Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2021.01.14

Care Packages, Learning Styles (FINALLY!), SHAG Week, Break the Silence (Working Title), Last Campaign before Easter, Overhauling Student Support suggestions Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2021.01.14

Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2020.11.29

Feedback on Looking up in Lockdown, Plan for learning styles, “Self-Welfmas Calendar” (Working Title) Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2020.11.29

Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2020.05.01

Setting Over zoom. EM is using her welfare background which features a large pile of condoms. Present: ES (Senior Welfare Officer), EM (President), JC (Vice-President), AC (Welfare Campaigns Manager), JG […]

Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2020.02.18

Setting In Brooks Bar on a rainy Tuesday. We finally have two campaign managers! Present: ES (Senior Welfare Officer), AC (Welfare Campaigns Manager), JG (Welfare Campaigns Manager), AH (Female Welfare […]

Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2020.01.18

Setting In a newly refurbished Brooks bar. The new table and chair layout makes this meeting much more convenient. Present: JC (Vice-President), EM (President), HB, JS (Working Class Students’ Rep), […]

Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2019.11.30

Setting Brooks bar on a crisp winter morning. Many people are late. EM is looking at houses to buy. Present: ES (Senior Welfare Officer), EGS (Students with Disabilities Rep), EG […]

Welfare Campaigns Meeting 2019.11.09

Setting Brooks bar on a Saturday afternoon. I was very late and almost smashed one of the gin bottles. Present: AC (Welfare Campaigns Team), JS (Working Class Students’ Rep), LM, […]