Cuth’s Climbing Club is open to climbers of all abilities. We usually go climbing at the Durham Climbing Centre on Wednesday afternoons. Members of the Climbing Club pay £4.50 on their first climb to become a member of the DCC. After that, entry is subsidised by the JCR (the only college in Durham to do so), and we only pay £2.00 each time!
The Centre is a few miles outside Durham, either £1 return on the bus or a short bike ride, and shoes cost £2 to hire if you don’t have your own.
We have a cake rota so you have a nice snack after every climb. Our baking ranges from very to good mediocre, but cake is cake!

We also have had socials with different themes. Last year we had a few including International, Christmas and ‘Pirates vs Ninjas’. You don’t have to climb to come on the socials, just come for a laugh!
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