Elena: introductions to begin with:
Harry – VP
Ewan – project manager
Katrynna – social media
Katie – events manager
Elena: aims: fortnightly bulletins – make outreach more accessible – but we’re allowed a facebook page now, so less relevant as long as reg posts. Poster profiles – been on page. Raising profile of outreach – earlier we can do something that’d be great so people know who we are. At least one fundraiser a term – rescue services charity – plus establish new volunteering project which has already been done with Cat. The roles were made last year, and not built upon much:
– Katie: contact in charge of events – research charities to make sure they’re legit and ethical – keep an eye out for national or international campaigns
– Katrynna: we’ll all be admins on FB – we’ll want cheesy posts – sharing stuff on it e.g. call for volunteers – advertise events – responsibility over outreach noticeboard in bailey JCR
– Ewan: quiet at the mo – FRAMDA set up – give that this term before looking into other projects – keep lowkey eye out for ideas – gap in SCA projects etc – look into legitimacy of an idea, maybe liaise with college etc
– SCA and DUCK Reps – liaisons – but we’re also getting a liaison officer – were also going to have junior DUCK Reps but we’ve scrapped them now – lots of colleges don’t have them anyway.
Elena: FRAMDA set up – starting on Thursday – got 13 volunteers – probs enough, but may need more recruitment – Cat says she’s donated the old stash – normally a charity formal – 29th Nov – who do we want it for – Marrow – would like to source some speakers. Signed up outreach for an outlet for a national charity fundraising awareness thing –SolidariTee (?) raise money for refugees to have legal representation – selling t-shirts for them – also a photo campaign, that’ll be put on our advertising things and theirs – meant to have 90 of them and spread between 3 outlets – 60 arrived – gave to the two other outlets – ours still haven’t got to us – day when we’re meant to be wearing them is coming soon so we may need to do it v quickly once we get them. Also spoke to Christian about doing a book sale – logistically possible – would probably have to put money to recycling the ones we don’t sell or a charity that looks into it – but it might take a while with taking them off the system so that’s in the future. Need ideas for an event now so people know we’re here – probably Christmas theme now that Halloween is over – selling candy canes outside formal has been done, but maybe not cos who has extra money at formal and weird time for buying one.
Katie: have a go day – we need lots of publicity – people who we’d normally go to e.g. charities, and they come here and cuths people come and socialise with them and create a relationship, and people more likely to help out. Hard logistically
Elena: like it, but maybe more of a summer event as can use the gardens etc. – spoke to Elizabeth – basic literacy skills for parents to help with kids – but not sure we’re insured to have children in Cuth’s – so like the idea of it but may be difficult.
Katrynna: is this more for publicity or raising money?
Elena: welfare will be doing stuff, Christian union will be doing stuff – people will be hearing about them. Spoke to piers about collab with acoustic – can’t make it charge as it’s fundamentally a free thing, but poss have buckets
Katrynna: bar crawl? Maybe a drinks special or something – where difference in price between the price and the actual cost goes to the charity – if people join on a fb event – can put people in teams, people pay a few pounds to join the team and the money goes to the charity and people have fun
Elena: sounds like good fun – but not sure how much promoting drinking like that – the pay to be part of a team sounds like a fun idea – maybe think of more a daytime activity – in freshers week we had a scavenger hunt – didn’t have many people
Katie: the pub quiz went really well so maybe could do one of those – maybe £5 for a team
Ewan: went to one for LGBT+A and they had a round where it’s specific to them, so could have a round about the charity
Elena: like the idea of people competing for what charity the money goes to – thinking of locations – could be difficult – the dining hall, college can be funny about it – maybe a DSU venue – maybe also brooks bar, being realistic with how many people would come – can speak to Piers about the mic they use. Anything Christmassy themed? Not sure about the candy canes things – text a toastie doesn’t apply so much.
Katrynna: maybe a raffle thing where you put your Monday lecture schedule, and then if your name is brought out then we deliver a thing for you to your lecture
People generally like the idea of a raffle – have a budget to get some prizes – and can ask around local shops
More ideas?
Katie: a charity match? Maybe more a summer thing still – and do something fun, like rugby boys doing netball and stuff – people doing sports they don’t normally do – and if do it in winter, can have coffee and hot chocolate stall
Elena: need to think of locations – also more of a summer thing still cos weather. Rainy day stuff – chillax have stolen a lot of stuff – but could collab
Katrynna: sell snacks at movie nights?
Katie: karaoke?
General consensus that people wouldn’t pay for karaoke
Ewan: welfare do SHAG week – do something at brunch – could do something at brunch, everyone’s always there – an awareness thing
Elena: could have documentaries playing on the tv in the JCR that people would see when they go past. To do:
– Look up when bar has empty nights for a quiz night
– Think of logistics for a raffle – Katrynna – see who’d actually want to do something
– Speak to Rishi about sports match thing
– Ask around to see if people would come to karaoke, sports match etc
– Speak to Laura about Chillax
– Everyone look up good documentaries for a brunch thing – one that relates to a charity rather than – Katrynna: white helmets – a doc on Netflix about Syrian refugee crisis and about the actual charity White Helmets
Main ideas:
Pub quiz
Chillax collab
Sports match thing