Bailey Accommodation

Our Bailey site accommodation is fully catered, and rooms are available as single rooms or double rooms to suit every student’s needs. All rooms are comfortable in size and plenty of storage space is provided, in addition to the free University wi-fi network, which can be accessed at any time.

Meals are served in the Dining Room, which can seat up to 150 catered or partly catered students at any time. The Dining Room is also the venue for our formals, which take place once a fortnight. Formals can range from black tie to Harry Potter-themed, so every formal is a unique experience. The Bailey also has an on-site, fully-equipped student bar which runs throughout the year, hosting events such as Eurovision and showing sports matches on a projector screen.

Linking the Dining Room to the Bar is the JCR, where students can relax, meet with friends, and get useful information on what is coming up in the college or how to get in touch with members of the Cuth’s exec.

In order to help with your academic work, the Bailey is also where you’ll find our college Library, which is run by fellow students. New books can be ordered into the library if they are unavailable or not owned by St. Cuth’s, which not only increases the number of books we have to loan out, but also provides an excellent alternative to the University library. A computer room with over 20 computers is also free to use next to the library.

Other facilities on the Bailey include our free, fully-equipped weights gym which is run and maintained by Cuth’s students, a study room and as a TV room, complete with sofas, which can be used by any Cuth’s student.