Election Rules Motion
Edit point 3 of JCR Believes to say implicitly and not explicitly
Point 4 of JCR Resolves
– 48 hours doesn’t give us enough time to vet the manifesto if campaign team members can be approached then too
– Make manifesto submitted 72 hours beforehand
Point that the campaign team can help the candidate with their manifesto by having different points of view
– Can have that the proposer and seconder can be approached beforehand – 7 days before
4.1 of this JCR resolves should be altered so that manifesto needs to be submitted 72 hours before but not the other election materials – keep them at 24 hours
– But could they add in stuff to their poster based on other people’s manifestos?
– Could add in point that it’s up to SRO’s discretion that the poster matches the manifesto
3 of this JCR resolves – how enforceable is it?
– Are there sanctions against people for breaking other standing orders?
– Currently being passed by trustees but not yet done
– Overall people would only campaign or negatively campaign cos they want someone to win, and so that person will be threatened with sanctions and would mostly stop the person campaigning from doing it
– Be sure to go through the person campaigning to get the other person to take stuff down rather than going to them directly
– Make sure the point says that a candidate is responsible for all campaigning on their behalf
Add that incumbent’s name also can’t be put on their posters or manifestos as well and that photos with the incumbent must be approved by Gov Comm

International Welfare Rep
Method 1 or method 2?
Assistants are method 1 as well, so this should probably be as well
Method 1 can be scary, especially as international students probably have more barriers, but as it’s in Easter then we think that students would have had a chance to settle in
Agree on Method 1