Harry Jenkins
Tom Johnson
Piers Eaton
Alex Lindqvist-Jones
Megan Croll
Haopeng Li
Louisa Carton
Charlotte Woodward
Alice Bunn
Dannika Glaister

HJ: Everything seems booked and ready for ball. Ents tickets all sold out in 1 minute. Last year they didn’t sell out.
CW: More tense than Beyoncé.
HJ: Coaches booked, all ents booked, production company had a meeting yesterday and they haven’t emailed back yet. Can get vases from them as well. They also might have light-up reindeer outside. They’re putting up 6ft Christmas trees. After dinner there will be projections of stuff, but need to check when tables are being cleared for dancefloor. Wash lighting, things will be gold and green everywhere. Security?
LC: Security will be sending an invoice first thing tomorrow morning, otherwise all sorted.
HJ: Photographer/Bands are booked. No cards have been delivered, wristbands are ordered and will be given out, snapchat filter is booked… we still have 600 pounds left. Any final things?
ALJ: Baubles ordered but the delivery date goes between beginning of November and 11th December, so do we want to take the risk?
MC: If they don’t get here, we can always go tesco.
ALJ: If they’re late I could just return them.
CW: What are confirmed ents?
HJ: Carousel, photo booth, popcorn, candy floss. Last two can’t go in until after 5, so tell them so.
ALJ: Will do.
MC: Are coaches at 6pm?
HJ: Yes.
DG: Do we have to pay for band travel arrangements?
HJ: Yeah, taxi. 10 minutes’ drive from the SU. Now are we just working on the table plan?
DG: Yep. Other than a few. Two submitted random table heads (they don’t even have ticket). Small issues that I can sort. 21 tables are sorted. The stragglers will be fine.
ALJ: Will we have to get the vegans some food?
HJ: I assume the hotel will give them food.
MC: We should check that.
DG: A fair few people aren’t getting wine. Lots of people asking for water. Let’s look through bank transfers to check who actually paid for wine. Water may have been a mistake?
MC: Compliance/Health and safety stuff needs to be sent to Sue.
ALJ: I sent you some stuff.
MC: Send it to Sue. Who is around to help?

*A fair few people*
HL: When will tables be announced?
DG: Might have some backlash, may as well announce on the day.