Gov Comm Meeting: 2019-03-10

Present: EC (Chair), EM (Vice President), SP (SRO), OM (JRO), EJ (JRO


Apologies: AK (President)


EC: We are just going through motions and everyone’s manifestos, as normal, and identifying any problems or changes that need to be made

International Rep Candidates:

DA’s materials

EM and EJ: can we clarify/ change the claim that he spends the least amount of money- just because it’s a false claim but it doesn’t really make sense anyway

All agreed that’s it’s fine other than that

EE’s materials

EC: Does someone want to tell him he’s written “interrational” not “international” on his poster?

SP: can he say the things about tier 4 visas?

EC: I think that’s okay, he can send things out via college or on a facebook group or something

All agreed that, other than spelling mistakes it’s all fine


SP: There are some further concerns with this elections. DA’s proposer found out about EE running in advance and has dropped off his team.

EC: If we don’t know how he got this information so we can’t penalise EE. Just give them both a little message reminding them not to canvas until they are allowed to


Head Frep

WB’s materials

All agreed that his materials are fine


Female Welfare

AC’s materials

Text-a-text is problematic due to handling sensitive information and needs to be removed. All agreed.

SP: The housemate scheme is already in the communications remit and in the communications elect’s manifesto. Is this ok

Agreed this is ok to keep as they can collaborate and dealing with people being stressed is within the remit of female welfare

MT’s materials

All agreed that MT’s was fine

AH’s materials

All agreed that this is fine


Sports and Socs

AC’s materials

SP: Is he really chef for the pool D team

EM: Yes

SP: He needs to remove that he is a member of the Ramen Society as a member list hasn’t been called yet. Agreed

Agreed that it’s okay for him to reference talking to the current S&S as we encourage people to talk to the people before them

All agreed everything is fine


Music Rep

AW’s materials

Agreed that Alfie needs to remove his comments about standing up to the JCR as it’s reference to his verbal attack on a JCR exec member and we don’t feel this is appropriate behaviour to encourage.

All agreed that, other than that, everything is fine




SP: Can we change it so the printing of table slips is the candidates responsibility like posters and manifestos? Because it takes up so much time, and the candidates are already printing. Distributing them would still be the returning officers jobs

EM and EJ: that sounds reasonable

AK: what about a template that makes it easier for candidates to make everything the right size

All agreed on this

ACTION POINT: SP to send EC a motion to change this before 10pm



EC: I like that there is now a little icon where is on my bookmarks. I bet that’s OW (Webmaster) being good

AK: OW (Webmaster) is good