Minutes for Extra-Ordinary JCR Meeting, 7th Nov 13, 7pm Bailey Bar

    Reports: N/A
    Any Other Business
    Present: Serge Chapman (President); Eleanor Harby (Female Welfare Officer); Harriet Rawet (Librarian); Luke Talbot (Male Welfare Officer); Rich Root (Sports and Societies Chair); Cressida Peever (Chair); Millie Tanner (Livers’ Out Rep); Ben Hamer (Treasurer); Gabriel Currie (Social Secretary); Harry Lewendon-Evans (Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Rep); Catherine Ainsley (International Rep); Michael Foulkes (Vice-President).
    Apologies: None
    Absent: Carl Okunubi (Senior DSU Rep)
    Correspondence: None
    Reports: N/A

Environment Committee Motion

This JCR notes:
· That at present there is no group of students dedicated to supporting the environment within St Cuthbert’s Society.
· The increasing importance of supporting the environment.
· The existence of an Environment Rep

This JCR believes:
· St Cuthbert’s Society and the environment would benefit from a dedicated environmental committee.
· An environmental committee is easy to run and requires limited funds.
· It would be more practical to recruit members to an environmental committee

This JCR resolves:
· To create a St Cuthbert’s Society Environmental Committee;
a. Chaired by the Environment Rep
b. Including the JCR President;
c. With as many Junior Environment Reps as deemed necessary by the Environment Rep
· To allow the Environment Rep to recruit Junior Environment Reps.
· To mandate members of the Environment Committee to work with the college, JCR and Greenspace to improve the environmental impact and awareness of environmental issues of the University.
· To mandate environment committee to meet at least once per term
Proposed by : Max Hurst & Tabitha Serle
Seconded by : Ella Holloway
Max Hurst: A group already meet, so this motion is simply to formalize this, having a budget would also allow us to have a greater impact
Rich Root: There should be three elected Environment Reps, is it worth changing this?
Max Hurst: There would still be an elected rep, the others would be appointed based on interest following an interview process.
Luke Talbot: Is there enough interest?
Max Hurst: If people had less responsibility, there would be more interest.
Ben Hamer: Currently you say there is no limit to the number of reps, should one be put in place?
Max Hurst: At the moment interest is limited, but possibly in the future a limit might be needed.
Hannah Wade: I don’t think there’s a need for a limit as it gives everyone the chance to be involved.
Cressida Peever: It is acceptable for members of a committee to be appointed.
Rich Root: Is the committee necessary? The Cuth’s DUCK Reps aren’t a committee.
Serge Chapman: We haven’t filled the DUCK Rep positions for several years. It’s more practical to appoint people than to elect them, and we need more environment reps. It also gives people more opportunities to get involved.
Rich Root: But does that mean we need a formal committee?
Serge Chapman: It would be useful to have the President involved.
Max Hurst: It would also make it easier for the committee to access funds.
Alex Grant: As you don’t currently have funds, do you really need them?
Max Hurst: Yes.
Amendments: None
Opposition: Yes
The motion was voted on and overwhelmingly passed.

Dodgeball Motion

This JCR notes:

    The lack of a society dedicated to dodgeball
    The provisions available for students to create their own societies and clubs
    The interest of several Cuth’s students to pursue their interest in dodgeball
    Currently, no sports points are awarded by the University for dodgeball.

    This JCR believes:

      The students of St Cuthbert’s society would benefit from a dodgeball society that would play competitively as well as socially
      Dodgeball is a sport which allows people of varying abilities to participate in a sporting society
      If we manage to increase the popularity of dodgeball as a sport, there is a high chance that other colleges will follow suit and set up their own dodgeball societies. This could eventually lead to sports points being awarded for dodgeball by the university; this will benefit St Cuthbert’s Society.

