Postgraduate Committee Meeting – 11/07/2014 17.00
Present – Harry Lewenden-Evans (PG Rep), Anna Green (Social Rep), Yixiang Du (General Rep), Chianlu Wei (International Rep), Millie Tanner (Incoming President), Serge Chapman (Outgoing President), Mike Foulkes (Outgoing Vice President), Harriet Rawet (Incoming Vice President)

    Review of this Year
    Latent strengths/ideas for next year
    Review of Committee Positions
    Strategic Aims
    Review of this Year

Chinese New Year/Spring Festival
Free food (always a winner), relaxed atmosphere and with an international focus – an alternative to drinking events and academic events
Led by international students and also promoted using Mandarin and also Chinese social networks other than facebook
Special thank you to Du for all his hard work on this event
PG Fora
A good attendance from PGs and UGs, as well as having some PGs speak
We have a list of people awarded the College PG fund who are all willing to speak
The Forum held at Brooks proved very successful. The intention next year is to hold one every 2-3 weeks, alternating between Brooks and the Bailey on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Potential rebrand to something less isolating – ‘Cuth’s Talks’/’Lecture Series’ etc
Provide stimulus questions at the start of each one
Promote speaking at the Fora during the welcome talk – a good way to get involved

Get feedback straight away – paper forms/focus groups
Provide a list of dates and titles at the same time
Snappy titles and consistent design
Get speakers to promote them as well
Inter MCR Formal
Every college hosts some sort of MCR event over the year
Intensive promo was required but it ended up as a full house – target departments as well as colleges – make an effort to invite people who might not have been involved in anything else
Thank you to Anna for all the organisation and promo
There’s often an assumption of classiness during ents but the more relaxed events went down better (DJ in the bar at Trevs and Ceilidh at Butler) – “You can’t dance to jazz”
For dancing events have a water station/bottle bar in the hall – keeps people there
In future social reps should have a checklist of deadlines to allow for structured planning and smooth running

    Latent Strengths/Suggestions of more things to do

Make use of Chinese facebook equivalents, particularly before anyone even arrives
Try and make sure people aren’t spammed with lots of emails – v disengaging
Provide lanyards (or equivalent) with maps/phone numbers etc on arrival – don’t just rely on fb
Mixer/bonding events – particularly for Chinese students – can often be shy and need to be involved right at the start

A return of the controversial speed dating? Unite students in their hatred for reps?
Cooking nights during term and the holidays – just small groups

Not just British food but other cuisines too – the best way to hang out with people
British night – but promoting the food rather than the drinking..
Parents/buddy system – matching home and international students

Have college parents specifically for international or pg students

Buddy up linguists with people from their country of study?
Promote the Union International party – When is it?
Try to include non-uni partners/families/supervisors in events – offer +1s

Encourage people to bring friends, then it’s not awkward if they don’t know anyone going

Friday high table dinner with PG/mature students and their families – more sociable hours
Target the PG intake in January – make sure they’re on mailing lists etc.
Try and have just 1 PG email per week
Hold a reading group once a term
Cuth’s Day – expensive and puts a lot of PGs and international students off

People don’t think they will enjoy it

Alternative cuth’s day activities?

We need to make people want to go
Target returning 4th years and students on 4 year courses

Include them in fb group and mailing lists etc

You don’t need to be a postgrad to get involved
Mature students

UG mature students are generally fairly involved while PG mature students will often have families etc

Host a family day – easter egg hunt at the Bailey?

Joint event with other Bailey colleges

    Review of positions

Postgraduate Rep – Harry
Made a huge amount of progress this year but didn’t feel like he made it clear what each committee role entails – something to work on 2014/15
Try to consider mature students’ needs too
Re-establish relationships with current PGs, not just new ones
Need to delegate and let people have the freedom to take ownership of their jobs
Social Rep (x2) – Anna speaking
The main responsibility in the MCR formal
Has organised lots of small socials – meals, bars nights etc

Plan further in advance with set dates and explore more options/food types
International Rep – Wei speaking
Chinese students aren’t engaged uni wide – feel isolated from college events

Didn’t fit in at the start and then become quite an insular group

Grab people straight away to give the international rep a basis for the year
Focus on pre-sessionals – people find groups during this type and then are less inclined to mingle during freshers’ week

Involve pre-sessionals as much as poss over summer, even if they might not be staying in Cuth’s come October
Consult international students about whether or not they would like to live with other international students
The first few days are crucial in engaging these students and making them feel part of the family
General Rep (x2)- Du speaking
Largely in charge of promoting things
Need more Chinese or international focused events
DSU Rep – Harry speaking
Need to attend assembly and feed back to the committee
Could help out the JCR DSU rep with university challenge

A concrete task to focus on

Would be good to involve PGs in this event (they’re clever)
Mature students’ Rep – Nominated by DUMSA

    Strategic Aims


All of the committee should be at JCR meetings to enable this
Promote ways to get involved

Push PG involvement in sports and socs

Pre-freshers freshers fair – reps can signpost and hand out sign ups for mailing list