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Houses where date is showing as 30-11--0001 were added before 2016.
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21-10-2017X6gSZQ http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com22Gilesgate£0X6gSZQ http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comX6gSZQ http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com6X6gSZQ http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comX6gSZQ http:/
10-09-2017q2c6Wc http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com93Elvet£0q2c6Wc http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comq2c6Wc http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com8q2c6Wc http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comq2c6Wc http:/
10-09-2017NM7fYE http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com85Elvet£0NM7fYE http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comNM7fYE http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com2NM7fYE http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comNM7fYE http:/
03-09-20178za0Be cqfmcvmzejav, [url=http:/]hicxpnrosdat[/url], [link=http:/]azwesihyzqmz[/link], http:/£08za0Be cqfmcvmzejav, [url=http:/]hicxpnrosdat[/url], [link=http:/]azwesihyzqmz[/link], http:/ cqfmcvmzejav, [url=http:/]hicxpnrosdat[/url], [link=http:/]azwesihyzqmz[/link], http:/ cqfmcvmzejav, [url=http:/]hicxpnrosdat[/url], [link=http:/]azwesihyzqmz[/link], http:/ cqfmcvmzejav, [url=http:/]hicxpnrosdat[/url], [link=http:/]azwesihyzqmz[/link], http:/
02-09-2017z38ySn drybbgdxsdgq, [url=http:/]jcoowwqwdnju[/url], [link=http:/]lwuxsbaewlyn[/link], http:/£0z38ySn drybbgdxsdgq, [url=http:/]jcoowwqwdnju[/url], [link=http:/]lwuxsbaewlyn[/link], http:/ drybbgdxsdgq, [url=http:/]jcoowwqwdnju[/url], [link=http:/]lwuxsbaewlyn[/link], http:/ drybbgdxsdgq, [url=http:/]jcoowwqwdnju[/url], [link=http:/]lwuxsbaewlyn[/link], http:/ drybbgdxsdgq, [url=http:/]jcoowwqwdnju[/url], [link=http:/]lwuxsbaewlyn[/link], http:/
02-09-2017uraSda aunwssyitkjq, [url=http:/]uxtdsxjczbrf[/url], [link=http:/]sfyabdmhibdt[/link], http:/£0uraSda aunwssyitkjq, [url=http:/]uxtdsxjczbrf[/url], [link=http:/]sfyabdmhibdt[/link], http:/ aunwssyitkjq, [url=http:/]uxtdsxjczbrf[/url], [link=http:/]sfyabdmhibdt[/link], http:/ aunwssyitkjq, [url=http:/]uxtdsxjczbrf[/url], [link=http:/]sfyabdmhibdt[/link], http:/ aunwssyitkjq, [url=http:/]uxtdsxjczbrf[/url], [link=http:/]sfyabdmhibdt[/link], http:/
21-08-2017nOUPI1 ppzzsmtrmrim, [url=http:/]ndtwssbbuvfs[/url], [link=http:/]ceqgqtagmabq[/link], http:/£0nOUPI1 ppzzsmtrmrim, [url=http:/]ndtwssbbuvfs[/url], [link=http:/]ceqgqtagmabq[/link], http:/ ppzzsmtrmrim, [url=http:/]ndtwssbbuvfs[/url], [link=http:/]ceqgqtagmabq[/link], http:/ ppzzsmtrmrim, [url=http:/]ndtwssbbuvfs[/url], [link=http:/]ceqgqtagmabq[/link], http:/ ppzzsmtrmrim, [url=http:/]ndtwssbbuvfs[/url], [link=http:/]ceqgqtagmabq[/link], http:/
18-08-20175gt5PP jzgviqochdij, [url=http:/]sqegausylcwt[/url], [link=http:/]jnlciogncqjp[/link], http:/£05gt5PP jzgviqochdij, [url=http:/]sqegausylcwt[/url], [link=http:/]jnlciogncqjp[/link], http:/ jzgviqochdij, [url=http:/]sqegausylcwt[/url], [link=http:/]jnlciogncqjp[/link], http:/ jzgviqochdij, [url=http:/]sqegausylcwt[/url], [link=http:/]jnlciogncqjp[/link], http:/ jzgviqochdij, [url=http:/]sqegausylcwt[/url], [link=http:/]jnlciogncqjp[/link], http:/
30-07-2017wYNgGW http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com92Elvet£0wYNgGW http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comwYNgGW http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com9wYNgGW http:/www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comwYNgGW http:/
08-07-2017TybsfN http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com22Claypath£0TybsfN http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.comTybsfN http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com9TybsfN http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.comTybsfN http:/
08-07-2017hblDIL http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com113Gilesgate£0hblDIL http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.comhblDIL http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com9hblDIL http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.comhblDIL http:/
07-07-20178EJkpl http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com25Gilesgate£08EJkpl http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com8EJkpl http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com38EJkpl http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com8EJkpl http:/
28-11-201624 Ellis Leazes Durham DH1 1JJ42Gilesgate£85wifiHarringtons (landlords Andrew and Isla Biggs). Unhelpful.3House isn't terrible. All single beds but good furniture. TV included. However, landlord is appauling. Bedroom was damp and mouldy with wet floor and harrington's told us it wasn't their problem. They promised on several occasions to fix this but didn't.  After a month of us emailing them everyday and calling and visiting them regularly, they fixed the problem. Days later water started pouring into the room (from the shower). They did not fix it for over a month so the shower was unusable for that long. A tenant also moved out for a number of days for the room to dry. Wifi is now not working and Harringtons still won't give us the landlords contact details. No word of compensation from them. Decent looking house but not worth the hassle or the money. 
13-11-201616 orchard drive 52Gilesgate£65All bills included Contact Harringtons7Big family house with spacious rooms in a quiet area  although the private landlord can be slow to fix things like broken showers etc
11-11-201642Gilesgate£85No, £10 a week extraHarringtons. Helpful, shame about unhelpful landlord.5The house is nice - good living space and 2 bathrooms. However we have had serious problems with the downstairs bedroom (leaks, floor flooding, mould and dampness) and the landlord has been incredibly slow and reluctant to help to resolve these issues. It has got to the point where our bathroom is being ripped out and redone - not an ideal working environment!
08-11-201620 Mitchell Street 62Viaduct£98Internet, tv licenseHope estates3Severely overpriced considering the quality of the house and the competency of the estate agent. 4 single beds. Although they claim that internet is included, they cancelled the internet subscription in mid October without replacing it. We sent many emails in regards to the issue but their response was that they were too busy that we should buy our own internet and they'd reimburse us at a later date.
07-11-201670 Gilesgate DH1 1HY62Gilesgate£70Water and WifiNo letting agency, private landlord, Lorna Younger can be found in private landlord websites 7Great great value for money but the house is dated and needs some work, and the kitchen is also too small for 6 people. The showers aren't great, downstairs is powerful but temperature control is terrible and upstairs has good temperature but weak. Great for heating though and rooms are massive, great social house.There is a walk up the hill, no it's not fun but this is a great way to save money for a year and it's really not that far. The house is quaint with quite cool features like a pantry and a big garden area. But the kitchen is definitely too small for the number of people so you need to be on top of keeping tidy if you ever want to eat properly. 