      This JCR resolves

        To create a Dodgeball Society for all members of Cuth’s to play, be it competitively or socially
        To appoint Danielle Hyde () as Cuth’s Dodgeball Acting President until someone is formally elected

        Proposed by: Danielle Hyde – DH

        Seconded by: BW, DN, EB, JF, ES, DG, JC, JM, ML, MN, JA, EM, HD, AM, AR, TC, DP, BM

        Rich Root: Unfortunately Danielle is ill, so can’t be here. Basically this is a chance for everyone to set up societies. Butler have already got a dodgeball team and have been asking if other colleges have. The interest is definitely there in Cuth’s.


        Anna Green: Where would they practice?

        Rich Root: That can be resolved later, I presume Danielle is looking into it.

        Ben Hamer: They haven’t applied for a budget, do they need one?

        Rich Root: If they do, they can apply at a later date.

        Amendments: None

        Opposition: None

        The motion was passed on a General Aye

        Bike Storage Motion

        This JCR notes:

          The lack of any bike storage on the Bailey site of St Cuthbert’s Society.
          That quite a few members of the society use a bike from the Bailey.
          The variable weather in Durham means that bikes left outside will deteriorate.
          That most other Bailey colleges have some form of bike storage.

          This JCR believes:

            Members of the society would benefit from bike storage, to keep their bikes safe, both from crime and the elements.
            There is a large area of unused space behind House 13 and the Wendy House (house 12A) that would be appropriate for bike storage, as it is large and always open.

            This JCR resolves:

              To investigate the options regarding bike storage for 8-10 bikes on the Bailey with the work of the JCR President, Tabitha Serle and Ella Holloway.

              Proposed by Tabitha Serle
              Seconded by Ella Holloway
              Tabitha Serle: This is fairly self-explanatory. 12a is the only viable area as it is not locked, and sports players will need access at all times.
              David Jones: How would spaces be allocated?
              Tabitha Serle: That’s not currently an issue, as there aren’t more than 10 people with bikes.
              John-Luke Wilkinson: Could non-Bailey residents also use the bike shed?
              Tabitha Serle: Yes.
              Anna Green: What about security?
              Serge Chapman: They would be out of sight, so safer than being left on the street.
              Cameron Cress: They should also be covered by insurance.
              Luke Talbot: Are you planning to have something similar to the bike shed at Fonteyn?
              Tabitha Serle: It would be covered, so yes.
              Amendments: None
              Opposition: None
              The motion was passed on a General Aye.
              Memorial Plaque Motion
              This JCR Notes
              -The donation of the Memorial Urn to the House 12 Garden in 2010 to commemorate those members of St Cuthbert’s Society who have died in conflict
              – The lack of any plaque to clearly state the purpose of the memorial.
              This JCR Believes
              -There was a motion put to a JCR Meeting and passed that asked the JCR to purchase a memorial plaque for the Urn in 2010 although the minutes for the meeting cannot be found
              -That this JCR would still like to purchase a plaque for the Memorial Urn to commemorate those who have died in conflict and dedicated to peace and justice.
              This JCR Resolves
              -To allow up to £160 for an A4 Brass Plaque Mounted on a Hardwood backing bearing words to the effect of;

              “Donated by St Cuthbert Society JCR in memory of those members of St Cuthbert’s Society who have lost their lives in conflict.Dedicated to peace and justice.

              ‘They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

              Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

              At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

              We will remember them.’”
              Proposed by Serge Chapman
              Seconded By Ben Hamer

