Social Comm photo 5th May – 13:35

Wristband design – Celina, will give you numbers on Friday 27th

Date to visit venue – Cat and Jenny – whenever suits – will figure out later

Photobooth – Issy:
– 4 hours for £410 – £65/hr after until midnight
– 3 hours for £375
– 3 hours for £400
– Do we want one?
– Think deffo one – will ask about more than one – the Mirror Me would be good
– 9.30-1.30

Flower wall/photo op – Jenny
– Either order one that someone brings or separate panels we build
– <£100 for DIY - Pink and purple - Probs want a ready made one – rent one rather than buy Food ents/food van – Aimee - Dusk til Dawn: waffles where people pay – burger and chips van people pay – vintage ice cream bike, slushies, candy floss and popcorn – 375 for 3 hours each - Friend with churro market - List: - Sweets - Ice cream - Candy floss and ice cream - 10pm-1am - Burger Van 12am-3am Cat and Jenny – menu, do we have to have the same as other colleges? can people have a veggie starter and meat main? - Need to give them deets four weeks before Table plan – doesn’t need to be by the 5th May? (pls no) Any other fun ideas – Shaoib – what to do with other big room, rollerskates, would we want DIM again? - Make floor plan and signs so everyone knows where everything is - Big room: rollerblading/crazy golf? o Rollerskates could be fun – Cat’s idea (in case it goes wrong) Reception drink music – Rhiannon - Zach chronotic brass/DU big band – can get a jazz quintet - £180 - Staggered arrivals for people coming? - Table singing people? (DIM) – so many tables though, and they didn’t manage to do Michaelmas – they’re free though if we just give them ents – we’ll take them! - Magicians? Caricaturist? Bands – Ananya – Lost Degree then some form of jazz band, what order, timings - First band 10 -11 – chronotic brass? If they’re okay hanging around - Lost Degree are a cover band – from 11 - 12 - DJ 12 – 2 – 12 eyes – fairly edgy though – will message some clubs Photographers – Min – booked, thoughts on a video? - Love the idea of post-video Decoration – centrepieces, draping, favours, pinterest, Already Sorted? - Tea lights - Fairy lights FIREWORKS??? Will get quote CUTH’S DAY
Theme, promo photos date, ideas – delegate to someone, Harry to design logo and do the photos
– Circus

Headliner – Shoaib?
– Robbie Williams Tribute

Auditions on Sunday encourage people to do it – Shaoib do a post in fresher’s page

Food – Alice and Dwayne
– Full moon market people
o In durham already the day before
o Will need to talk to the venders
o Waffle cart
o Crepes
o Big meat thing
o Vegan place – green guerrilla
o Could do a poll within social comm

Photographers – Jade

Ents – Issy, Ananya, Celina
– Face paint and glitter
– Clown
– Human roulette – one person, maybe have some multiple people things
– Crazy golf
– Melt down
– Various inflatable things

Cuth’s Day T-shirts: stash doctors?
– Can’t technically use them for some reason – prez comm have discussed