Gym Booking


The cardio gym at Refounder’s and weights gym at House 8 are currently open to livers-in with additional health and safety measures in place. You may only use the Refounder’s gym if you are from Parsons, and the House 8 gym if you live on the Bailey. Contact with any questions.

A maximum of two people will be allowed to use the gyms at any one time, given they are from the same household. Individual use is also permitted at this time as a supervisor will be present.

To access the gym facilties. you must do the following:

  • Watch both induction videos.
  • Send a completed Gym User Service agreement to
  • Book a slot using the form below.
  • Have had a negative LFT test within four days before your use of them gym. This is non-negotiable and will be checked.
Your booking will last 45 minutes, starting at the start of the booking. You will be asked to leave 15 minutes before the end of your booking. This is to allow supervisors to clean the equipment. 
Do not book more than one session a day or book without submitting a signed service agreement. These sessions will be deleted and you will not be permitted entry.