              Serge Chapman: As this is the 125th Anniversary, and we owe a lot to the Refounders after the Second World War, this would be a nice gesture and a way to commemorate them at a time when we are particularly aware of our history. I believe this has been passed in a previous meeting, but we cannot find the minutes.
              Andrew Hill: Would it be insured?
              Serge Chapman: It should be covered by the University’s insurance.
              Brendon Harriss: How much would it cost?
              Serge Chapman: £160.
              Amendments: None
              Opposition: None
              The motion was passed on a General Aye.
              Altering the Sports and Societies Award Standing Order Motion
              This JCR Notes:
              -The existence in the standing orders and provision in the budget for 4x£200 awards to be awarded to applicants for their personal benefit, and that of the respective Sport or Society.
              -Currently the applications are decided by The President; The Vice President; The Sports and Societies Chair; The Chair; The Treasurer and three interview representatives elected by method (ii) in the first JCR Meeting of Easter Term.
              – That the process currently has a timescale of applications opening at the end of Epiphany term and closing at the first meeting of the Easter term with the applicants to be decided after Easter exams by interviews.
              -That finalists can apply under the current structure
              -That there is no recognition by the sports team from which the applicant is applying from and their commitment to that team under the current process.
              -That there is no formal application form that an applicant must fill in which also details the financial viability of their chosen experience, training or course
              -That there is no reporting back under the current process by which the JCR can determine how the money has been spent.
              This JCR Believes
              -The standing orders should be changed so that there would be no elected interview representatives as the 5 JCR positions including that of the impartial Chair should provide enough checks and balance for a fair application process
              -The standing orders should be changed to ask for applications after the end of Michaelmas term, to interview applicants before the first JCR Meeting of Epiphany Term. Applicants will be ratified at the first JCR Meeting of Epiphany Term so as to allow applicants time to apply before the exam season and then allowing them more time to plan the use of their award before the summer break
              -The standing orders should be changed to allow only those with at least another year of study in Durham to apply for the award so they can give something back to their club
              -That the standing orders be changed so the club captain and another member (or two other members where the club captain is the applicant) of the club or society must sign the applicant’s application to acknowledge that the applicant wishes to give something back to the society or club.
              -That the JCR should adopt a standard application form (Supporting Document 1) so as the process is fairer and the interview panel obtain the right information to make the best decision including the financial viability of the applicant’s plans.
              -That the standing orders be changed to require the applicant to write a brief summary of their course, experience or qualification for the JCR Website and Noticeboard to be displayed to future applicants and JCR Members
              This JCR Resolves
              -For the Chair to change the standing orders accordingly
              -For the application process to be advertised as soon as possible by the President and Sports and Societies Chair
              Proposed by Serge Chapman
              Seconded by Richard Root
              Serge Chapman: This is a chance for people to develop themselves and benefit their sport or society. The exec members should provide enough of an interview panel without the reps. There will also be a clear application form (to be sent round soon).
              Michael Foulkes: Would the exec members on the interview panel be able to apply, providing they met all of the other criteria?
              Serge Chapman: Currently, no.
              Rich Root: Can we change it to ask for applications before the end of Michaelmas term?
              Seconded by Cameron Cress.
              Andrew Hill: That only gives people one year for the society to benefit.
              Rich Root: Several people in the same society can apply, but there is a limit of one grant per society.
              There is no opposition to the amendment.
              Michael Foulkes: Can we add that if one of the interview panel wish to apply, they can resign their position on the panel and the President can appoint a replacement?
              Chris Roussell seconds.
              There is no opposition to the amendment.
              Opposition: None.
              The amended motion is passed on a General Aye.
              Organising JCR Meetings Motion
              This JCR notes:

              The duty of the JCR chair to run JCR meetings and organize Standing Committee meetings

              Motions should currently be submitted to the Vice-President

              JCR meetings should currently be advertised by the Vice-President

              This JCR believes:

              The submission of motions to the Chair would relieve pressures from the Vice-President and compliment the work already undertaken by the Chair

              The duty of advertising JCR meetings would equally relieve pressures from the Vice-President and compliment the work already undertaken by the chair
              This JCR resolves:

              To amend the standing orders to show that motions should be submitted to the JCR Chair

              To amend the standing orders to show that JCR meetings should be advertised by the Chair.
              Proposed by Mike Foulkes
              Seconded by Serge Chapman
              Michael Foulkes: Currently motions have to be sent to the Vice-President, who then has to forward them on to the Chair, which seems like having an unnecessary middleman. Also, it’s not clear who is meant to advertise meetings, since two of the standing orders are contradictory.
              Rich Root: The Vice-President is supposed to produce the agenda, so needs to have a copy of the motions.
              Luke Talbot: Don’t motions have to be passed by Standing Comm first?
              Rich Root: Yes, but the Vice-President also writes the agenda for that.
              Rich Root: Can we remove the reference to motions being sent to the Chair?
              Seconded by Millie Tanner.
              There is opposition to the amendment.
              The amendment is passed overwhelmingly.

