Team Cuth’s

St Cuthbert’s Society was set up in 1888 to bring people together to promote engagement in extra-curricular interests. Not surprisingly, then, one of the main roles of the JCR is to organise and fund the Society’s sporting endeavours! With a fine history of sports men and women, and an impressive record throughout many recent years, we once again look forward to another great year for Cuth’s sports! We have a vast array of sports teams and clubs, catering for both those who hope to play in high-level environments, and also for those who just want to enjoy the social side and have a laugh with mates. Competitive sports are run in inter-collegiate leagues, many all year round but some played in their particular season. As well as university leagues there are also internal competitions within certain sports. For example, rowing has the Hatfield Cup, in which all of the Fresher’s compete at the end of the first term. In the Easter Holidays teams from Durham, Oxford and Cambridge compete in many different sports in Dublin, at the Doxbridge (invitational) tournament. JCR fees, bar profits and other commercial operations of the JCR are used to fund the activities of our sports and societies (so by spending money in the bar, you are making an active contribution to the Society sport!). Budgets are submitted annually and democratically approved in a JCR meeting.