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International Freshers 2023

Arrival Information

Please check out the St. Cuthbert’s Society page here for information on:

  • Arrivals
  • Task List
  •  Accommodation
  • Quarantine Information
  • Freshers Events Information
  • FAQs
Other Resources
Check out the UniBuddy page to read about international students’ experiences at Durham University and obtain advice about transitioning to a new country.

International Freshers Events

Induction Events are set to take place from Wednesday September 20th to Saturday September 24rd. The finalised schedule will come soon!

Events include:

  • Pub Quiz
  • Tours of Cuths and Durham
  • Trips to Big Tesco and Arnison Centre

We look forward to meeting you!

Countdown to International Freshers!

Freshers Week has arrived!
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