Minutes of the Final JCR Meeting of the Year, Held on June 24th 2014
Present: Serge Chapman, Michael Foulkes, Ben Hamer, Eleanor Harby, Cressida Peever, Lydia Morrell, Carl Okunubi, Gabriel Currie, Harry Lewendon-Evans
Apologies: Millie Tanner, Harriet Rawet, Rich Root, Catherine Ainsley

JCR Welfare Officer motion

This JCR notes:

    That to run for the position of Librarian or Bar Steward, a candidate must have worked in the library or bar respectively prior to running for the positions.
    There is currently no requirement for welfare officers to have been members of the welfare committee prior to running for welfare officer positions.

    This JCR believes:

      That the welfare officer positions are of great importance to the members of the JCR.
      That the role of a welfare officer is one that requires welfare experience.
      That it is essential for a welfare officer to have been a member of the welfare committee prior to standing for election.

      This JCR mandates:

        That prior to standing for election, potential welfare officers must have been a member of the welfare committee for at least one term.
        The Chair to update the standing orders accordingly.

        Proposed by: Chris Rousell

        Seconded by: Eleanor Harby

        Chris Rousell – The role of welfare officer can be quite daunting, so being on welfare committee would mean that people have a better understanding of the role.


        Lydia Morrell – Could we allow people who have not been on welfare committee to run if the position is not filled in the first two rounds of voting, as we currently do with the live in requirement?

        Chris Rousell seconds

        The amendment is passed on a general aye.

        The motion is passed on a general aye.

        Body Conditioning Society Motion

        This JCR notes:

          The lack of a society dedicated to general fitness
          The lack of a society which incorporates aspects of Pilates whilst working to improve general flexibility and strength
          The great desire of several Cuth’s students to improve their fitness without participating in a competitive sport
          The ability of students to create societies and clubs for the benefit of students of the society

          This JCR believes:

            That the students of St. Cuthbert’s society would benefit from a society dedicated to improving general body fitness, strength and flexibility

            This JCR resolves:

              To create this society for Cuth’s students to indulge in the healthy activity of body conditioning
              To temporarily appoint Rebecca Rowson (@durham.ac.uk) as Cuth’s Bod-Con President until someone can be elected in a general meeting of the society.

