St Cuthbert’s Society Badminton Club has always been welcoming of anyone who wishes to play a bit of badminton regardless of ability.You can tryout to play in the college team which competes against other colleges or just play casually once a week.
It’s all very relaxed with a reasonably size team and more than double that playing casually at some point during the year. We normally play at Freeman’s Quay which has great facilities and can easily be found on Google Maps,near the Premier Inn, about a 10 minute walk away from both the Bailey and Parson’s Field parts of Cuth’s.There are many new people every year so please don’t be afraid to come along to try-outs or just casually!
Most importantly we try to have two or three socials each term, some themed, some not, open to absolutely anyone. They’re always fun, a great way to get to know other Cuth’s people and always usually end up at Klute!
At the beginning of the year we aim to hold try-outs for anyone wishing to be part of any of the following teams:
Men’s A and Men’s B
Women’s A and Women’s B
Mixed A, Mixed B and Mixed C
If you wish to try out, look for the badminton sign-up desk during the Cuth’s fresher’s fair or email to find out more about exact times for this.
If you make the team, we usually train once a week on Thursday from 8:30pm-10:30pm. Once every couple of weeks you’ll probably get the chance to play against other college badminton teams. New people, even those without experience regularly make the team each yearso please come along to try-out!
Also, absolutely anyone can come along to casual badminton normally heald on Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm, so don’t be afraid to come along!
We have our own rackets and shuttlecocks for you to borrow but you can of course use your own. We all just wear regular sports stuff so just turn up in anything you feel comfortable in.
For more informtion about try-outs, casual badminton play or anything generally about Cuth’s Badminton Club, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club Captain at
Please have a look at the St Cuthbert’s Society Badminton Club Facebook Page for more information too.