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18-02-20181tPfma http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com53Elvet£01tPfma http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com1tPfma http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com71tPfma http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com1tPfma http:/
19-02-2018wIGSDd http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com53Elvet£0wIGSDd http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.comwIGSDd http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com4wIGSDd http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.comwIGSDd http:/
17-02-2018GEsWsR http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com113Gilesgate£0GEsWsR http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.comGEsWsR http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.com9GEsWsR http:/www.LnAJ7K8QSpfMO2wQ8gO.comGEsWsR http:/
30-10-201719 Wakenshaw Road, 52Gilesgate£71Maintenance and gardener and window cleanerThere's a really great couple who run their own company with maintenance staff etc.  They live in Durham.  I think their number is 07810 521679 house is next to Hild/Bede and is a perfect.  We spent two years here and loved it.  The landlords are really nice and nothing is too much trouble.  The rent was good and we opted for a bills included package which helped stop arguments.  The kitchen has everything in it and all the bedrooms have double beds and the furniture was nice.  Everyone thinks gilesgate is ages away, but this bit is really close to the city centre and the science site.  The house is next to Hild/Bede and is a perfect.  We spent two years here and loved it.  The landlords are really nice and nothing is too much trouble.  The rent was good and we opted for a bills included package which helped stop arguments.  The kitchen has everything in it and all the bedrooms have double beds and the furniture was nice.  Everyone thinks gilesgate is ages away, but this bit is really close to the city centre and the science site.  
16-11-20174 Wynyard Grove, Gilesgate, Durham DH1 2QJ73Gilesgate£75AllRise Estates, generally good and deal with problems quickly.8Nice house, reasonable price, fairly clean on arrival, crockery etc amply stocked on inventory. Location is good: opposite Sainsburys, a fair walk to the Science Site/library but payoff is lower rent & bills included.
02-11-201724 Ellis Leazes DH1 1JJ42Viaduct£85none.Harringtons... They were absolutely terrible. 3There was mould and damp all over one bedroom when we moved in and they said to us 'it's not our problem', and that we should fix it all. It was also very very dirty and the fridge was covered in mould, and there were slugs in the house. It was disgusting. There was also a massive crack in the wall in the middle of the house from bottom to top which got worse throughout the year and they didn't see any issue with that... It also took them 2 months to fix a shower that LEAKED ONTO A HOUSEMATES HEAD WHEN SHE SLEPT, and when her floor was soaking wet from another problem with the shower they refused to do anything for a long time. They refused to give us the landlords name and contact details even though we told them they had to by law, and we had to get the DSU involved and they were still terrible. There were holes in the wall too and open vents where rats got in. One lived in my bedroom wall and I could hear it scuttle by my bed every night and morning. After ALL that, we left the house in a better state than it came in and they still took £120 off of our deposit. Horrendous. Don't put yourself through it...don't. just don't. D: 
10-11-201746 The Avenue, DH1 4ED52Viaduct£87Water includedGeorge8Great house, spacious rooms, very well looked after, feels like a 'real' house rather than a student house. Very efficient private landlord, much friendlier than some letting agents. Only downside is slightly narrow kitchen which gets crowded if 3+ people use it simultaneously - usually not an issue though.
04-11-201747, Hallgarth Street, Durham DH1 3AT21Other£100Only wifi includedJudith Catty6Outdated, some things poor quality/care, i.e. stained carpets, rusty fridge. Also no tumble dryer. Landlord is really nice, very close to science site (less than 5 min walk), convenient for town and Brooks and Bailey. Easy to heat up as is quite small, great size for two people.
30-10-201718 Atherton Street63Viaduct£102NoJWWOOD. Overall we've had a bad experience with them. They are quite passive aggressive and take a long time to fix things in the house - for example a section of the wall in the living room has been mouldy for 4 months. The landlords themselves have handymen they employ personally though and they are wonderful. It is quicker to go directly to the landlord's handymen than through JWWOOD but JWWOOD will never tell you that. However, Doug at JWWOOD is very nice. 4The house is not very soundproof, the living room is quite small and the kitchen is tiny. Definitely not enough fridge space for 6 people. JWWOOD/Landlords are not very attentive. Furniture and doors are nice though but the doors tend to slam and shake the house. Feels more like a student house than a house. Bit cold and dark. 5 double bed bedrooms, 1 single bed. The single bed room is quite small. Also lets in a lot of noise from the streets. Overall, an overpriced house. 
07-11-201713 Hawthorn Terrace52Viaduct£103NoWendy Wright - private landlord, doesn't work through an agency. FOR 2019/20 onwards: 078707475928Landlord is so friendly and efficient; the house is extremely clean and feels like a normal home (not a student home); house is very well kept by the landlords; four of the five rooms are very spacious (one is slightly smaller); all appliances are very good and new (just refurbished the kitchen); one of the bathrooms is quite large with a shower (no bath), and the other is just a toilet and sink. Not available for rent in 2018/19, but available after 2019 - because we signed it for another year.
30-10-20172 Palatine View62Viaduct£105All bills included Private landlady, Diane Headley, who is really lovely and helpful. 8A few of the rooms are on the smaller side (one double on the ground floor and a box room on the first). The second bathroom is a tiny shower/sink/loo deal but nice enough.  The house is well kept without any problems, painted and cleaned between tenants.  Diane is also happy to make adjustments for us (remove a living room chair for space and install better blinds in the front bedrooms). 
03-11-201730 Orchard Drive, DH1 1LA62Claypath£105All bills includedBillsFreeHomes - They're very good and respond quickly, they even gave us £200 off because we couldn't move in whilst they were doing up the house. - Some things have taken/are taking a long time to get done though. For example, the Amazon Fire Stick, which was meant to come with the house, hasn't arrived after a month.9It is a very nice house with a brand new kitchen. It is well decorated, making it quite homely, there's plenty of space and one of the bedrooms even has a conservatory/study room in it. It also has a small garden with a picnic table. It is a bit out of town, i.e. about 15 mins from Market and about 25-30 mins from Science site.
09-11-20177 Wanless Terrace62Claypath£108Yes, allHarringtons7It's exceptionally close to everything in town, and has had a new kitchen in the last two years. It's had a new shower on the top floor while I've been here, and they're super quick about getting everything fixed. The only issue we've had is the tv license - we paid for it with our bills package but we were in limbo for a few weeks with it not showing up on the tv board's database. It's all fixed now, and we really enjoy living here. Super quiet area, good neighbors. About half of the street is students, the rest are locals. We agreed to our neighbors' request that we not hold parties on Sundays-Thursdays due to them having adult jobs b/c they're locals.
02-11-201718 providence row 51Claypath£115yes - all of them Rise estates - really helpful  house was completely clean and tidy when we moved in with new carpets and paint as well 8i think the house has everything you need. good size living room and kitchen - loads of fridge freezer space good size rooms, some are small than others but thats always the way  great location  some minor issues with damp but fine if you keep the house ventilated
02-11-201733 Hawthorn Terrace42Viaduct£425Water(091) 38499805Good location, not especially big living room, small kitchen, and one bedroom is quite small.

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