07-11-201610Alexandria Crescent 54Viaduct£85NoRobinsons, but it is a private landlord8
07-11-20169 Mayorswell Field52Claypath£85Only wifiHarringtons - really not great,  it took them a month to sort out the wifi when we said it was broken, after emailing/going in every day, and they still haven't fixed other things which have been broken for weeks, like sending out a plumber for the broken toilet and boiler after they said they would6Purely because of the way harringtons have been so useless, and the fact the rooms are a bit small upstairs Apart from broken toilets etc, the house isn't grotty or dirty 
07-11-201647 The Sidings DH1 1HS (just next to Hild Bede, not all the way up the hill, more like Claypath distance) 43Gilesgate£88No J W WOOD 9Lovely house, really modern, with a massive kitchen and living room separately. All bed rooms have double beds, my room has an en-suit. Three bathrooms so almost everyone has their own. It isn't too far from town, especially from Elvet Riverside if you walk down by the river, it takes me 7 mins ish to walk to lectures, 10 mins to walk to town, you walk down claypath, and about 20 to walk to the science site, again go by the river. I gave it a nine only because it is annoyingly far away from either Tesco but I just get online shopping so not a major problem. Also two of the bedrooms are on the ground floor. They are very big but freezing in the winter. Don't be put off by the Gilesgate postcode, it is not up the big hill and a lot closer than you think. Also the landlord lives in Thialand and no one ever comes around to inspect the property. This is both a good and a bad thing at times as when things break it takes a while to get them fixed, however everything is new so things don't really break. And it means you can make a mess and no one is going to come and shout at you for it...
07-11-20168 Alexandria Crescent106Viaduct£94Internet, TV and license, Content InsuranceHope Estates7The house is spacious with almost all rooms being large double bed. There is a large kitchen and living area in a joint downstairs space which is great for socialising. The location is very convenient. So far the majority of issues have been quickly seen to and the house has had some new decorating. However, the internet can be quite poor, two rooms are noticeably a bit smaller and the washing machine is a bit dodgy. The house also doesn't come with any small kitchen appliances e.g. microwave. Generally quite satisfied :)
07-11-201654 Hawthorn terrace62Viaduct£95Water, wifi, tv license and there are solar panelsMorgan Douglas - but there is also a private landlord too! 8There are 4 doubles, 2 singles (but they're really not bad!)! The lounge and kitchen are really nice sizes and it's just a great location.
07-11-20165a Neville Street, Durham, DH1 4EY31Viaduct£96All bills included: wi-fi, TV license, water, gas and electricDetails can be found at: http:/ flat for three people, very cosy yet there is plentiful space. All bedrooms very good sizes and all with double beds. Situated above the Jumping Bean cafe, and opposite Stantons and about 30 seconds from the bus station, it is a good location but can be a little bit noisy on popular nights. Landlady is great and will sort out any issues very promptly.
07-11-201651 Orchard Drive62Claypath£98All bills included (utilities, internet, etc.)BillFreeHomes is fairly good, but slow on repairs sometimes. Bills included is very convenient but maybe artificially increases the price? BillFree does their bills through a third party, so you can actually choose which bills you want included or not. 8It's a good house, quiet residential area, large, with good living spaces (living room + dining room). Lots of students in the vicinity. Double beds, comfortable/pleasant rooms.  It isn't very well insulated or sturdy, but this shouldn't be an issue as you'll have heating bills included. The main issue is that it's a 30 minute walk from the science site, 15 to elvet, 15 to the town centre, and 25 to South Bailey. Another potential problem is the difference in room sizes. None of these are major problems, though.  All in all, it's good for a student house.  
07-11-201629 Hawthorne Terrace DH1 4EL52Viaduct£98No bills included Harringtons estate agents 8very reasonable price for the location 
07-11-201630, Orchard Drive Durham DH1 1LA62Claypath£98Yes, internet, electricity, heating, TV licence, waterBill Free Homes7Generally a nice house, but had a few problems with mould and poor ventilation. Problems not solved particularly quickly either, even when reported several times.
07-11-201649 Hawthorn Terrace52Viaduct£100WiFi and waterKen Morrey, Durham Digs9Very nice landlord who fixes things quite quickly, quite a spacious house with good living area, v central location
07-11-20163 Highgate DH1 4GA62Other£100NoneTheo / Daphne Varcoe New owners this year, replaced some beds and furniture. Very well stocked house 07818 565557 9Apart from one single room on the middle floor (with the kitchen and living area with no complaints of noise) the house is very well equipped. 2 garages, dining room, huge living area, well stocked kitchen and a laundry room.Located just below the train station so good for transport 
07-11-201645 Claypath, DH1 1QS32Claypath£100NoneElite Estates Durham, estate agent Alan is absolutely useless and the agency fees are very expensive. Would probably avoid if you can. But the current landlord (Gary) is pretty decent if a bit slow, although the house is currently for sale.6Great location. Slightly strange house. One bedroom is about 3 times the size of the other two. One actual bathroom and one toilet in a cupboard with bath and sink in the large bedroom (don't even ask why). Fairly large kitchen and lounge. Whole house is at a strange angle. Pretty cold in winter, especially the kitchen, very drafty everywhere. Various other niggles but it could be worse.
07-11-201615 Alexandria crescent 62Viaduct£119YepPrivate- 8It's awesomeIt's awesome
07-11-201668 Crossgate31Viaduct£125Yes, all bills and internet included. This is a Bill Free Homes property. They are very professional and I would recommend them because they've sorted repairs quickly and take their responsibilities seriously. 8The flat is very well furnished and clean, coming with all cutlery and plates etc. Nice living room/kitchen and good shower. The location is great, just up by the Starbucks on north road. The only negative is the rooms are fairly small, with the smallest room about 7 m^2 and largest 10 m^2. Worth noting that there's now a £180 fee with the £320 deposit when you sign for the flat, I think this is sadly quite common now. 
19-07-20166 Summerville42Viaduct£80None Robinson's Estate Agents 8it's cheap for viaduct area The second bathroom is an ensuite in the attic room
30-06-20165 East Atherton Street DH1 4DG52Viaduct£90NoPaul Forsyth size and location - 5 reasonably large double rooms plus spacious living room. No baths but two decent showers. House infrastructure isn't in great condition but it's bearable and the landlord is willing to help if asked.
28-06-201638 Longacres41Gilesgate£63water, electric, gas, wifiPaul Whiteman: p.whiteman@yahoo.com8Given the price it is very good. It is very close to hild bede yet much cheaper than others in the area. It is positioned very close to Sainsbury's which makes it very convenient though just over a 20 minute walk to the science site. Some fittings were not great such as skirting boards and floor boards. The walls were marked but all the appliances were reliable for the most part. The landlord was responsive. There was a garage and spare room that was used as a pantry.
28-06-201635A The Avenue63Viaduct£85No bills included apart from wifi Harringtons - they get the job done...eventually 9Loved the house as its a new buildN/A
28-06-20161 Sutton Street, Durham, DH1 4DD51Viaduct£86NoJulie Yetman - Attentive landlady, rapid response to our issue which were fixed promptly.6Ok house, bit small and kitchen/lounge carpeted area was a bit weird. Had mice at the beginning of term (probably more to do with food left in belongings over summer) but landlady was helpful in trying to sort out the problem and eventually we did catch several mice in traps.
28-06-201652 Hawthorn Terrace52Viaduct£98noJ W Wood 64 out of 5 are big double rooms, one is smallish; large basement with dining room but kitchen is small and upstairs on ground floor; nice garden; good location Only bad thing I would say is having the kitchen/eating area on different floors
28-06-20164 Wanless Terrace, Claypath, Durham, DU1 1RU41Claypath£320None8Really great house (we rent it for two years so that must say something), bathroom and kitchen need a little work but great living room and bedrooms.
30-11--00014 Church Street31Elvet£0Just water includedRobinsons. Generally friendly and helpful, but sluggish to deal with enquiries and issues regarding the properties. Have taken to simply visiting the offices to sort things out rather than e-mailing.8Excellent location for Cuth's arts/humanities students due to proximity to both Cuth's sites and Elvet Riverside/Palace Green. Cosy and generally very comfortable, if not blessed with huge amounts of communal space. Some traffic noise at rush hour times.
30-11--000142, Hawthorn Terrace,61Viaduct£0No bills includedLynne Hutchins6Landlady is terrifying.One bathroom and a downstairs loo. Upstairs shower. One small bedroom. Otherwise all 3/4 beds.