              The amended motion is passed on a General Aye.
              Mandatory Subscriptions Motion
              This JCR notes

                St Cuthbert’s Society JCR currently provides one of the highest levels of funding to sports and societies of any college (cf. Presidents’ Committee).
                Approximately fewer than 50% of JCR members belong to a ratified college sport or society according to treasury figures.
                It is not currently mandatory for any JCR sport or society to charge subscriptions for its members.

              This JCR believes

                It is in the interest of JCR members to promote sports and societies.
                It is not fair for the majority of JCR members to pay disproportionately for the benefit of a minority of JCR members.
                The fairest way to both promote sports and societies and assign a more proportional fiscal burden on the beneficiaries of sports and societies is through subscriptions.
                It is desirable for sports and societies that endow the JCR with a fiscal surplus, or receive no JCR budgetary contribution, to not charge subscriptions.

              This JCR resolves

                All members of sports and societies (except those that create, or are likely to create (likelihood to be judged by the Finance Committee) a fiscal surplus for the JCR, or those that receive no direct JCR funding) must pay mandatory subscriptions.
                That these subscriptions should be no less than one pound sterling as a lower limit.
                That these subscriptions should be reasonable and proportional to the level of funding received by the JCR and the number of JCR members that participate.
                This academic year subscriptions will be submitted as part of the usual annual budget submissions process beginning in the summer term.
                Mandatory subscriptions take effect retroactively JCR academic year 2013/14; sports and societies that do not currently have subscriptions in place (unless exempted by §1) will require members to pay one pound sterling each.
                Sports and societies that fail to collect and return subscriptions to the JCR Treasurer in a timely fashion, as determined by Finance Committee, will have their funding suspended.

              Proposed by: Ben Hamer
              Seconded by: Serge Chapman
              Ben Hamer: This doesn’t refer to any clubs who don’t ask the JCR for money and who make money themselves.
              Andrew Hill suggests a Procedural Motion to postpone this motion as it is a contentious issue and there will not be enough time to discuss it fully.
              Alex Leighton seconds the procedural motion.
              There is opposition to the procedural motion.
              After a vote the procedural motion is rejected overwhelmingly.

              Andrew Bloom: What about the current Give It a Go scheme?
              Ben Hamer: This would only apply to members, not people trying something.
              Finn Maxwell: How do you define a trial period?
              Serge Chapman: It’s up to the clubs, but they’d be stupid to let people turn up every week and use their equipment for free.
              Cressida Peever: It is at the discretion of the club.
              Luke Talbot: How much would subs be?
              Ben Hamer: The clubs would suggest a level, but the JCR would decide if that is proportional to their budget request.
              Alex Leighton: Would this apply to everyone?
              Ben Hamer: If you don’t apply for a budget, you don’t have to charge subs.
              Anna Lawrence: But aren’t we giving money to encourage success?
              Cressida Peever: This doesn’t influence how much clubs get given in the budget.
              Rob Kinder: Why is it retroactive?
              Ben Hamer: It will allow us to determine membership numbers.
              Rich Root: Do you think this would limit numbers?
              Ben Hamer: I can’t speculate on that.
              Brendon Harriss: Is this the result of financial issues?
              Ben Hamer: No, it is purely a matter of fairness.
              Anna Green: It means the budget can be spread more.
              Chris Roussell: This doesn’t affect a club’s budget, and you’re only paying a minimum of £1.
              Andrew Hill: The point of college sport is that it is more casual, this would deter people. Also it is not reasonable that the 50% who do not participate in sports or societies expect those who do to contribute. People benefit from college life in different ways.
              Ben Hamer: The key is that it is at the discretion of the club, for example the boat club charge different amounts for casual members and competitive members. I disagree that everyone gets the same amount out of college life in different ways.
              John Foxwell: All of the other colleges do this.
              Rob Kinder: Can we include something about club discretion?
              Ben Hamer: I don’t feel it’s necessary to state that as it is implied already.
              Rob Kinder: Currently it would be decided by the JCR and the club would have no say.
              Ben Hamer: The club would submit their suggested subs with their budget, and a JCR meeting would decide if they are fair, so the club does still have a say, and can argue their case at the meeting.
              The amendment is removed.
              There is opposition
              The motion is passed overwhelmingly after a vote.
              Mixed Lacrosse Budget
              Chris Roussell: What is included in the First Aid kit?
              Ollie Dixon: It’s just a standard First Aid kit.
              Rich Root: I think you can get them cheaper from Team Durham.
              The motion was passed on a General Aye.

