anyone else?
IP: Could do a pub quiz that is international themed?
TJ: Yes, talk to MC about running one or two and she would be more than happy!
EL: Superbowl?
TJ: Last year it was run by University American Football, maybe do something ancillary like face paint.

IP: Organise a night where people learn card games from different cultures? Schedule the different games! Maybe have people who do languages teach basic vocabulary, then have a conversing session!
TJ: get Arabic involved. HH would love to help with that.

IP: There are lots of people who would be more than happy to help out.
TJ: Maybe make it like speed dating with different teachers around different tables and a bell and people could shift down one table? Could be fun/competitive?
IP: After finishing learning events, play songs from different countries and try and guess what language?
TJ: Could do that in pub quiz as well!

EL: Foreign language movie night. Make it regular? Could vote on what movie they want to watch? Mardi Gras is another event but it would be more drinking? Or a celebration of the different ways cultures celebrate it. More regular events like the language lessons, movie night, pub quiz…

VC: Could do a collaboration with welfare and do something regarding international welfare?

EL: My main idea was going to be a homesickness and culture shock thing? Didn’t end up happening but I would want to make that a thing next year. Anything specifically do you want?
MM: PoC assoc would probably want to do a thing. More racism than you realise.

EL: There is a group of international reps. If we find something we want to do together then we could do so.

MM: Massive international bar crawl.

SF: Would it be a campaign? Could be things like weird things about England? Loads of examples and publish loads of things like that?
Take submissions, do things ourselves, would be fun. I was thinking of making the group more active.

EL: The article would be a thing to put on the page. As for promoting the page, more could be done so let’s get on that. Let’s start the calendar so we have an action plan.