              Proposed by: RR

              Seconded by: SG KH HP LL ED LM EH EW ES JAE ES GL HC SB
              Ella Holloway – We are already doing it as an occasional, informal group, but feel that having an organized society would allow us to get more people involved.
              Rob Sinclair – Would you need a budget?
              Ella Holloway – We don’t know yet.
              The motion was passed on a general aye.
              Environment Rep
              Ella Holloway (proposed by Tabitha Serle, seconded by Chris Rousell) – I am a current committee member, want to make events more available, get more people involved and have events earlier in the academic year.
              Tabitha Serle – What new events would you bring in?
              Ella Holloway – Recycling bins on the Bailey, more involvement among people who live out.
              Cressida Peever – What do you think Cuth’s can improve?
              Ella Holloway – Better recycling on the Bailey, new bike sheds.
              Matthew Collins – How would you convince people to do more?
              Ella Holloway – I’ll have to discuss some ideas with the committee.
              Ella Holloway is duly elected.
              DUCK Rep
              Lauren Brain (proposed by Hannah Wade, seconded by Gabriel Currie, speech read by Serge Chapman) – I want to help others, I’ve benefitted greatly from my involvement with DUCK, such as taking part in a trip to Borneo, organized a Charity Ball, I’ve won an award from DUCK, would like to have one event per month and get both sites involved. I’m aiming to triple the amount we currently raise.
              Lauren Brain is duly elected.
              Green Machine Manager
              Mike Dennison (proposed by Chris Rousell, seconded by Michael Foulkes) – I’ve worked at conferences and run my own media business and have helped out at the silent discos. I would like to revitalize our current kit and buy some new kit.
              Cressida Peever – What is your favourite bit of kit?
              Mike Dennison – The UV lights and sync lights.
              Charlie Hudson – What new kit would you buy?
              Mike Dennison – A new UV light.
              Serge Chapman – You’re very tall, which obviously helps you to reach high up, but can you reach things that are low down?
              Mike Dennison – Yes, because I have joints in my legs that allow me to bend. I call them knees.
              Mike Dennison is duly elected.
              Gym Manager
              David Kanika (proposed by Eleanor Harby, seconded by Ed Barry, read by Serge Chapman) – I want to help with the smooth running, get new members, advertise the gyms better, give more inductions, tidy up more, encourage people to go in with a partner, put up safety posters, sell the peck deck and buy equipment that is more likely to be used, I am open to suggestions.
              David Kanika is duly elected.
              Music Room Manager
              Cat Shaw (proposed by Ella Holloway, seconded by Chris Rousell) – I use the music room a lot, want to get all of the kit up to standard, get a new microphone and maintain the current kit, especially the drum kit.
              Jen Hack – How would you decorate the music room more appropriately?
              Cat Shaw – With pictures of Big Band and Choir
              Cat Shaw is duly elected
              Method 3 elections
              Master of the rubber inflatables (in charge of providing inflatables for the battle of the Exec) – Chris Rousell, Charlie Hudson and Michael Foulkes are nominated. Charlie Hudson and Michael Foulkes are elected.
              Leader of the Song – Elliott Park is elected unopposed.
              The Orbiting Professor of Martian Anthropology (has to stand in the river reciting Shakespearean sonnets during the battle of the Exec, traditionally the shortest person in the room) – Jade Friggeri, Eleanor Harby, Ella Holloway, Mike Dennison. By cunning use of his knees, Mike Dennison is elected.
              The Golden Bedspring for Fornication – Hugo Meakin, Rachel Booth, Millie Tanner, Harriet Rawet. Hugo Meakin is victorious.
              The Red Herring for Persistent and Unadulterated Lying – Carl Okunubi for saying that he would be at exec meetings.
              The Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Award (for the most inseparable couple) – Cressida Peever and Ben Hamer, Hal Endersby and Ed Garrod, Hugo Meakin and Millie Tanner, Harriet Rawet and Eleanor Harby. Harriet and Eleanor win.
              The Anonymous Magistrate’s Paper Bag for Technicolour Yawning – Rich Root, Alex Bibby. Alex Bibby wins ‘because he has a song about him’.
              The Soft Cushion for Academic Blagging – Hamish Budge (27% in a sports science degree), Digby Walker, Gabriel Currie, Anna Green. Anna Green wins.
              Splash Penguin (for most enjoyable sober antics) – Charlie Hudson, Michael Foulkes. Michael Foulkes wins for keeping the minutes of all exec socials.
              The Wooden Spoon (for stirring disharmony) – Serge Chapman for the controversial gym motion, Jen Hack for asking if the DSU President was a Fresher, Andrew Hill for repeated governance pedantry. Jen Hack wins.
              The Wincrete Memorial Trophy (for consuming a pint of soda water fastest) – Serge Chapman, Gabriel Currie, Chris Rousell, Eleanor Harby, Lydia Morell, Mike Dennison, Toni Heijbroek, Megan Croll. Serge Chapman wins by a fraction from Gabriel Currie.
              De L’Isle Booth Awards
              Serge Chapman – These are the awards that the President can give to up to 6 graduating students, which give them honorary life membership of the JCR as a thanks for all of the hard work they have done for the JCR. I’d like to start by thanking some people who are not eligible this year: Jen Hack has been to virtually every JCR meeting, she’s run for lots of positions and has done a fantastic job organizing the acoustic nights. Harry Lewendon-Evans has been superb as the postgraduate rep and made the postgraduate community much more involved. Charlie Hudson has been a trustee for two years and has looked after the Green Machine this year.
              DLBs are awarded to:
              Millie Tanner: Has been hugely involved, helped with several Freshers’ Weeks and Open Days (including as an impromptu Senior Intro Week Rep), has organized everything, been on social committee and welfare committee as well as her exec roles, has been involved with choir and drama, is the President elect.
              Ben Hamer: As Treasurer he has been the main reason why we are not a DSO as we couldn’t have managed without him, he has been constantly diplomatic and professional, helped with the planning of Freshers’ Week, organized the budget, helped social committee and leaks to Palatinate when Serge tells him to.
              Cressida Peever: Ben’s better half, has done the decorations for everything, been hugely involved in the governance as chair, keeps Serge in line, has been balanced and impartial, was an excellent Freshers’ Week and Open Day rep.
              Hannah Wade: Serge’s college daughter, Social sec last year, been to all JCR meetings, LGBTQ rep and part of the Feminist Society.
              Anna Green: Has helped massively with the postgraduate socials, DSU rep, been on social committee, involved with Big Band and the boat club, been to lots of JCR meetings, helped with Freshers’ Week and Open Days.
              Gabriel Currie: set up cuths.com, highlighted the flaws with the DSU governance, been the best social chair in recent years, organized a superb Cuth’s Day, close friend to Serge, has challenged himself and learnt about new areas, always done his best for our students.
              Cressida Peever – There is one other person to thank before we leave, so thanks to Serge who has been so committed, everything he has done has been for the good of the JCR and we know he wouldn’t leave unless he had to (because his wife says he has to…).
              The song was sung with great gusto.