Social Comm Meeting on March 1st 2014
Cuth’s Night Out in Newcastle – Plans for a uni-wide trip to Newcastle on March 20th (day before term ends). It would cost £12/person (including transport and entry and Social Comm would get £1/2 back/person and an extra £100 if we fill a coach). There is little liability, no minimum numbers and a chance to do something different. However, it would be ‘off brand’ and the organisers want to be paid in cash. It would require little effort on our part for a good amount of money back but handing over cash sounds dodgy. Conclusion – a good idea that we would like to support if a solution can be found that doesn’t involve us handing over cash.
End of term events – provisionally applied for £100 from Finance Comm to organise an event for free. Suggestions include Mardi Gras, Patrick’s Day and Easter. Adam, Dom and Alex will come up with ideas.
Cuth’s Day – date fixed as 21st, as it is still the same point in term and has fewer clashes than the 14th, and gives more time to prepare. Start publicising this date asap. Roles will be more definitely defined (for planning purposes) with a ‘Talent team’ led by Millie (also Hugo and Alex) in charge of acts; a ‘Production’ team lead by Cressida and Charlie looking after lighting; an ‘Ents’ team including Alisha, Sara and Dom; a ‘Catering’ team including Mimi and Adam; a ‘Sponsorship’ team led by Charlotte; a ‘Security’ team led by Catherine; a ‘Compliance’ team led by Serge; a ‘Publicity’ team led by Tash and an ‘Infrastructure’ team led by Rich
Possible themes – Summer Solstice; Midsummer Night’s Dream; Childhood; 90s
Childhood chosen
Points to consider from previous years – the chill out area last year was popular; security needs to be good; known bands are expensive & not always worth it; battle of the tribute bands?; still need a headline point; Hot Tub Time Machine? DJ playing one song per year from 1950s; something performance based?
Possible ents – Paint spraying – All day? Clean up?; something interactive (UV paint?); pack gardens with inflatables that stay all day; giant games; House 8 TV room used as arcade games room; something big in House 8 garden to make sure it gets used
Close the Bailey from House 8 down – street vendors; tables & chairs in Wendy House garden
Sponsors – ‘fun loving’ e.g. banks or Jack Wills
Publicity – asap, Facebook, launch video?; pelt Serge with paint; ‘get your own back’; not just on FB; clues/preview nights (Fabios?)
Cuth’s Day Comm – Anna Lawrence has asked to join & was overwhelmingly appointed. However, we still need to establish how the committee will work, more organisation of roles and a decision on ticket prices for the Comm/refunds needs to be taken