International Committee Meeting 2023.11.01

International Committee 2023.11.01 International Committee Meeting – 01.11.23 Agenda: Introductions (Durham stats) Discuss roles/responsibilities and deciding on which This term: Social??? Decide on date and event details Inter-college bar crawl??? […]

International Committee Meeting 2014.11.29

Conference Room 1. Apologies & Absences Apologies: MF, LF Absences: MT 2. Meeting with college Will look in to accommodation allocations next term University already offers english lessons – will […]

International Committee Meeting 2019.11.23

Setting In EE’s living room on a rainy Saturday. HG has provided cake. Present: EE (International Rep), JC (Vice-President), AB (PGM International Rep), KS Apologies: EM (President) Absent: JZ (International […]

International Committee Meeting 2020.01.25

Setting In EE’s house, overlooking the river. His housemates are eating the mountain of food they bought from the vegan market. Present: JC (Vice-President), ÁB (PG International Rep), EE (International […]

International Committee Meeting 2018.11.08

Roles in the Committee International Rep: JB, International Welfare Rep: MG Events: OM, NG, NT Campaigns: RU, DA Publicity: POR Agenda: Introduction, international committee last year focused more on events […]

International Committee Meeting 2018.01.27

Chinese New Year February 16th – Friday Can either that day or the weekend Aidan’s – doing Chinese new year formal –too late for now, but could pitch for next […]