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Breathing Bones De-Stress Events!

Welcome back for Easter term! As always, we want to make sure you’re taking good care of yourselves (especially when you may be very stressed out).

To help out there will be Breathing Bones yoga and meditation de-stress events every Thursday in the Bailey dining Hal from 8-9pm on 26/04 and 03/05! Come along and take a break!

Cuth’s welfare love,

Your welfare team




Self-Care During the Easter Break

It is so important that you continue to take care of yourself during the Easter break. No matter how much work you have or how many exams to revise for, taking measures to take care of yourself should always be a priority <3

To help, we’ve made a few resources available that could help you organise your time and take care this Easter.

First of these is a cook book! Making sure you eat well is a crucial part of self-care, to help we’ve compiled our favourite cheap, healthy and delicious recipes into a cook book which we’re making available for free to all Cuth’s students.

Secondly is our revision planner! We’ve made a revision planner, complete with welfare contacts and general self-care/revision advice to help you keep organised in the run up to exams.

We hope you find these useful.

Cuth’s welfare love and best wishes,

Your welfare team




Why is self care so important?

Your physical, emotional and mental health could not be more important! It is so easy to toss this to one side, particularly in times of stress, when this is the time you need to protect your wellbeing/wellness the most.

As part of our self care campaign, Cuth’s Welfare is buzzing to present our Buzz-A-Brownie event! All you have to do is text us with your fave self-care tip and address and we’ll deliver a chocolate brownie RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR (or to the bars for livers out!)

Cuth’s welfare love
Your welfare team



SHAGWeek banner

Get hyped for our SHAGWeek!

SHAGWeek is Cuth’s annual Sexual Health And Guidance Week (hence the memorable acronym). Come along to our events throughout the week to learn more about sexual health have any of your burning questions answered! As if that wasn’t enough there are funky, and sexual health related prizes to be won!

Monday 5th February is MOVIE NIGHT
Wednesday 7th February is GAMES NIGHT
Friday 9th February is PUB QUIZ

Cuth’s welfare love
Your welfare team



Movember timetable


So, we’ve got a bunch of fab stuff lined up (see the banner picture for more something more colourful and informative).

The first thing we have lined up for Movember is CUTH’S CAFE this SATURDAY (11th) at Brooks! We’ll be providing free (yes you heard us, or rather read it right) tea, coffee, and hot chocolate to help get you through these cold Durham winter months. You can come and chat about anything in a chilled environment, housing worries, essays, your favourite chocolate bar…

Also, the welfare officers have our drop-in hours every week so if you want to see us, we’re about (times on poster)! ‘What are DROP-INS?’ I hear you ask – have a cheeky look at our outrageously green poster.

Also, if anyone ordered SEXUAL HEALTH SUPPLIES before Saturday 4th, we’re really sorry but there was an issue with our order form. If you put in your order again we’ll get them to you asap! We aim to get them to people within a week. http://cuths.com/welfare/order-form/

Last but certainly not least, as part of Movember, we’d like to try to help break the stigma of talking to people about our problems. So, we’re asking people to tell us anonymously, about a time when someones been there for them, and it’s made a difference. We’ll be displaying a selection of these in Cuth’s towards the end of November!


Cuth’s welfare love
Your welfare team