30-11--000129 May Street52Viaduct£0No bills includedJWWoods4
30-11--000131 The Moorlands31Gilesgate£45No bills includedPrivate8Decent house, well furnished. However, not sure whether house will be available as a student property by next year, as landlord is looking to sell.
30-11--00013 Kepier Heights42Claypath£46No bills includedDorothy and David Hook, private landlords who work desperately from any agency.9The Landlords are amazing, they live next door and are extremely helpful and kind. Both are retired so are anyways on hand, even putting our bins out for us each week! The lease time is flexible although should be near a year, they are happy for 11 months / 13 months etc, which can make the summer a lot nicer / cheaper. Although a little dated in style, the house is spacious and well furnished and anything you think is missing, the landlords are generally happy to help with. Over all excellent, only downside is due to the size of the house, heating it is sometimes difficult, slippers are sometimes a must.The house is 'upside-down' with kitchen, living and dining space upstairs, along with one bed room. at entrance level there is one small toilet and down stairs three bedrooms and the main bathroom. Two bedrooms are large downstairs, the master has a basin in, both with door opening out into the garden. Upstairs in the smallest, only large enough for a single bed but the other 'small' downstairs currently has two singles put together in with plenty of space. All downstairs bedrooms have large built in wardrobes.
30-11--000170 Heaviside Place41Gilesgate£48No bills includedJohn C Hemsley1The house is not bad, given the low rent. We had to do a fair amount of DIY on moving in which we were never reimbursed for. However, the landlord lives far away and never once visited the property - he is also very slow and reluctant to deal with any thing. The main problem though is that we have been in dispute over the deposit for several months (it would have been over much sooner but the landlord was refusing to use a dispute resolution service, preferring instead to belittle us via email), and he has illegally withheld a months rent that was accidentally over paid. The situation is nearing a resolution as the landlord has been given formal notice of our intent to take him to court; he still has some time to avoid this, but has not shown any inclination yet of doing so. It is clear that the landlord views student letting as a way to make easy money and takes little notice of his duties as a landlord, or the fact that students are legal adults and cannot be treated as poorly as he would like. Because of this, I would strongly advise people against renting from him.The location is good; quiet, and fairly close to Gilesgate Sainsburys for shopping. It's about 20 to 30 minutes walk to the science site. The kitchen has adequate storage space; roughly a double cupboard each. There are also sheds in the garden which are useful for storing suitcases etc. There is a small table - big enough for two, but four can just about perch. The table does get in the way of the rest of the kitchen a bit though. The living room has two sofas, low coffee table and a set of storage shelves. There is also a fire which works, although the landlord accused us of making it a security hazard despite us never using it. The garden has a small patio, grassy area and is surrounded by beds (mostly weeds and shrubbery, though I did plant some bulbs which have hopefully survived). There is a decent sized washing line. There are two small bedrooms, one medium and one large. All are doubles. The bathroom is average. It suffers a bit from mold, but not as badly as some as there is a window. The shower is electric and over a bath, which is coming apart a bit but still works fine. There is also a towel rack. The doors stick a bit; when we arrived, we had to replace the hinge of the bathroom door and also fix the medium sized bedroom door which stuck completely. The cupboard under the stairs also sticks; you need a knife or a fair amount of strength to open it. The house is quite hard to heat and bills are quite expensive; I don't know if there is not enough insulation or if it's just bad luck as to how the radiators are positioned. Given the low rent, the location, and the fact that the house is decent (though not great), I would recommend the house. The only problem is the landlord.
30-11--00013 Mowbray Street42Viaduct£63just water includedPrivate landlord - Tim Mc...?8Major damp problems but probably sorted by now. Really helpful landlord and lovely kitchen and shared garden
30-11--00015 mayorswell st31Claypath£65WaterPrivate landlord. Not bothered by late (with reason) rent. Pays water bill and is always available to ring. 7down side: Decor is reallIllIly dated. Uncomfortable sofa. Plus side: large living area, v large kitchen and bathroom considering it's for only 3 people. Decent house, well furnished. However, not sure whether house will be available as a student property by next year, as landlord is looking to sell.
30-11--00011 Lowes Barn Bank31Neville's Cross£65Water and internetVery nice lady called Mrs Ford. Was originally contacted through Harringtons.6Was cold and damp but very spacious. Although in Nevilles's Cross, it was right on the edge and so was reasonably close to town (10 min walk to science site and 15 to Cuth's)Has space for two cars to park off street. Despite having very large bedrooms, they all only have single beds.
30-11--00018 West View41Gilesgate£66All bills includedComplete Student Homes - Kirsten & Richard Scothon1The house itself was very dilapidated and in need of a lot of attention to bring it up to a good standard - very dated, horrible furniture and a general fusty smell/feel. The kitchen had been slightly modernised in comparison to the rest of the house but was very long and narrow, making it awkward for more than one person to try to cook at one time.I lived here in the 2010-2011 academic year so can't guarantee that my comments are still up-to- date. This house is in a quiet street and in a reasonably good location, about a 15 minute walk away from the city centre. There are families living here as well as several other student houses in the street. The four bedrooms are very uneven sizes - one is downstairs (a converted living space) and did not have a very 'bedroomy' feel to it. Of the upstairs rooms, there is a good double bedroom and two further very small rooms. The bathroom was adequate, with a reasonably modern suite. Our landlords were very good and responded quickly to any problems we had which included replacing a mouldy mattress, providing a new toaster and dealing with the shower leaking through the downstairs ceiling.
30-11--000110 Alexandria Crescent54Viaduct£69No bills includedRobinsons8It's a very cheap house for the viaduct. Most houses round here are There is one very small bedroom (literally only room for a wardrobe and bed). But this bedroom also has its own study so it isn't too bad. Two bedrooms on the first floor are en suites which is nice, and these rooms are also very spacious. The two rooms on the second floor are fairly small and do tend to get quite cold in the winter, but I think this is fairly normal for terraced houses where the loft has been converted to bedrooms. Kitchen and living room are decent and spacious. The whole house could have much better furnishings. Particularly the kitchen where the worktops could do with replacing. Aside from this, it's a decent house really.
30-11--00019 mayorswell st31Claypath£70No bills includedNorman Barron (RSB lettings) attached to Harringtons.7Its covered in mould but being fixed. The area's nice - really short walk from town but enough distance for you to feel slightly removed. Small kitchen. But relatively flexible landlord. All nice double bedrooms. Could do with another sofa
30-11--00018 Neville Street, DH1 4DG62Viaduct£70NoVincent Reay through Robinsons, please don't ever live in a property with him. He was rude and refused to pay people who worked on the house properly, we had no working fire alarm for over 2 months1The house itself is ok but the landlord was appalling and refused to fix problems that arose throughout the year. I had water dripping through my light fixture and it was only the property agent who came to fix it. Lots of people who had previously worked on the house refused to again due to the landlord not paying them properly or taking a very long time to do so.When it came to collecting our deposit, we were denied information about our deposit for weeks and had no idea about the tenancy deposit scheme the landlord used or if he used one. Despite handing the house back in a better state than we got it and cleaning mess we had not caused during the tenancy we still had money deducted for professional cleaning and were not given a chance to argue this.
30-11--00015-6 Neville's Cross Bank63Neville's Cross£73Just internet is includedHarringtons through Student Cribs7The house is nice and spacious and backs onto allotments and fields. It's close to a school and the area is generally students and families. It isn't particularly convenient for town centre or science site, it's on a very busy road that is noisy all day and a lot of sirens go past.The landlord has generally been pretty good about replying to issues with the house, initially the house wasn't clean when we collected our keys and they still haven't provided us with new sets of keys that were lost last year (we got our own cut). Since nagging at the start of the year they've been more on the ball about getting things done. We were unhappy that decorators were set in to paint the house on our first week back at uni. The top two bedrooms are in the roof and are poorly insulated so get very cold. There's one very small bedroom. Good to have two cookers and two sinks as well as three loos.
