Social Comm Meeting 2018-10-28

Present: Masha Markova (social chair), Elena Martin (vice-president), Maddy Wilson (third year rep), Bekah Canby (ball manager), Lucy Foster (third year rep), Peter Jarvis (third year rep), Issy Rush (second year rep), Garance Zinzen (first year rep), Mabrur Rahman (first year rep),

Absent: Jenny Ostridge (Formals manager) (but she did turn up after the meeting)

Apologies: Amy Kuner (president- ill), Shoaib Ahmed (second year rep -ill), Alexander Bridges (first year rep- at Champagne Soc),

Bekah’s house on Flass Street which has the best curtains I’ve ever seen in a student house. Very Jazzy.

[Premeeting chatter about the logistics of moving drum kits all over the place]

Agenda? Masha: none. We shall just talk.

Masha: now we have seen the venue and we have so much room. We will have music in each of the three rooms. It will be an experiment because we’ve not done this before.
Bekah: The problem we had was that it would probably be the foyer but that would be straight after all the wardrobe stuff, so it wouldn’t work
Masha: Centre pieces are the main thing. White trees or just Christmas trees (cheaper), lamp posts (expensive) (we don’t know what they look like).
Issy: Can we mix it up a bit?
Bekah: That’s the plan. Defo want the white trees, but we don’t know what to mix them up with. Sort of just waiting on a picture to see if the lampposts are worth it.
Masha: We hope they light up.
Bekah: Hard to see past the Christmas trees.
No one seems too fussed about Christmas trees.
Masha and Maddy: Noted that we can’t have food vans because the venue has a restaurant and they don’t want that there.
Need to get the candy floss people and things to fill out a food service form.
ACTION POINT: Masha to send Maddy this.
Everyone is a little worried about how people will find things because, at Summer Ball last year, lots of people didn’t even find the roller blades.
Masha confirms that we now have a budget so we can actually start booking things which is lovely.
Masha: Bad news for Issy; we can’t use the videographer. But tell him we will be in touch for other events. Because it’s a min of £300 regardless of their hours.
Issy: But photographers are booked.
Masha: the last photographer got a girlfriend from Michaelmas ball, so that’s nice.
Peter: Got lots of music. Foyer= strings quartet- trying to get them to do Narnia-ish music without breaking copy right. Cathedral city in dinner room as people walk in, and also for ents people arriving. 10-12 is music time. Music in three rooms from this point. All sounds very good.
Masha: either this fails or it all goes very well
No idea whether we have enough people to fill all of the rooms. Should be fine though.
Several places for people to chill as well though so that’s nice.
Tessa: There were a few things. Not sure if we can have snow sprayed on the windows around the foyer windows.
Also found like little party poppers. Could be cool if everyone did it at the same time.
Name tags, either have regular ones with nice little wooden bases to have on the names in.
Do we want to confetti the tables? Yes
Want pine cones just on the tables. Elena: do we want real ones? Everyone: no. bugs.
Masha: What else do we want on tables?
Bekah: buy tags and write quotes on.
Mabrur: Turkish delight?
Bekah: Only found whole sales ones in yellow, green and pink but we just want pink.
Issy: What are they going in?
Bekah: just want little brown boxes tied with a piece of string.
Lucy: Are we allowed candles?
Bekah: Yes
Elena: maybe making them so people can’t get wax pored on them?
Masha: lantern things?
Mabrur: little cordials?
Very similar to last year. But it’s a pretty different looking vile thing.
Bekah finds some little bottle thing on the interwebs.
We have some money issues because we got a second ride. So we need to be
Issy: would like fur involved on the tables.
Bekah: would nice to even have on chair per table that’s furry.
Elena: could have a little bit of fur around the middle of the bows behind the chairs?
Bekah: lots of effort
Masha: Base covered in fur?
Elena: Are there llamas in Narnia?
Radio Silence.
Bekah: Could have the favours as just the potion and then have the Turkish delight in a nice box next to the drinks reception? Could depend on price.
Masha: Do we want fake snow?
Peter: Is that just outside?
Masha: Yeah.
Peter: Nah
Everyone: also nah.
Masha is worried about whether it snows. The only reason we have Michaelmas so early is because of the risk of snow.
Lucy: Can email to ask them to cut down, but have technically already confirmed. So, would feel pretty bad in case they had already made arrangements. But don’t think we should compromise on security, especially with the number of rooms.
Bekah: It would be bad to cancel on some of the numbers, and then something goes wrong.
Garance: Snapchat filters. It would be nice to have two- one Narnia ish one and then one Christmasy one. If we can’t do that then we can have just a normal generic one. But it would be nice to have some nicely photoshopped one. Would be nice to pay them but they are a student.
RE cents. Depending on the size it could be iffy. We might be able to do something with the foyer. The cheapest option would be to get lots of reed diffusers and then set them off in the middle of the day. Sprays- we would have issues with allergies and it would look weird to keep spraying it.
In terms of specific smells- there isn’t really anything specific in Narnia so we were just thinking Christmasy things.
Bekah: maybe a dried orange and cinnamon stick on each plate.
Garance: Maybe worth asking the production company.
Masha: we will need to do a lot of stuff the weekend before so we will book out the conference room and blitz it.
Issy: How are we going to get there?
Masha: Cars. Some of the exec will have them too.
Masha tries to end the meeting but we were meant to have a social watching Narnia now BUT Jenny hasn’t got here with the DVD yet so we can’t really finish the meeting so we just sit about for a bit.