Present: EM (VP), EE (JRO), AK (President), SP (SRO), EC (Chair), WB (Stool)
Absent: N/A
Apologies: N/A
Setting: the ever delightful Conference Room. SP opened the door to let some cool air in, but it quickly transpired that he was the only one who was warm and everyone else was freezing to start with so the door was swiftly closed again.

Expectations for Gov Comm Members
Election Materials

Expectations for Gov Comm Members
EC: EE, you’re basically helping SP, WB, you are basically helping me. You have to come to all JCR meetings. You need to take election candidates out of the room so they can’t hear or see what the opposition are saying.
In method II elections you have to abstain and have your eyes closed.
SP confesses he didn’t shut his eyes last year and everyone rolls their eyes.
EC: You can’t see the results of the elections. You also have to be unbiased all of the time. Not even pulling faces or laughing too much at a particularly bants.
SP: Don’t go on a rant.
EC: RE method I elections, you can vote but you have to be impartial or let people know who you vote for or be on any campaign teams, you can’t support candidates even by word of mouth. You can’t even facebook react to posts to do with election candidates.
Sometimes Method I elections get a bit headed and we have to go through material on facebook so please do comment because we want you opinions.
We will have Gov Comm meetings before every JCR meetings.
EC will plan a Lash Monopoly social when the business of the term dies down.


SU Membership Committee motion:
AK: is the official term association reps or minority reps
EC: I think it’s association reps in the standing orders
ACTION POINT: EC is going to check this out in the Standing Orders
We don’t really see anything wrong with this motion

Voting by Caucus motion:
We can’t see anything technically wrong with this motion, but we are confused about how this would work in reality based on all the difficulties it would mean we have to work through.
SP wants to know whether he has to be neutral when talking about this motion. Ultimately yes, but he can make points of information but can’t have an opinion.

Backgammon Club motion:
Agreed that, although this motion is fab, it does need some heavy editing at the moment. Emma has since told the proposer how this motion needs to be edited so it should be all good by Thursday.
Ultimately, we are all very excited about this in Gov Comm.
There are some issues with finances, because Fi Comm haven’t met yet so that’s a bit tricky. He’s asking for £120 which is a lot of money. But the standing orders don’t say you have to have a budget at the same time as your club is established.
ACTION POINT: AK is okay with writing this guy a budget. (done)

Cuth’s Drama Society Budget motion:
We are okay with these if AB (Treasurer) is okay with these. He won’t have time to meet with Fi Comm because there has been such a short space of time between this meeting and the last one.

Election Materials
There is nothing for Method I this meeting
We have a lot of interest for Method II other than SU Committee


Gov Comm Impartiality (EC)
There aren’t any official rules at the moment about when and to what degree members of Gov Comm have to be impartial. Everyone still needs to be impartial for elections, but for motions it’s a different story.
EE: What is the reasoning behind us all being impartial
EC: Don’t really know other than the Chair being able to mediate arguments and make sure people have equal times.
ACTION POINT: EC is going to write a motion about this for Thursday and post it on the Steve Comm group tonight.

ACTION POINT: AK is going to add the Stool and JROs to all of the Fresher’s pages so they can advertise the meetings.