Cuths Gardening Society: a potted history 🙂

Cuths Gardening Society formed in January this year out of initiatives led by members of Cuths Environment Committee. It was headed up by Jordan Thomas, a postgrad student and PJ Cameron (President of Env Comm) last year. This year the main exec roles are filled by Danny Walker as President, PJ as secretary and a treasurer, TBC.

The society was able to obtain a new space for gardening on the Bailey; the Wendy House garden, directly opposite House 12 (up the stairs and on the left, behind the wall which overlooks the very bottom of the Bailey.

During spring last year, we dug over the land, planted a wide variety of items including veg (carrots, onions, turnips, radishes), flowers and herbs. The yield rate was pretty successful! Students were involved in a range of activities, from weeding, planting, cutting back to planning what could be grown next. We transformed a relatively unkempt plot into a tranquil area for members of the Society to enjoy.

Why get involved this year?

Gardening has numerous benefits for physical and mental health. Our garden provides great produce for society members to enjoy for free, and for the college as a whole. We are passionate about environmental sustainability, and in our small-scale fashion we use fully organic methods and a complimentary planting style which repels pest and encourages symbiotic growth.

Do you have horticultural or agricultural experience? If so, you could take a leading role in planning and teaching, passing on your knowledge to other budding gardeners.

We would really like to expand the society as much as possible this year, with many gardening sessions in spring and summer (very therapeutic as essay deadlines and revision creep up!), as well as new ways to engage with the produce and perhaps promote our produce. If you have any ideas about how we could run our society better, we'd love to hear them.

The treasurer position is also currently vacant - if you'd like some valuable money-handling experience for your CV, the opportunity to keep track of purchases for the year and beinvolved in setting next year's budget, then this could be for you!