30-11--00013 Summerville42Viaduct£74No bills includedPrivate - Audrey and Brian Stone Email: ostone@toucansurf.com8All the rooms are a good size, all single beds. The room on the top floor has an ensuite, and the ground floor room is the biggest. There is a living room, but no real dining area, and a small kitchen, however it is adequate for four people. It's overall a good house for a good price and the landlords are really lovely.The location is the best for getting to the science site in the Viaduct and it's very quick to walk down crossgate to get to Elvet Riverside.
30-11--000114 Allergate42Viaduct£74Just internet is includedLucy (The Pancake Cafe) - 01913 8680706Really presentable house, landlady really helpful (for example buying a new microwave when we asked for one). Only problem: old building - bills expensive! (Maybe Glide would be better?).
30-11--000160A Claypath21Claypath£75WaterMark Nimmins8Lovely house, great location, plenty of space for guests. Massive sitting room and good sized bedrooms. Absolutely loads of storage. Big kitchen/dining room although not much surface room in kitchen. Very creaky stairs. Good, quiet location. Really hard to keep house warm though and seems excessively large for two people.Landlord absolutely lovely and highly efficient.
30-11--0001Fieldhouse, Albert Street53Viaduct£75No bills includedJW Woods7It was exspensive to heat but its a very large house at a reasonable price. The top room in the attic gets freezing in the winter and then boiling in summer but is huge. We worked it so the small room paid a little less every month. It is up a hill which may seem off putting at first but actually means you use your time much better and you don't have the problem of listening to drunk students every night. Except if you live with them. I expect rent has gone up since I was there though.2 Proper Bathrooms and an extra toilet. A yard outside with BBQ area. On small bedroom but 4 huge ones. Location up a large hill but has its benefits (see above). Landlord not amazing but would always respond relatively quickly. Suggest going bills included (an option we didn't take) as it is expensive to heat. Nice utility room with a deep sink which is good for making beer.
30-11--00014 East Atherton Street62Viaduct£76All bills includedBernard & Lynda Banks bernard.lynda@gmail. com8Lovely house in a convenient location. A bit scratty round the edges but worth it for value for money (rent including bills is very reasonable).
30-11--00019 Mayorswell Street31Claypath£76Just internet is includedIt's a bit confusing. Our Landlord is called Norman Barron. His e- mail address is RSB Lettings, but we have never dealt with RSB lettings. We are SUPPOSED to go through Harringtons. However, Harringtons seem to know very little about the house, although they are helpful where they can be. They did give me next doors keys though, and a month later they gave our keys to next door.1Landlord tried to fiddle the meters when we first moved in. When I came to him with pictoral evidence, he was rude and unhelpful. We started getting mould growing. Everywhere. A pair of shoes in the middle of the room would grow mould in a few days. I've lost a couple of dresses and a pair of shoes to mould that can't be washed off. When we pushed it, he got some roofers in. For a day. Currently in the process of asking for de-humidifiers but giving up hope. He is now claiming we have unpaid rent. We don't. Power occasionally trips if you use the top right hob whilst the washing machine is on. Showers are going cold. All the time. It's cold. All the time. Big gaps under doors.Lady next door says that people have had trouble with the landlord for years, with him leaving electrics in dangerous states. Despite all this, i'm happy in the house. It's a good location, it isn't too far from town and actually feels nearer than the Viaduct does to the science site. It's actually liveable (just), but it is NOT worth the money and needs a lot of work.
30-11--000110 Leazes Place52Claypath£77No bills includedprivate10Close to town. Right next to The Capital- really good indian restaurant and across from Claypath Deli. All rooms a good size. Nice area. Landlord very helpful. Good dining-room space.There is one very small bedroom. Attic bedroom is the only one with an en-suite bathroom
30-11--000124 Gilesgate52Claypath£77No bills includedJW Wood 0191 383 01847The house has a more regular layout than other student houses, with a separated kitchen and living room. The kitchen has a lot of floor space but not a lot of work surface area, which can cause problems. The insulation is apparently very good, which should help with the bills. The furniture is standardized throughout the rooms, although cheap, with a very small desk. There are two double rooms, one of which used to be the old living room so is twice the size of the rest of the rooms. However it is downstairs, and noisier and colder than the others. One room is noticeably smaller than the others, although it has the biggest window/sill and is in better condition than 3 of the other rooms. The carpets are dreadful; they're wiry and they don't vacuum well, almost like car carpeting. The showers are lovely though; very warm and powerful.The biggest issue we've had with this house is the estate agents. J W Wood have acted unprofessionally throughout, and have let us down on a number of occasions. The house was uninhabitable throughout summer due to its issues, despite a number of us staying there and J W Wood having promised to sort things out by a given date, and we were paying the full rent throughout that period. The rent is increasing next year to
30-11--00013 East Atherton63Viaduct£77No bills includedRobinsons7Robinson's have a handyman who is great with dealing with any problems that we have in the house, if we ring him on a particular day, he will come that same day to sort out the issue. Rooms are all a decent size, there's only 1 relatively smaller room with a single bed. Kitchen is massive because it's an extension to the house and the lounge is alright.
30-11--000121 Atherton Street52Viaduct£78Just internet is included, TV includedRobert Alderson 01913845814 PaulineAldo@aol.com7Good area; everything works; amazing TV; good sized living roomLandlord is AWOL; bottom two bedrooms are smaller; it can be very noisy but not often; it's cold.
30-11--00018 East Atherton62Viaduct£78No bills includedRobinsons, main contact is Vicki Bosworth, it's owned by George Robinson himself so contact has to be through head office: Tel 0191 3830777 The address for head office is: 19A Old Elvet, Durham, County Durham, DH1 3HL7It's a really nice house, it has its flaws but I wouldn't have minded living here for another year.It only has two double bedrooms and one very small bedroom. The loft rooms are also very oddly shaped so you lose a lot of the space. It also only has one small fridge and freezer which can be problematic.The kitchen isn't the biggest but is normally fine unless all 6 of us need to use it at once. It's very close to the bus station so it is very conveniently located for town which is good. The rent was also advertised at
30-11--00018 East Atherton Street62Viaduct£79No bills includedRobinsons8Good location, not too noisy but close to stuff. You can get to the science site in 20 minutes and to the Bailey in 15. There's a nice roomy living room/dining and quite a nice kitchen too. The living room tends to be nice and warm but as you might expect the kitchen and halls can get quite cold - the bedrooms too. One room is significantly smaller than the others but we had it so the person in there paid a fiver a week less that everyone else. It's also significantly colder in there! The landlord is fairly good and responsive, if we need something doing it generally gets done quite quickly. There are new double glazed windows in the kitchen and all upstairs rooms too.All in all not a bad little house. There's only one little freezer and one little fridge, that's not really a problem though as we all mainly live off Stantons.
30-11--000114 Wearside Drive32Claypath£80All - water/gas/electric/internetFrampton & Roebuck 3A Old Elvet, Durham DH1 3HL 0191 383 21239A lovely spacious house, much better value and quality than anything in the Viaduct. A quiet family sort of area so not great if you're rowdy but otherwise lovely. Only a 7 minute walk from town and 2 minutes from Freeman's Quay.Land lady lives next door and is incredibly helpful, gets things fixed instantly and isn't picky about anything we do (so far) It's a four bedroom house, but two of the rooms are much smaller than the others. We are renting it as a three and paying
30-11--000129 allergate62Viaduct£80No bills includedmrs perry uk8rooms are adequately large, all double beds. landlady is very nice and happy to help with any problems, even remedying things that we hadn't requested to change. very well situated at the front of the viaduct; very sociable and placed well for shops and lectures. only problem was the fact that the place was very on top of itself. often little privacy.being at the front of the viaduct was great. may be a little more expensive but it was worth it since it was very sociable and people stopped by as they were going further into town or further into the viaduct
30-11--000127 Sutton Street72Viaduct£80No bills includedCasa Lettings8It's a nice sized house and the landlords are friendly.Slight room size disparity.
