Motion about alcohol in the conference room
Doesn’t need to be a motion for it – he wants the motion to be passed as he runs CWAWAS and he wants official confirmation to be able to use this room
Maybe he’d be happy with CM sending him an email that gives him permission unless college says otherwise
– Going with it doesn’t need to be passed

Motion about closing eyes for motions and amendments
There’s a standing order about closing eyes
– General agree to pass it as a motion
– Meetings of the JCR Order – subsection 4.17 – needs to be updated to include eyes being closed
– “Motions shall be voted on by either a show of hands in the presence of opposition or a general ‘aye’ when opposition has not been declared. During the hands up voting, all members will be asked to close their eyes.”

Exec discount motion from social comm for exec
Won’t change cost of other tickets
It’s up to the Social Chair’s discretion about how much the discount goes up to, so that it doesn’t impact the ball
– Also maybe it should specify that President and Social Chair get free tickets, and also the Ball Managers
Also include SRO for discount – include the actual titles of who gets the discounts
Also editing to include that discounts can be removed if exec don’t fulfil their duties “at the discretion of the President and Social Chair”.

Motion about storing the tech that we have
Getting lockable storage cupboards in house 8 study room as we have a tiny room that’s cramped to use and you have to climb over it and it makes the stuff less likely to be damaged which is good
Not all of the money for it will come from hiring out tech, but the money that does come from it is put towards it and repairs
– All agree this sounds good

Budget application for Wildcats
Match £350 and keep it in reserves if not going towards anything this year, so they have reserves in case they need to replace mats
They asked for £250, but AK (Treasurer) wants to give £350 so that they’re not in a deficit
– People generally confused about whether they’re asking for mats or replace them or?
– Asking AK

Budget application for SCSFS
Is exactly the same as last year – £300 grant, and £700 loan
Question about whether we should give them the grant – we’re a charity and we do charity things but don’t put money towards it – it’s basically just a donation to charity, and the show may not go with the aims
If they make a profit then do they necessarily need a grant? The comment they’ve given is that combined they meant that they didn’t have to pay out of pocket themselves, however as they make a large profit overall they wouldn’t be
Not too sure about us as a charity giving directly to a charity

Back to cheerleading
They didn’t ask for money as a mistake, then asked for them to match – AK corrected it to £350 then to cover the deficit and have some reserves
But they’re subs bring in £450, so then the JCR isn’t matching it – they could lower their subs and then the money the JCR is giving technically matches the subs and they still have enough in their reserves?

JCR Meeting
RJ doing S&S sign in, LJ doing the facebook livestream trial run – is something the trustees suggested – hopefully will raise awareness, there’s also a raffle with some fun prizes

Called AK about budgets
– AK agrees with idea to make the entire fashion show budget being a loan
– Cheerleading – almost every sport and society have at least £100 in their reserves, and it’s good for them to have money to replace new ones quickly rather than to have to take money out of facilities budget to hire stuff. Also we’re going to change the subs to £10 and we’ll match the money to £300