Get in Touch with an Officer

Get in touch with the Welfare Officers using this form - whether that is for wanting to attend a drop in, to ask some questions or anything at all - we're here for you still over the holidays!

If you need to talk to someone immediately please ring the Samaritans on 116 123.

Please note all officers will be emailed with your request, and then one of us will get in touch with you ūüôā Only the welfare officers have access to your request.

Get in Touch with a Marginalised Group Rep

Get in touch with a Marginalised Group Rep by filling out the form below, and the selected Rep will get back in touch with you:) Whether this is to ask about their role, about the support that is available to you in the JCR/College/University or if you would like to arrange to meet with them – get in touch! They’re there to help. Please note that when you submit a request, everyone is emailed but the representative you have asked to talk to will be the one to get back in touch with you

Please note the Marginalised Group Reps have receive signposting training from Dan the Senior Welfare Officer and Lydia our Assistant Principal.