2018.10.14 Social Committee

Present: Amy Kuner (president), Elena Martin (vice-president), Maddy Wilson (third year rep), Bekah Canby (ball manager), Lucy Foster (third year rep), Alexander Bridges (first year rep), Shoaib Ahmed (second year rep), Tessa Guild (second year rep), Peter Jarvis (third year rep), Masha Markova (social chair), Issy Rush (second year rep) (late)

Settings: Conference room. Much rain, many sniffles.

Michaelmas Ball (BC)
Tasks We Have to do (MM)
Social (MM)

Everyone introduces themselves and mentions something they liked from a past event
Masha; likes Michaelmas ball decorations last year because they all looked really good.
Amy: I like all the ball memories. I like the organisation.
Tessa: I really like the rides. Dodgeems were fun and the swings. And decodation wise the feast was really nice with the theme.
Bekah: the rides are always the best bit.
Maddy: I like all the stuff at Cuth’s day because there was always something else
Shoaib: likes the events on in house because it feels more homely
Lucy: Remembers Michaelmas being nice
Peter: likes how big and grand it all is
Xander: has not been to anything yet but it looking forward to them
Elena: likes Cuth’s day

Michaelmas Ball (BC)
We have decided on the theme of Narnia. We have some ideas but we need more specific ideas about the tiny details. So let us know your ideas for things like table decorations.
Masha then shows everyone a nice picture of what we hope it will look like.
It’s going to be held at Hardwick hall which looks bad if you don’t decorate it but looks really good if you do.
350 dinner tickets and unlimited ents capacity- well, 1000 people but we don’t think that many people would be interested.
We need ideas for the party favours- was thinking of Turkish delight or something.
The first social will be watching Narnia and thinking of little details to really tie the theme together.
Bekah wants to have little Aslan quotes hanging from white trees in the centre of the tables but we still need to talk to the production company about that.
Tessa has idea about changing the reception slightly different to reflect Narnia changing into summer. And a sledge photo corner.
Bekah wants a photobooth with Narnia props
Amy, Bekah, Elena and Masha are going to the venue on Tuesday to check it out.
Xander: had Ice statue at something he’d been to before. Everyone is confused about what sort of balls Xander went to
Masha: We want to go big on entrance – we want to do a wardrobe but if we can’t we will do something else
Wanted ice queen on stilts – Bekah is big on this but other people are a bit like “wut?”
Everyone needs to make sure they are free the weekend before the ball in order to make decorations. We will book out the conference room and have a big old art sesh.

Tasks We Have To Do

Normally we delegate people to specific things so that everyone shares responsibility. They are:
Small ents – candy, popcorn
Musical acts – because we have a stage to use in dinner – looking for two bands
Coaches – we usually use the same people
Securty- not sure which company to use as we don’t want to use Pheonix again
Photographer – thinking of also having a videographer again but Masha didn’t like the music last year
Decorations – more likely to be a group of people
Medical cover – which Masha could do

Maddy want’s to do small ents so she will get quotes and then Masha will send her information. Shoaib will also help because he has made connections from last year
Xander will do coaches
ACTION POINT: Masha to work on the logistics of having an ice-rink, have any other colleges done it?
Lucy will do security
Issy will do videographer and the photographer. We will contact the guy from last year but Masha really doesn’t like the music. Actually we think he’s very good, other than his music taste.
Peter will take Music. Masha will send him people we have used before. Granted Brass are over played now. Contact Velvet Riverside but we think some of them graduated.
Tessa will do decorations and Peter will help.
We will have a meeting within a week in order to gather ideas. Don’t buy anything yet, just pass ideas on to Masha and Bekah
14th November is the date we’ve set
It’s a Wednesday but we will split set up into shifts so people will all be able to help a bit on the day.

There will be social and seriously it will involve watching Narnia. If you can’t come then just watch Narnia on your own.

Anything else Bekah? No

ACTION POINTS: Masha and Bekah will make the event live ASAP

How expensive are the tickets? £55 pounds for dinner tickets, £25 for ents and £12 for wine. Same as last year.

It’s only for Cuth’s students and alumni.

Masha’s email is events@cuths.com so that is where we should forward everything to that so that we don’t bombard her personal email