Stash Committee Meeting 2020.05.04

Setting Over zoom, soon after the JCR meeting. Many people don’t know what stash comm is, but they’re here anyway. RJ has managed to blend seemlessly into a Cuth’s Day […]

Stash Committee Meeting 2019.08.25

Setting St Cuthbert’s Island, on a sunny Sunday afternoon. EAM and JC have just finished their pilgrimage. Present: EMM(President),JC(Vice-president),RJ(FCO),EAM(Students with Disabilities Rep) Apologies: CG(Communications Officer),DR,EE(International Rep),JP,PE,RH,RT,SC Absent: JR(Fluffy Socks Manager) […]

Stash Committee Meeting 2019.06.20

Setting In Spoons, over brunch. CG is writing a newsletter on a napkin. Present: AK (president), EM (vice-president), AB (treasurer), EC (chair), MM (social chair), JC (postgraduate and mature students’ […]

Stash Committee Meeting 2019.01.17

Present: EM (VP), Jack Reeves (Fluffy Socks) Absent: N/A Apologies: N/A Setting: Cuth’s Bailey Bar, mid Refreshers Karaoke JR: I have ideas for socks but they are expensive. EM: We […]