30-11--00014 Hawthorn Terrace53Viaduct£80No bills includedDr Simon Willcock - simon.willcock1@gmail. com7Low rent but very large deposit (
30-11--000128 Allergate41Viaduct£80No bills includedPaula Perry- Neville Properties6Really close to town and Tesco express All of the rooms are similar sizes Landlord not as quick to respond to problems as they could be
30-11--000169 North Road41Viaduct£80Water only includedCarol Straughan (Spencer Properties) Let through Robinsons Lettings6A decent enough house for a student house with the main perk being the location. We are paying Very convenient location right opposite Tesco Express and 2min from the train station. Well located too for Elvet Riverside, 10min walk. Don't need to carry your shopping up the large viaduct hill. 3 good size bedrooms and 1 box room, however the box room has perk of a sink. Landlord has a hands-off approach, eventually things get sorted but the house was in a poor state when moving in after the summer ie. huge damp patches, light fixtures not working, hoover not working. Opposite Loft & Studio so can get noisy on some nights but doesn't really bother any of us.
30-11--000128 Allergate41Viaduct£80No bills includedKaren Spencer4House is lovely, but quite small and only one bathroom is annoying. Landlady isn't keep to sort out the mold in the bathroom.
30-11--000192A Claypath52Claypath£80No bills includedBradley Hall - the worst company I've ever dealt with. Over the summer before we moved in they refurbished the house, moving the kitchen from it's own lovely room at the back of the house to a TINY passageway within the really cold lounge. Our boiler was broken throughout the winter, with one housemate having to share a room as her's was the big one at the top that was absolutely freezing. Bradley Hall wouldn't supply heavy curtains, or fix the radiator in the lounge. They mainly deal with multi-million pound properties, so are not that fussed with addressing their small income lets of student houses. Despite all this, the house was a great party house and three of the 5 bedrooms were huge.4
30-11--000133 Atherton Street41Viaduct£80All bills includedWe dealt wit David Kerridge in Durham, but the house is owned by Mr and Mrs Duff and we received correspondence from them.3I lived in this house 2011-12 and during this time there was a flood and a moth infestation. We didn't get much help from the landlord with dealing with either of these problems. We had to find an emergency plumber in the middle of the night and sent the bill to the owners. The clean up after the flood was left entirely up to us. The landlord did send someone to spray the house to deal with the moths, but again it was up to us to clean up all the dead one. When I first arrived the window in the box room was so poor that it was too cold to sleep in September and I had to get a small heater. The house hadn't been cleaned when we arrived, and there was quite a lot of broken stuff left (such as toasters and general clutter). The shower is good though, and three of the bedrooms are a really good size, but there are no double beds even though they would easily fit in. The location is great being so close to North Road, but we had some 'lads' opposite us who finished exams way earlier than us and celebrated very loudly, and our rubbish windows meant that we were basically at their parties.There's a box room, but there's a downstairs study room, which was so useful. The landlord was considering changing this to a downstairs toilet though so I don't know if it is still there. I found living in the box room absolutely fine because I had the study room and spent a lot of time there and in the lounge.
30-11--000116 East Atherton62Viaduct£81All bills includedPrivate Landlord - Bernard & Lynda Banks 8Really friendly landlords who are happy for you to contact them if any problems arise. Bills included, and any excess money not used is repaid to tenants at the end of the year. All double beds.Kitchen is quite small, and there is one smaller bedroom, but all other bedrooms are a good size, all with double beds. Washing machine and tumble drier is in outbuilding in the garden. Two fridges and freezers, large TV and good internet speed. Convenient location, and quite a quiet street.
30-11--000134 Hawthorn Terrace64Viaduct£82No bills includedJW Woods10
30-11--000129 Allergate62Viaduct£82No bills includedNigel & Paula Perry8Great location - at the top of crossgate Really lovely bedrooms and living space But a lot of street noise and cold in winter
30-11--000129 Allergate63Viaduct£82No bills includedPaula Perry of Neville Properties uk8Nice features, great location, all rooms are a good size, good bathrooms Only downsides would be that bills are not included and it can get a bit noisy at night. Some may find the all-in-one lounge/kitchen inconvenient.Great location. So far the landlord has been good. All bedrooms are a good size, no 'box room'.
30-11--000124 Elvet Crescent41Elvet£82just internet but we were all bills inclusive last year for Amit Bhalla is the landlord, Mike Wardle is the agent who arranges contracts etc7Very good location- close to town and science site. Rent is also cheap for the area. Ideal for people who have classes at Elvet Riverside as its only across the road. Also very close to Klute The furniture is outdated and we had to bring our own TV, kettle and toaster but everything else works well. Reasonably sized living room, One bedroom a little small, all the upstairs bedrooms are singles, downstairs has a double bed. Has a garden that goes around the house as it is an end terrace (full of weeds though), could put bikes at the back. Next door neighbor is a little old lady who seems to be quite deaf so never complains about noise. However she has her radio on until 2am most nights so not good for light sleepers We've had issues with the plumbing though things have been fixed quickly. Had some trouble with the landlord not paying the bills last year as they weren't being sent to the right place, but it was sorted out by them with no fuss. Overall the landlord is good at getting things sorted out, they just need to be reminded a lot.We signed in late January during first year and decided to sign again in second year. The house isn't generally advertised until December/January time but we will be moving out this year so it will be available I would recommend this house if your priority is location! Most houses on this road are over
30-11--000126 East Atherton Street52Viaduct£82No bills includedPrivate Landlord, Paula Perry 7All double beds. Bedrooms all of a similar size, apart from one strange-shaped room. Can get very cold in the winter months. Garden with a log swing is good fun.Landlord's fix-it man will come and take a look at any maintenance problems free of charge, which is very handy, and he's very responsive. There are no dustbins on Neville Street because it's such a steep slope so rubbish can be irritating. It's in a great location, and you can hear Fishtank very quietly (although perhaps not now that they've closed the smoking area). 10 second walk from Tesco is probably the biggest perk.
30-11--0001Flat 3, 29B Church Street21Elvet£83NoneIt was last year; they operated privately, but now operate through an agency but I don't know who, sorry.3Damp, small, cold, slugs even! Generally a bit grotty. Very close to everything though!One bedroom is a fair bit smaller than the other. Living room has no windows. Next to the DSU and Dunelm Food Store. Electricity and water for Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer (which are communal) is included in the rent.
30-11--00011 Laburnum Avenue73Viaduct£84No bills includedEvenmore properties but with a private landlord8Great living space and kitchen space. Lovely bedrooms and such a homey feel. Really big so although 7 dont feel crowded at all! Great for mixed house as can have separate boys and girls bathrooms/fridges etc as so large.Negatives are that rooms range so much in size and general niceness. Also gets very cold as such an old house. Evenmore properties can be really annoying to deal with because they always say its up to the landlord but the landlord doesnt want to deal with us because hes paying them to... but has all worked out for us after some pestering!
30-11--000130 Crossgate52Viaduct£84NoTony Mawston6Relatively spacious with good kitchen/living area which is good for socialising whilst cooking. Big difference in bedroom size and quality which can make it difficult. Averagely good storage. Really quite damp and cold. Toilet blocked 3 times in first six weeks, but that was sorted out pretty quickly. Carpets very difficult to clean. However was a pleasant landlord, a good location, and not an awful house.
30-11--00014 Juniper Way53Viaduct£85NoPrivate.10Clean, new, warm, great landlord. Fast internet and no issues so far. Good location on the viaduct for 2nd year - about 25 min walk from Science Site & 15 to the Bailey.The only negative is the smaller room on the ground floor as the walls are quite thin.
30-11--00019 Providence Row41Claypath£85All bills includedDawn Gray10The landlady is fantastic! The location is very convenient, and the rent is very reasonable.What matters is who you live with, not where you live.
