Finance Comm 2021.05.04

Xero – Bookkeeping Passing upcoming spending Management accounts Finance Comm 2021.05.04

Finance Comm 2021.01.12

Xero and Management accounts, Fashion show Budget, Spending the Reserves Finance Comm 2021.01.12

Finance Comm 2020.06.05

Setting Over Zoom again, but DB is no longer in car. Present: RJ (FCO), JC (Vice-President), SR, KM, DB, AB Apologies: Absent: Boatclub RJ: I spoke to the boatclub captain […]

Finance Comm 2020.06.02

Setting Over zoom, with no cake provided. DB is in his car for some reason. EM tells us an anecdote about a naked man zoom bombing a meeting. Present: RJ […]

Finance Comm 2020.03.13

Present: JC (Vice-President), EM (President), RJ (FCO), KM, SR, DB Apologies: AB Absent: Bank Statements RJ: There’s a folder called statements on the drive, that has all our bank statements. […]

Finance Comm 2020.02.25

Setting In the conference, where EM is angry that the light still doesn’t work. RJ has provided donuts and cookies. Present: JC (Vice-President), DB, AB, EM (President), KM, RJ (FCO), […]

Finance Comm 2019.12.01

Setting In the conference room on a Sunday evening. EM is wrapped in a blanket. Everyone is very hyped for the post-meeting social ft. organised fun. Present: RJ (FCO), JC […]

Finance Comm 2019.11.01

Setting Conference room on a Friday evening. RJ has provided cake and donuts, and there’s a bottle of rum on the table in case the meeting goes on too long. […]