SU Committee Meeting 2021.03.08

Assembly Papers 11 March 2021, chat with AM (SU Opportunities Officer) about Democracy Review SU Committee Meeting 2021.03.08    

SU Committee Meeting 2020.05.13

Present: CG (Communications Officer), EM (President), RJ (FCO), SM (Postgraduate and Mature Students’ SU Rep), RM (LGBT+ Rep), JS (Working Class Students’ Rep) Apologies: JC (Vice-President), ES (Students with Disabilities […]

SU Committee Meeting 2020.03.11

Present: JC (Vice-President), JS (Working Class Students’ Rep), CG (Communications Officer), LH (SU Rep), SWC (Presient-Elect), RJ (FCO), EM (President), RM (LGBT+ Rep), EJ (SU Rep), ES (Students with Disabilities […]

SU Committee Meeting 2020.02.20

Setting In the conference room immediately before the JCR meeting. EM is trying to sleep on the floor, but gets up to open and slam the door. LH arrives late. […]

SU Committee Meeting 2020.02.04

Setting We kick off with some weird disco yoga that no-one enjoys. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), MT (SU Rep), LH (SU Rep), JS (Working Class Students’ Rep), MR (Ethnic […]

SU Committee Meeting 2019.11.29

Setting The conference room is busy, with very few seats. The meeting has to be finished within 45 minutes and everyone can feel the time pressure. Present: CG (Communications Officer), […]

SU Committee Meeting 2019.11.04

Setting In the conference room, with breadsticks and hummus provided by CG. Her SU comm playlist is on, featuring “It’s raining men” to match the weather outside. Many people are […]