30-11--000116 May Street52Viaduct£85No bills includedPrivate Landlord Caron Wilkinson10House is awesome, very cosy, and the landlord is amazing, sorts out all problems asap!!One is a box room but good size and all the others are really big!
30-11--000116 Neville Street31Viaduct£85AllPrivately let by Clare Hooper ( She's very nice and helpful but lives in Kenya, so any problems we sort and she pays us back.8House is lovely and warm due to being bills included and we never have any problems. It's in a great place (nice and close to Stantons) and the bedrooms are very large. Only problem is that the kitchen is tiny and the lounge area is the same room as one of the bedrooms.Would definitely recommend!
30-11--000157 Crossgate77Viaduct£85No bills includedSimon Williams8It's a good sized house, great for 7 people, and perfect for socialising. It's also great that it has a dining table so you don't have to crowd around a coffee table to eat... Everyone has plenty of their own space, a couple of the rooms are a bit smaller but they still have a 3/4 bed in them. Also everyone has their own bathroom (5 ensuite, 2 not, but the two people with no ensuite get these ones). All the kitchen stuff is provided (although I think we provided our own microwave, and we had to get an extra freezer on the cheap because there's only one fridge-freezer between 7), and there is a washing machine, tumble dryer and plenty of space for hanging clothes out on the upstairs landing. Also the TV is provided. Disadvantages - The landlord is a bit useless, and difficult to get hold of. However he normally gets round to things eventually and in case of emergency he's fine - we had a leak once (major!) but someone was over within a few minutes. The house is open plan and the radiators are in stupid places. Therefore the house gets SO cold, and costs an absolute bomb to heat, which I suppose is a pay-off for the size of the house which is really good. Some of the rooms get a bit noisy as to the side of the house is Loft's smoking area and the front is Crossgate which gets quite alot of noisy student traffic. BUT generally we loved it!Think I went into enough detail above hopefully! The house may already be let for 2014-15, certainly some languages students looked around it at the end of last year... I think the rent is 90+ now per week, but not quite sure about this. P.S. Love you Mills x
30-11--000157A Crossgate77Viaduct£85No bills includedSimon Williams8The house itself was excellent, a great social house with plenty of space. However, the landlord was normally slow to respond to queries and problems and the house itself was difficult to keep warm during the winter.
30-11--000146 The Avenue52Viaduct£85NoIndependent - very efficient but never actually met him!7A mix of large/small, double and single rooms - but a really nice house.
30-11--00016 Mayorswell Close72Claypath£86All bills includedRichard Hutchins StuRents? - (I think, not entirely certain)9Lovely house, very spacious. Good heating - nice and warm in winter! Nice rooms, generally a decent size (one small boxroom) Tumble dryer a bit rubbish... But there is a garden so you can hang stuff out to dry if the weather is nice.We had a problem with overspending on our bills allowance at the end of the year, but we think this was the fault of the bills company (Glide) and not us. We made such a fuss it's unlikely this will happen again, but it's probably best to have written confirmation of the allowance and regular checks just in case. Quiet residential area, nice neighbours. First floor bedroom to seat in Elvet Riverside lecture = 7 minutes.
30-11--000113 East Atherton St32Viaduct£86No (water is)Private landlord -, 0191 252 33518Great house, nicely decorated (clean, fairly modern), landlord quite on it so quick to fix anything major. Cold! Quite draughty, often colder inside than out. But heating works well and you can put on lots of jumpers! Not mouldy particularly, like all houses in the Viaduct a little bit damp behind the washing machine but nothing exceptional. Had an outside yard with a bike shed - very useful! Two bathrooms (one with shower, one with bath, both with loo and sink very good for a 3 bed house!Has an extra little bedroom, good for storage/friends and family to stay. Think the rent might be going up.
30-11--00014 Juniper Way52Viaduct£87No bills includedRichard Root8The house itself is very modern and the rooms are all a good size. Given that it is a new build the bills work out relatively cheap.
30-11--000129 Hawthorn Terrace52Viaduct£87Just internet is includedPrivate - Lesley Dunbar3Landlord was very unhelpful and rude. House is dirty and needs essential maintenance such as new cupboards and floors.
30-11--000111 Hawthorn52Viaduct£88No bills includedCaron Wilkinson- private local landlord9Great location, similar rent to nearby houses but generally much nicer living spaces and bedrooms. Very attentive landlady who will be round the next day if there are ever issues1 very small room- we made the rent less per week for this room
30-11--000111 Alexandria Crescent72Viaduct£88No bills includedindependent9the landlord is great and has fixed/ replaced anything very quickly. It has a very spacious living area and kitchen and all of the rooms are a very good size, with the two single beds paying around
30-11--000127 The Sidings22Gilesgate£88NoEvenmore Properties. Very professional service. They always respond to emails straight away and are very helpful.7It is bright and airy with lots of space. It is very clean and well furnished. It is all very modern and up to date. My only issues are the TV provided is not very good, and the sofa is a very small loveseat. We also had to buy our own toaster, kettle and microwave. However, it is a very quite, secure building and it is close to town. It takes me less than 10 minutes to walk to elvet riverside. It heats up very quickly, and the heating system is very efficient. No faults with the place itself!Perfect for a couple. The main bedroom has an ensuite with an excellent shower. The main bathroom has a large bathtub. The second bedroom is really small, so if you aren't a couple, deciding who gets what room might be a problem. Both bedrooms are well furnished.
30-11--000113 May Street73Viaduct£88No bills includedHope Estates6Mould in some of the rooms and very small living space.
30-11--000113 May Street74Viaduct£88Just internet is includedHope Estates4It's not a bad house, it's in viaduct location so a lot of people around but it is quite cramped for 7 people yet is still as expensive as similar sized housing for a similar amount of people. The estate agents are okay but can be a bit slow at responding to things.Two smaller rooms with single beds, one that is directly onto living room which makes it noisy
30-11--000133 Highgate54Viaduct£88No bills includedMrs Jean Brown, Glenfield Nursery, Glenfield Road, Paisley PA2 8QE. The estate agent which let us the property (although it was managed by the landlady) has since disaffiliated with her because of her behaviour.2The house was an excellent new build with two ensuite rooms, a good sitting room, separate dining room and large kitchen. All in all, very spacious and a great property. However, the landlady proved to be extremely uncooperative. When heating in my room failed before Christmas she didn't repair it for the remainder of the tenancy, despite repeated reminders. Her 'builders' entered unannounced and she seemed to give a number of tradesmen keys to the house without letting us know. She tried to evict one of us, illegally, so she could avoid having to get an HMO licence (and paying a fee to the council). She refused to give us our deposit back and when the issue went to arbitration (which we won, and gained the full amount back) she sent a letter to the Vice Chancellor.I would not recommend renting this house under the current landlady unless you are a house of five law students.
30-11--000113 May Street72Viaduct£88Just internet is includedHope Estates1Too small for seven people. We do not all fit in the living room area, so no chance for guests. All the rooms, bar the attic room, are tiny, and one room is a complete box. Estate agents failing to deal with damp problems. Noisy. Bathrooms are small and cramped.1 double bed, 2 singles, the rest are 3/4. The singles are tiny although one has the added perk of an en suite toilet/washbasin.
30-11--00014 John Street72Viaduct£89No bills includedRobinsons1Overpriced for what we got. No bills included meant that the heating was on for 2 hours a day to save money and 2 hours was nowhere near long enough to heat a 7 bed house. The kitchen is tiny - it feels overcrowded with 2 people in it, and has no way of allowing 7 people to cook there. The size of the rooms varies a ridiculous amount - the ground floor bedroom being 3 times the size of the next biggest. There are other houses that charge the same amount and have bills included.The location is convenient but the landlord was unhelpful - it took almost the full year to replace the broken washing machine and the broken oven (so I guess now there is a new oven and washing machine which is a plus). There are 2 converted attic rooms which are very small.
