Experience Cuth’s

St Cuthbert’s Society was set up in 1888 to bring people together to promote engagement in extra-curricular interests. Not surprisingly, then, one of the main roles of the JCR is to organise and fund the Society’s varied and diverse interests.

We have a wide range of societies, including many of artistic interest, as well as Arabic soc and Karaoke soc to name but a few! Most of our societies meet regularly and provide a great place to meet people with similar interests, or to pick up a new skill. Don't be afraid to try something new and get involved with everything going on here at Cuth's!

JCR fees, bar profits and other commercial operations of the JCR are used to fund the activities of our sports and societies (so by spending money in the bar, you are making an active contribution to sports and societies!). Budgets are submitted annually and democratically approved in a JCR meeting.