                Elections – these were to be filmed and so not minuted

              Method 1
              Assistant Bar Steward (Brooks)
              Two candidates: Hannah Wade and Re-Open Nominations

              Student Trustee
              Two candidates: Cameron Cress and Re-Open Nominations
              [At this point the camera ran out of memory, so minutes had to be taken]

              Cameron Cress: I have experience from a variety of work, including in stockbrokers and solicitors, done lots of charity work, am responsible and clear thinking


              Serge Chapman: What is the current legal charitable status of the JCR and what should we be moving towards?

              Cameron Cress: This is the sort of question that I would like to be able to answer, which is why I’m running

              Kiera McEvoy: Can you define the role?

              Cameron Cress: It is to oversee the running of the JCR.

              Assistant Librarian – no candidate.

              Method 2

              For the SOCIAL COMMITTEE:
              Ball Manager – no candidates.

              Feast Manager
              Two candidates: Charlotte Bowyer and Re-Open Nominations
              Charlotte Bowyer: I’m already part of Social Comm and a member of bar staff, I would like to give back and take on more responsibility.
              Gabriel Currie: What is your favourite nightclub?
              Charlotte Bowyer: Klute.
              Hannah Wade: Is the Feast a bar event or a JCR event?
              Charlotte Bowyer: A JCR event.
              Charlotte Bowyer is elected by an overwhelming majority.

              Publicity Officer
              Two candidates: Natasha Richardson and Re-Open Nominations

              Natasha Richardson: I’m involved in Cuth’s, the events need more publicity to attract a wider variety of people, I’m organized, good at working in a team, good with computers, into social media. I would like to have a rep for each year, and use small events to promote bigger ones, and have a facebook page calendar.


              Harry Lewendon-Evans: What would you do to increase the involvement of postgraduate and mature students?

              Natasha Richardson: Make sure that the postgraduate rep is involved, use word of mouth, discuss events with postgraduates, set up a separate facebook page for their events.

              Gabriel Currie: What new event would you like to see?

              Natasha Richardson: I can’t think of a specific idea but something in the second term, as we have the ball in first term and Cuth’s Day in third term.

              Natasha Richardson is elected by an overwhelming majority.

              Photography Officer – no candidate.

              Sponsorship Officer – no candidate.

              Formals Manager
              Two candidates: Hugo Meakin and Re-Open Nominations
              Hugo Meakin: I’m already on Social Comm, helped to organize the Oktoberfest, formals are a good chance to bring everyone together, I want to make them more exciting and more themed.
              Gabriel Currie: What new ideas do you have?
              Hugo Meakin: We’ve obviously got the Silent Disco, otherwise theme formals around events from the international calendar.
              Hugo Meakin was elected by an overwhelming majority.

