Football (Men’s)


St. Cuthbert’s Society Mens Football Club usually has 6 teams of all abilities, which normally participate in League and Cup fixtures throughout the year on weekends and Wednesday afternoons. Each team will try to train once or twice a week and matches are usually played on either a Saturday or a Sunday, with some mid-week games towards the end of the season. Matches are played at Maiden Castle or the Racecourse, both of which are decent pitches located very close to Society accommodation (in fact Newcastle and Hartlepool have trained there in the past). All the teams are eagerly anticipating the new crop of players to fill the boots of the veterans who have left the university. We encourage every one of you to come and play whether you live for football, enjoy a casual kick-about or fancy trying something new. We cater for all levels, with 6 teams to participate in ranging from the second tier of college football down to the sixth.

There is also a flourishing social side to the football club. Themed nights over the last couple of years have included “jocks and cheerleaders”, “shlids” and a testament to one of the finest managers to ever grace the premier league in the “Tony Pulis” social. The Football Club also has previously held tours within certain teams to places such as Dublin and Barcelona, where they enjoyed playing some football, the culture and also the nightlife. It is evident throughout all the teams that there are some amazing friendships which have developed at the club and help create a friendly atmosphere and terrific team spirit.

Cuth’s Tour to Barcelona, 2016
Cuth’s Tour to Barcelona, 2016
Cuth’s C mid penalty shoot-out in their infamous  2015/16 cup run.
Cuth’s C mid penalty shoot-out in their infamous 2015/16 cup run.