30-11--00015 Laburnum Avenue52Viaduct£90NoPrivate landlady named Anne, only has this one house. So far seems quite good, will come round to sort any issues asap.8This house is very spacious, has 4 double beds + 1 single, lots of storage space, kitchen includes a dining table we can all sit around as well as their being plenty of space in the living room. 3 big bedrooms, 2 smaller ones but still adequate, no real /"box rooms/". Decor is a little dated but very characterful (fire places etc).
30-11--0001Elm Tree Inn, 12 Crossgate43Viaduct£90All bills excl. waterAndrew Ward - Private landlord. Email - Andrew@workwearexpres Phone - 0191 37077908Flat is above a pub so would 10/10 recommend to anyone who doesn't mind folk band rehearsals on Mon and Tue or pub quiz on Wed underneath them. That and the lack of dishwasher are the only reasons against living there that I might give to anyone.Staff downstairs are extremely friendly and so the odd tab gets written off here and there for us. 4 good size double bedrooms, 2 ensuites and then a bathroom shared between 2. Great kitchen, newly fitted, huge selection of crockery, cutlery and glassware; a decent sized fridge freezer for 4. No dishwasher. Good sized TV. Good showers. House heats up very quickly. 20 minute walk to science site, minutes walk to town. There's something very quirky about returning home by walking through the front door of a pub. We don't deal with the landlord directly unless necessary, he has a handyman who we contact for anything that needs sorting.
30-11--000111 Laburnum Avenue62Viaduct£90No bills includedPrivate Landlady Janet Jones, Email: Mobile: 079767311978The house has a large living room, dining room and great kitchen with a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. All the rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floor which is great as no one has to live downstairs. 4 of the rooms are doubles, 2 are singles. There are 2 large doubles, and 2 slightly more unique ones. One of the doubles is a loft bed, which has a ladder to get up to it, but leaves a lot more space in the room on the ground. The other unique room is a /"cubby/". There's a small cupboard door and the bed is inside (it's unusual but you have to see it to decide). Then there are 2 single rooms, one a good size and the other slightly more cosy but with lots of storage. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Elvet Riverside and about 20 minutes to get to the science site.
30-11--000137 Hawthorn Terrace82Viaduct£90All bills includedHope Estates8The kitchen was in the living room which I found more social, but may not be preferable for everyone as it made the whole house smell of the food you cooked. Most of the rooms were a good size but there were 2 obviously smaller rooms, one which had a single bed.Hope Estates were good about replacing or repairing anything that had broken if you let them know.
30-11--00014 Juniper Way52Viaduct£90nothing includedRich Root7#NAME?
30-11--000117 Mitchell Street52Viaduct£90wifi and Sky TV are includedQ Student - office is near the traffic lights at old elvet and new elvet. They generally respond to any emails/calls about problems but we've had to remind them a few times about certain things.6It's main selling point was that all bedrooms are double bed and are roughly equal in size (they're relatively small but big enough and have lots of storage space). It's quite a cramped house though in terms of stairs/landings but the living room and kitchen are nice and the bathrooms are relatively new.We've not had many problems with the house and when we have they have been sorted out eg. The washer drier machine was really old and didn't work amazingly so they got us a new one
30-11--000125 Neville Street42Viaduct£90No bills includedJW WOOD2The house is pretty cool and we enjoyed it when we were there, the kitchen is in the basement and is a really nice space. There was however lots of mould and damp in the house which we didn't particularly realise until we left e.g pulled my bed away from the wall to find mould all up the wall and my shoes were in my bed (divan) were covered in mould. JW WOOD were not active in fixing problems we had in the house. When it rains, water comes up through the floorboards in the kitchen and JW WOOD said there is nothing you can do about it because the house is on a water table, so we just had to put up with squelchy floors and puddles when it rained. One room has a bed suspended above the door so it is close to the ceiling. When the skylight leaked it makes the bed all wet which is not ideal. Upstairs shower doesn't really work so we basically only ever used the downstairs one. This bathroom has a shower in it but has carpet so felt slightly unhygienic.The location is really good, really close to town. The bedroom with the suspended bed is actually really cool.
30-11--000116 Flass Street60Viaduct£93All bills includedQ Student8All double beds, good location, sky movies included. Kitchen and living area decent size, also cheaper than many similar sized houses
30-11--000139 Hawthorne Avenue62Viaduct£93no7
30-11--000117 Providence Row52Claypath£93All bills includedHope Estates4Internet not great Hope Estates are hopeless Drains are dodgy Falling apart a bit Good Location My room is cold
30-11--00013 Hawthorn Terrace62Viaduct£94Just internet is includedMr John King Website - http://www. all good size - 1 box room - All doubles Very secure - lots of locks & house alarm Landlord easy to contact and fast on acting on issues Large yard and modern kitchen Negatives Attic room not centrally heated - very cold Decor quite dated and slightly damagedLocation great - close to a lot of Cuths students living out & science site
30-11--00013 Hawthorn Terrace63Viaduct£94Just internet is includedJohn King Western Lodge Whitesmocks Durham City DH1 4LH 0191-38325968The house is right at the centre of the viaduct, so the location is perfect for both Elvet and the science site. All rooms in the house are very big, with only one box room. One room has an en suite, however, this room is behind the kitchen and it has been found to be very cold even when the heating is on. The internet is included in the price, however, we have had a few problems with it connecting to the attic room. The kitchen and living area are both very spacious, the sitting area contains a large dining table with enough chairs for everybody and two leather sofas. Kitchen has recently been fitted. Free view channels are provided, however the TV is not.Landlord is very good at keeping in contact with the housemates and will always solve any issues that arise. He will also always give you 24 hours notice before turning up at the property. The only issue that the DSU picked up on regarding the landlord and the house contract was that you have to pay your rent with pre-dated cheques.
30-11--00011 St Margarets Garth63Viaduct£94No bills includedCarol Kelly1The house was left by the landlord in an uninhabitable condition. After 2 months of negotiation we managed to get sofas, windows and new carpets in the living room. The house itself is great, however if you are wanting a landlord who knows what a habitable house should be, I would most certainly look elsewhere. Full of false promises.
30-11--00011 st margarets garth62Viaduct£94No bills includedprivate landlord1Landlord is an absolute pain, house was dirty. Dogs bark next door. Cold and hard to heat.
30-11--00015 East Atherton52Viaduct£95NoIndependent, has been really helpful so far!7Nice big double bedrooms, good living area although smallish kitchen & smaller room.A bit run down in parts but a good place to live!
30-11--000117 Providence Row52Claypath£95All bills includedHope Estates7The house itself is a standard student house, very close to town. The bills included option has made the last two years living there significantly easier for the 5 of us who lived there e.g. Not having to argue about when the heating is switched on as we could have it on whenever we wanted. However, the service from the landlord has not always been top notch and has often taken a lot of persistence on our behalf to get results.
30-11--0001Dunelm House. Neville's Cross Bank41Neville's Cross£96All bills includedBillFreeHomes1Overpriced (house 3 doors down was about . Repairs - Varied. Either straight onto something and fix or ignore it/say they'll deal it with asap but either wont or will take months to deal with problem . Good size rooms
30-11--000130, Orchard Drive, Durham, DH1 1LA62Claypath£98Internet, gas, electricity,water, TV licenceBill Free Homes (website)8Very nice house, good size and layout. One bedroom is quite small and cold, the rest are good. Large upstairs bathroom with bath and shower and shower downstairs. Repairs easily reported through online form, and mostly dealt with quickly.
30-11--00017 Nevilledale Terrace63Viaduct£98NoPrivate Landlord - really great. We have a lovely house for really good value.8We have a lovely house, it is slightly further up the hill of the viaduct so it is better value for money. Also cheaper without bills included.We took up the property within 24 hours of looking at it as houses were going so fast. As soon as you see one you like just take it!
