Welfare Officers

St Cuthbert's JCR provides a non-judgemental, confidential listening and signposting service. The JCR Welfare Officers are students elected by the members of the JCR and here to provide peer support for you. They also form a link to the other forms of help within the College and University.

The two Welfare Officers for 2016-17 are Josh Butterworth (male-welfare@cuths.com) and Cat May (female-welfare@cuths.com). The Assistant Welfare Officers are Rishi Jindal and Lauren McNally.

College Welfare

St Cuthbert’s Society has many tiers of support available to students.

If you wish to speak to a member of staff instead of a member of the JCR (the student body), you may contact Dr Phil Bolton at cuthberts.studentsupport@durham.ac.uk.

University Support

Durham University provide many forms of specialised support, such as the Counselling Service, Disabilities Service, and Student Union Advice Services. For more information on these, click here.


The Durham LGBT+ Association and SWD Association are two bodies, within the Student's Union, which offer representation, welfare, socials, and campaigns. The LGBT+A's website can be found here.

Within Cuth's, we also have elected LGBT+ and SWD Reps. They sit on our Welfare Committee and provide a point of contact for the students they represent. For 2016/17, our LGBT+ Rep is Dom Robson, and the SWD Rep is currently an unfilled role.


The Welfare Officers appoint a Campaigns Team each year, who run campaigns within college. Anyone in the JCR can apply to be a member of this Campaigns Team. Campaigns are managed by the two Assistant Welfare Officers.