1) Refreshers
• silent disco set up and clear down
• Digi Monday
2) Feast
• feast manager: Issy
• theme
• wristbands
• Harry – theme reveal cover photo
• tickets – 28th Jan (dinner) 4th Feb ents – guaranteed again not sure of discount yet though, we happy to do it like Michaelmas?
• ents (cheap big ride if we can afford, food van outside, other generic sweets and stuff)
• security
• SJA – loophole Cat?
• photographer
• bands/DJ
• decorations
• designed stuff
3) Summer ball and Cuth’s Day managers – could it be you???

Friday – Acoustic – alt soc running it
Saturday – Silent Disco – move staging during the day – 1pm – setup at 9pm – will take staging back the day after – 12pm
Sunday – Pub Quiz – Outreach organising
Monday – Newcastle night – all come and help

Feast – Friday 23rd February
Theme: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Theme Cover Photo – Harry
Dinner tickets on sale a week on Sunday – will be approx. £30
Dinner ticket wristband – golden ticket
Ents ticket – Wonka Bar
All get guaranteed tickets
Marquee Booked
Ents: want a bigger ride e.g. teacups (not dodgems size) – Jade
– Smaller ents – Min + Shoaib – keep it in the theme e.g. chocolate fountain – have got money off photobooth because of mishap last time
Security – Alice
SJA – there’s a cheaper alternative – Cat
Photographers – Ananya
Bands/DJ – Two bands and a silent disco – Masha
Decorations – bar staff help out with decorations and cocktail list and things – Celina and Amy will also help – bubble favours?
Notecards could be golden tickets/Wonka bar design
May have game where someone gets a golden ticket and gets something

Summer Ball and Cuth’s Day Manager
Summer ball manager will become a thing
Both will be run at last JCR meeting of term
Preliminary dates:
Summer Ball – Saturday 2nd June – no contract signed yet – new venue never used before
Cuth’s Day – Saturday 16th June