Josh Butterworth: JB Cat May: CM
Anna Challen: AC Rhodri S-D: RS-D Jade Newton: JN Rishi Jindal: RJ Hitham Hassan: HH Haopeng Li: HL Claire Shawcross: CS Rachel Dobson: RD Euan Swift: ES
Casia Richards: CR Gwynn Stock: GS Laura Niven: LN Lauren McNally: LM Sabrina Steuer: SS Julia Sandu: JS

CM and JB give overview of campaigns for the year.
CR: Is Movember primarily mental health?
CM: Pretty much everything, fighting stigmas on mental and physical
CR: Good, have experience of this campaign, danger is it becomes just a boy thing. How to keep girls involved?
JB: Posters with boys and girls
CM: Get the plastic moustaches, bring them to formal
RL: Draw moustaches on mirrors
CM: Have welfare in corner of JCR at formal?
GS: Event after formal?
All discuss this, maybe silent disco, something to look into
CR: Set something up in Cuths Bar, draw moustaches on cups
HL: I have contacts, on social comm, talk with them
CM: What issues?
Mental health, cancers, talking, beating stigmas, sexual health
JN: There’s certain things more likely for men in 20s, make people aware of this
HL: Your doctor knows more than Google
CM: Tissue boxes saying men do cry
GS: Advertise Phil directly to guys
HH: Photoshop moustaches on big figures in college
JB: Speak to Elizabeth about doing something during formal eg speech
CR: Moustaches on trains is cool. We should have trains
LM: I might dress as a moustache for the formal
JN: Tell us your flavour of condom
LM: Popcorn – it’s unpredictable
GS: Facebook page? Fact per day
CM: Use Cuths JCR Twitter?
JB: Snapchat too
AC: Snapchat filter?
GS: Men’s sexual health
Tangent on Pokemon STIs
JB: Keep it a minor part of this campaign, do the rest in SHAGWeek
CM: Overview of campaigns for the year, brings out baby panda
Tangent on SHAGWeek, something from JN about making a giant walk through vagina Discussion on how to make posters
CM: Please give us feedback on consent workshops