30-11--000122 Atherton41Viaduct£98All bills includedD & J franks7It's lovely and cosy Close to the bus station but also to your friends in the viaduct.There are three double bedroom and one 3/4 bedroom.
30-11--000120 May Street82Viaduct£98All bills includedHope Estates - office number 0191 383 0043 - office address: Hope Estates Limited, 31 New Elvet Durham City DH1 3AL6It is perhaps not as homely and well-furnished as other houses on the Viaduct - for example, the living/kitchen area is quite small and old- fashioned, we don't have baths like many other houses on the Viaduct, the front door looks like someone has tried to kick it in... We have also had quite a few problems with the Landlord over situations like half of our set of keys going missing before we moved into the house, refusal to change our locks despite out request, slug trails and a dripping shower. However, on the plus side, considering there aren't that many houses for 8 people in the Viaduct it isn't actually too bad. The bedroom sizes are really good - they are all very spacious with double beds and there isn't a great deal of difference in size between them all. The location of the house is also brilliant, being right in the heart of the Viaduct and very close to town.
30-11--000120 May Street82Viaduct£98All bills includedHope Estates 31 New Elvet, Town Centre, Durham DH1 3AL 0191 383 00436In terms of rooms sizes, compared to other 8 person houses we reviewed, the room sizes in this house are fairly equal in comparison. They all have double beds that fit comfortably in the rooms, however there is one room which has a single bed but that person has agreed with the rest of the house to pay less rent as a result. The open plan kitchen and living area is a good way to socialise with your house, but it does mean that mess from the kitchen can spread quite easily and also gives a feel that people are on top of each other as it gets very busy in the evenings. The 2 bathrooms are of good size. The house is in a good location: 20ish minutes to the science site, 10 to town and Elvet Riverside, 30 minutes to MC. For us, a lot of people in my college (Cuth's) lived off or along Hawthorn Terrace so our location so good for meeting up with people etc.As the house is owned by a large estate agents in Durham, asking for something to get done can be quite difficult understandably. However, Hope Estates have often been quite reluctant to help us sometimes. For example we were only given 4 keys to the house and they refused to change the locks/give us a new set of keys until we pointed out to them that the insurance they provide us on the house is invalid if we are not all able to secure the property. So I would recommend being aware of what you are entitled to especially on your inventory. However, when our vacuum cleaner broke, they replaced it the next day so they can be very efficient also.
30-11--000120 may street82Viaduct£98All bills includedHope estates stewart@hopeestates. com3The bedrooms are all a really good size however the kitchen area is definitely not large enough for 8 people and it is sometimes a bit cramped. The landlord has been an absolute nightmare, to losing keys over summer, to just generally doing the bare minimum to make this house habitable (we moved in to slug trails all over the kitchen- lovely) we've had problems with the door, the locks have been changed twice and were only changed when we threatened the landlord with legal action as there were 4 keys to the house unaccounted for. The landlords themselves are rude and treat you like an idiot and their system of working things out is complete nonsense. The bathroom once you get over the initial gloomy grimness Is bearable but the upstairs shower is generating mould and damp as it's not properly ventilated, we've told hope estates about this but as of yet we haven't heard back. They are a company that operate on the bare minimum, don't expect anything else. Also the internet system is old, outdated and slow.All the bedrooms are reasonable sized doubles except one box room on the middle floor. The rooms on the ground floor of the hous are very cold and the one at the front is very noisy. There is no kitchen table due to lack of space so if you don't like eating off your knees this is not the house for you. The fridges are missing shelves and the downstairs shower lacks general power and is a bit rubbish, the upstairs one is great, just a bit mouldy. Be prepared for unwelcome visitors I'm the shape of slugs- salt at the ready. And be careful of damp in the room with the stairs in.
30-11--00019 Lawson Terrace31Viaduct£99All bills includedBill Free Homes, Main office along Elvet next to Patrick's.9Having all our bills included is such a luxury, we can have the heating on as much as we like and limitless baths! It's a really comfortable house with cosy living area and a recently refurbished kitchen with gas hob (although disappointingly no dishwasher).There aren't many student houses in Durham that have their own piano! There are no bad bedrooms although 2 of the bedrooms have 3/4 beds rather than a double bed.
30-11--00017 Laburnum Avenue62Viaduct£99No bills included, Bills as package through 'Glide/"Richard and Lynne Hutchins: and uk Part of 'Student Home Zone' on New Elvet8House is in an excellent location, quiet pretty street but right in the middle of the Viaduct off Hawthorn Terrace. Really nice entrance area and flooring. Very good size living room and kitchen, both furnished to v high standard. One bedroom on bottom floor in between the two living areas. 4 bedrooms (two big, two fairly small) and two bathrooms (one with shower, one with bath) on middle floor. 1 big bedroom on top floor with sloping ceiling on one side - attic-like room.2 of the rooms on middle floor are slightly smaller. Not 'box' rooms but definitely small, one has it's wardrobe outside the room in a cupboard under the stairs but this is right next to the room and works fine. Landlord is tough and not overly helpful. Has a lot of properties and is definitely very much a business woman. Can be quite rude. Table in kitchen is currently a bit too small (circular in corner) Some areas of damage to walls from previous tenants which really should have been mended (holes in plaster)
30-11--00016 Nevilledale Terrace63Viaduct£102noHarrington's6Nice house, Spacious and rooms are decent sizes but better value for money can be found.
30-11--00013 The Maltings, South Street41Viaduct£105All bills includedQ Student8Really good location, but can suffer a bit from noise on some nights. Nice house, and the kitchen has recently been well refurbished. It's quite expensive. The rooms are a good size, although could be a bit bigger. Great shower and a nice bathroom. The upstairs living/kitchen area is great.Q Student love doing things on the cheap.
30-11--00012 Allergate Terrace52Viaduct£110TV license and internetPrivate Landlord, Jason Hale. Email - ijrcld.hale@virgin.net10Brilliant landlord, as they care about the house and have thought of everything that a student may want. It is 100% equipped, even with a base sound system, TV, garden and furniture (including herbs in the garden!), clean and every room is a double and of decent size. The walls are also solid, unlike some other houses so you can work peacefully. Cannot recommend more to 5 people who want to be comfortable and enjoy a beautiful house!A* all round. 5 double beds (one is a super king!), kitchen, conservatory, garden, sitting room, bath, 2 showers, 2 loos, fully equipped kitchen - including tea towels, crockery, appliances, cutlery, pots and pans, garlic crusher.......
30-11--00017 Laburnum Avenue62Viaduct£113All bills includedLynne and Richard Hutchins9Great facilites - new kitchen. Great sized bedrooms and large sitting room.Landlady often quite agressive and dismissive of certain issues...
30-11--000152 Claypath52Claypath£118All bills includedBill Free Homes8Such a nice house - got character to it and has a reasonably sized garden out back too! It's a listed building but has been done up really nicely and has a good kitchen. Reasonably sized rooms. Good that it's with Bill Free Homes as they are so helpful, they provide everything and will provide replacements and send out repairs teams quickly if anything happens. Only downside is that it's in Claypath which is about a 10 minute walk from Viaduct where everyone else seems to live! But it's super close to Tesco and the market square yay.
30-11--000137 The Avenue72Viaduct£120All bills included7
30-11--000138 The Avenue72Viaduct£122All bills includedChris Attey, Urbis Property10The living and kitchen space is ideal for all of us to come together at the end of the day and relax. The bedrooms are all double and the house has a lot of light. All the furniture is good quality and we have a huge TV and an aga which is not exactly student living but we love it!The Landlord is very attentive, he takes us for drinks once a term, all on him. He's apparently not great at giving back the deposit though.
30-11--000125, Crossgate Peth73Viaduct£126YesStudent Cribs10
30-11--000137 the avenue70Viaduct£127All bills includedUrbis property7Also some discrepancy with the landlord about the state of the house over the holidays it is a really spacious house with a nice feel to it and in a good area

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