SRO and Chair Responsibilities
SRO has a lot of work, especially as a non-exec position – want to move some to Chair and Stool
Can’t remove them doing stuff in the meeting and election handling, so can move the advertising elections part to the Chair
May not need to be a motion as long as it’s made clear during handover what the responsibilities are
And can just refresh the role descriptions in the standing orders and put it in the exec update at the end of term meeting

Motion 1
This JCR resolves:
To adopt this constitution (see event page)
Proposer: JP
Seconder: CH
– Might be difficult to chair but if there is any feedback then it can be taken to the trustees

Motion 2
‘The JCR notes that the Board of Trustees is currently expanding the number of external trustees to provide greater expertise and support. In light of this expansion:
The JCR resolves to change the number of Student Trustees to 3.’
Proposer: JP
Seconder: CM

Motion 3
This JCR notes:
There is a Summer Ball each year.
Summer Ball is a highly popular event with many students attending.
This JCR believes:
More can be done within college to support local charity.
Adding £1 for charity to each ticket is an effective way to for people to be able to support charity and raise a sizeable sum of money.
This JCR resolves:
Increase the price of Summer Ball tickets by £1 in order for £1 from each ticket goes to charity.
There is a vote within the JCR as to which charity to support.
Proposer: EM
Seconder: HJ
– Line about ticket prices removed as it’s unnecessary to the motion

JCR Chair
EC *
Social Chair
Outreach Chair
EP *
Communications Officer
SM *
Facilities Officer
JG *
Male Welfare Officer
ES *
Female Welfare Officer
* means AB has campaign materials

D’Isle Booth Award Holders
Should they be able to vote in elections?
Should it be that positions should be elected by the current student body? Also it is a bit of a faff
Could just have SRO email them all saying they have the right to do it and they have to respond if they want to be updated
Can do a straw poll at the next meeting to see what people think
Going to leave it at the moment as they can’t vote as it isn’t in the standing orders, and possibly run it as a motion at the next meeting.

Gov Comm Members Running for Positions
Add in clause saying deadline for when members have to notify the SRO (/Chair if SRO wants to run) if they want to run for a position
7 days prior to the JCR meeting

Should we be able to vote in method 1?
Only impartial to show no preferences, and method 1 is anonymous and no one knows who you vote for so should be allowed

Make JCR Less Cliquey
When an exec works well together they’re going to appear cliquey from afar, just like a football team that works together
AF will do a little post showing the diversity of Gov Comm as a non-cliquey example (people from different years and friendship groups etc)

Should photos of people holding the position currently be allowed on posters or used during publicising you running for it?
They shouldn’t be allowed, but have a note that it’s at the discretion of governance committee (for example legitimate group photos showing your experience for the role)
Will be passed as a motion at next meeting

Campaign Teams
People get approached to be on teams before reading manifestos or even knowing who else is running – any way to help this?
Change deadlines for election materials submission for 48 hours in advance of the meeting and potential campaign team members can not be approached before this time
Advertise the meeting 10 days before as well
Beginning of the term the JCR meetings and what elections are running should be set and announced in the first week of term

Role Termination
Method II elected individuals technically hold the position for an entire year and don’t lose the role at the end of the academic year unless you get a different position or graduate

CM’s been writing policies and procedures for the JCR
Not sure how this works alongside standing orders – should it be separate type of thing like the constitution or passed as standing orders?
From a Chair’s point of view, they have nothing to do with them and they don’t use them at the moment
The policies are legally binding as well so probably should be separate to the standing orders
AF and CM can go through them and make sure there’s no overlap between them and the standing orders