              For the POSTGRAD COMMITTEE
              Social Rep
              Two candidates: Anna Green and Re-Open Nominations
              Anna Green: I already have Social Comm experience, want to integrate the postgraduates more, organized a postgraduate formal, want to publicise the Inter-MCR events, increase postgraduate turn-out.
              Gabriel Currie: You have three hours to sell tickets to the Michaelmas ball, what do you do?
              Anna Green: Advertise them on Facebook.
              Anna Green is duly elected.

              International Rep – no candidates

              DSU Rep
              Two candidates: Greg Oxley and Re-Open Nominations
              Greg Oxley: I’ve worked at the uni for two and a half years, worked behind the bar at the DSU, I’m not currently involved and want to get involved, have experience on committees, want to help formalize the committee.
              Greg Oxley is elected by an overwhelming majority.

              General Rep (x4)
              Four candidates: John Foxwell; Yixiang Du; Katrina Muhly and Re-Open Nominations. There was no call to hust. John Foxwell, Yixiang Du and Katrina Muhly are duly elected.

              Finance Committee (x3)
              There are seven candidates: Alex Grant; Emily Johnson; Tom Kiddle; Ben Lockwood; Kiera McEvoy; Jacob Stein and Re-Open Nominations.
              Alex Grant: I’ve already got some experience, I work well in a team and have a good eye for detail.
              Emily Johnson (in absentia): I study economics and would be interested in a career in finance, am organized, have experience working in a shop, was managing director of the school Young Enterprise team.
              Tom Kiddle: I want to get involved, helped with the budget at school.
              Ben Lockwood: I do a module in finance, it has been a long term interest, would be interested in a career in finance, am organized, passionate and have good computer skills.
              Kiera McEvoy: I would like to find out where the money goes, am interested in a career in finance, want to learn more about JCR policy, understand the budget more, it needs to be made clearer with more of a budget and make sure that Sports and Societies aren’t wasting their budget.
              Jacob Stein: I study Maths and Computer Science, was involved in the finances of my youth organization, I think finance comm has excessive power, democracy is more important, I want to make the JCR more efficient. I have experience with spreadsheets.
              As one of the candidates was absent, no questions could be asked.
              Alex Grant, Kiera McEvoy and Jacob Stein were elected.

              Green Machine Assistant (x3)
              Three candidates: David Jones, Louisa Johns and Re-Open Nominations. There is no call to hust. David Jones and Louisa Johns are duly elected.

              Junior DUCK rep (x2)
              There are two candidates: Tabitha Serle and Re-Open Nominations. There is no call to hust. Tabitha Serle is duly elected.

              Junior Returning Officer – no candidate.

              Music Room Manager
              There are two candidates: David Jones and Re-Open Nominations.
              David Jones: I have experience from working with Durham Student Theatre and as manager of Big Band. I’d like to work with the Green Machine Manager to maintain everything and ensure that we have good musical equipment.
              Chris Roussell: What would you do about people practicing late at night?
              David Jones: That’s probably a matter for college, but if elected I would be happy to take it up on your behalf.
              Jen Hack: What about the rugby pictures in the music room?
              David Jones: I’d like to replace them with some more relevant pictures.
              David Jones is elected by an overwhelming majority.

              Webmaster – no candidate

              Serge Chapman proposed a motion of censure against Carl Okunubi for failing to provide apologies for his absence. Rich Root seconded the motion. Serge Chapman explained that this meant he could rebuke Carl Okunubi on behalf of the JCR as all members of the Exec are expected to attend JCR meetings or provide apologies. This was passed on a General Aye.

              Gabriel Currie announced that there were only two dinner tickets left for the Michaelmas Ball.

              The Sports and Societies Chair was delighted by the appearance of a plate of sandwiches, provided by Ian Harrisson (President of the Senior Common Room), but was subsequently disappointed to upon the discovery that the sandwiches in question were ham and mustard.
              Catherine Ainsley won the raffle for a bottle of wine.
              The meeting closed at 9pm.