JCR Meeting Agenda

18.30., Cuth’s Bailey Bar, 11th Feb 2014

1. Apologies and Absences

2. Minutes from the previous meeting

3. Correspondence

4. Reports

i. President

ii. Welfare

iii. Library

iv. Vice-President

v. Outreach Officer (formerly Livers Out Rep)

vi. Social Chair

vii. Treasurer

viii.DSU Rep

ix. Sports and Socs Chair

x. PG Rep

xi. International Rep

5. Motions- Election Rules, Volleyball Club
6.Positions to be elected:












7. Any other Business

8. Thank God Van Mildert Didn’t want me

1. Apologies and Absences

Apologies – Eleanor Harby and Gabriel Currie

Absent – Catherine Ainsely

2. Minutes from the previous meeting

Are online and were passed on a general aye

3. Correspondence


4. Reports

  1. Outreach Officer (Millie Tanner)

I am in the process of getting the ball rolling with an Outreach Committee, and am in contact with the representatives for DUCK and the SCA to ensure the committee is as effective and efficient as possible.

I am in contact with a small number of students who are looking to find housemates for next year, and those seeking help with finding a house. I’d encourage anybody still looking to get in contact if they need any help, and to join up to Cuth’s Meet a Housemate on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/569577519792482/) to find housemates if necessary. The Union are still providing their contract checking service and this is strongly recommended before signing.

Finally I’m trying to find out more information from Durham Student’s Union on their elusive Community Committee, which was advertised last term but is yet to have any other information published. I’m keen to join in order to represent the views of those who live on the Viaduct, but so far no information is being provided on the existence or running of said committee. The search continues.

  1. Welfare Officers (Eleanor Harby and Luke Talbot)

The Sexual Violence Awareness Week was a great success. The symposium was really well attended, with a great discussion afterwards. Thanks to all those who came and also a massive thank you to Professor Rachel Pain. The charity pub quiz also went well, and we raised £36 for The Meadows, a charity designed to help victims of sexual abuse.

As Eleanor is now in summative Hell, Luke will be taking a lead with the campaign weeks. The first campaign week is the Durham SU “”Respect Irrespective””, running from the 17th-23rd Feb. We are waiting on the student union to finalise their plans and provide us with materials in order to carry out the event. One plan we have is to get Cuth’s teams to sign the equality charter.

Cuth’s campaign week, Mental Health Awareness Week will be taking place on the 24th Feb -2nd of March. Currently, there is only one confirmed plan of a joint symposium with the SCR on the topic of Mental Health Stigma.

  1. Vice-President (Mike Foulkes)

The stash order has been sent, and should be delivered at the end of this week, so I’ll send round an email when it arrives about where to pick it up from. Other than that, still attempting to make the newsletters more interesting, though progress is slowed by my lack of technological ability.

  1. Librarian (Harriet Rawet)

The library is starting to get busier again and I’ve had a few book requests. Generally speaking the computer room is much busier than the library, although there are still issues with certain computers not working or not connecting to the printer.

Mike’s book arrived, very exciting.

Despite all my beautiful signs the fridge isn’t getting a great deal of action, but from what I can tell people are using the tea and coffee. I’m going to try and acquire some mugs, as polystyrene cups are wasteful and also make stuff taste weird. The dragon (Ben jr. to his friends) seems to have settled down now and is still yet to cause any distress or damage, so it doesn’t look like an exterminator will be required. On the contrary, students are beginning to look up to him (both literally and figuratively), and with his new found interest in current affairs he might prove to be a positive influence (This is an unnecessary detail in the report-Pres).

  1. Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Rep (Harry Lewendon-Evans)

The first Research Forum of the term was held last week, and was well attended by both UGs and PGs. Both speakers gave very interesting and thought-provoking talks and there was a good discussion following. We are in the stages of finalising the organisation of a Reading Group, also open to all students, and details will be released soon. Anna Green, the PG Social rep, is organising our Inter-MCR formal, to take place on 12th March. We are finalising the price of tickets, as we are hoping to offer a drinks reception and a port/cheese course after dinner. Entertainment is being provided by Cuth’s Big Band. We are also discussing with the college the possibility of hosting lunches for mature students. Finally I am currently reviewing the possibility of increasing the postgraduate budget in order to more accurately represent postgraduate involvement within the JCR and college, and as a way to supplement activities and events for postgraduates over the summer.

  1. Senior DSU Rep (Carl Okunubi)

For candidates wishing to run for a sabbatical officer role, nominations open on Thursday 13 February, 9amand close on Friday 21 February, 5pm. You will then receive training and advice before campaigning and voting starts on the first week of March. At the Assembly meeting on the 30th, there was a motion to open up the membership of the mature students association to everyone which was passed. Also another motion was passed for the union to actively petition and encourage the University to ensure that all its full-time workers, are paid a Living Wage of £7.35 per hour; this would be implemented to those who do not already receive it. It has been passed that at least 50% of members must attend the committee meetings for any decision to be legitimately passed; Quoracy has to be reached. It has been noted that last year 7.45% of all exams have errors in them; however 88% of these exams are from the physics, business and sciences department. The union hopes to change this trend and try to pressure the main department’s to improve their conduct. Finally, the student officer’s plans where approved and so were the different committee plans.

  1. Sports and Societies Chair (Rich Root)

Since the last meeting I have met with Elizabeth and we are in the process of organising a formal for societies after exams to coincide with the awarding of colours. I have also written up my Societies Document that will be distributed very shortly.

viii. Social Chair (Gabriel Currie)

We held an event atWiff Waffwhich was mixed. The ping pong and beer pong tournament worked out really well, and thanks to Rich Root for organising that. However, there is an ongoing dispute over finances and the level of service we received, something we were very disappointed about.

We are now in the final stage of prep for the Feast of St Cuthbert which will be held on February 21. Tickets went live at 1800 today and I’d encourage you all to come down and support the event. You can buy tickets atwww.cuths.com/tickets. For more details of the event go towww.cuths.com. Thanks to all those from social committee and the bar who have assisted so far.

I am also looking to the Military Formal that will be held on February 19, and we are delighted to have such a big presence from the Durham tri-service community as well as from regional units. If you are a serving or retired member of the armed forces then please get in contact with me if you would like to attend. I apologise in advance for the behaviour of the Royal Marines.

I am beginning planning for Cuth’s Day, which will be held on June 21. More details will be released closer to the event. If you are interested in getting involved either in planning the event or in performing on the day then please get in touch with me either via Facebook or by emailing me atevents@cuths.com.

ix. Treasurer (Ben Hamer)

The quarterly VAT books have been submitted to HMRC on time. Substantial levels of savings on tax has been achieved – many thanks to the work of the Social Chair, Gabe Currie, in implementing tax-efficient events by which the JCR as a whole benefits. I have created a new invoice template and system by which we can now efficiently and easily invoice other colleges, companies and persons in line with the legal requirements. The Finance Committee has met twice more to process substantial levels of JCR income – their support and perseverance throughout this and last term is welcome. Further day-to-day running of the financial aspects of the JCR continues with good levels of efficiency. A 2014/5 handover document for the future Treasurer-elect is being developed as are further developments of current forms and filing procedures. We also look forward to the potential of incorporating a potential annual alumnus’ donation into the budget.

x. International Students’ Rep (Catherine Ainsley)

None submitted

5. Motions – Election Rules, Volleyball Club
The Updated Election Rules Motion