Gov Comm Meeting 2018-11-08

Present: Emma Croll, Elena Martin, Amy Kuner, Eduardo Enamorrado, Olivia Mccune, Will Bloor (late)
Apologies: Ewan Jones
Setting: Conference room, and Eduardo is sharing crisps and Samrat is wearing a Achkan Kurta because it’s Diwali
Agenda: Discussing the motions and election materials for the upcoming meeting.

Olivia will be taking over Sarah’s duties of live streaming the event. Someone will give her a phone.
[Will Bloor enters: “this is going to be a beefy election innit!”]
Emma welcomes Olivia and explains her role to her.
Emma talks over how the new anonymous emails to the exec are going to work. Only a few silly ones (thank you Rishi), but a few serious ones. Some of them were pretty targeted.
Amy asks if this question was from a society? Emma says she thinks it wasn’t. Emma thinks she just has to read them out, because we just don’t have the context.
She wants to know whether she should just read them out or summarise.
Eduardo says he thinks its best to read it out. Amy agrees otherwise it’s a bit censorship-ish.
Amy says people might feel cheated if they haven’t had their actual question written out.
Samrat asks if we can have a system where by the question is answered back to whoever asked the question.
Emma thinks these things are things that need to be addressed publicly.
Elena or Amy are going to point out in the meeting that this system can be abused if no one else does.

Voting by caucus

Everyone needs to be impartial in this. Emma summarises what this is about.
Samrat is going to make a point of information about how we can’t see who votes so sanctions won’t be put in place.

The Religious Societies motions
Elena is going to make an amendment; the chair should be on that the advisory panel because they are impartial.
We foresee this being a tricky motion.

Song motion is fine
Postgrad restructure should also be fine
Budgets might be okay

Emma explains to Will Bloor that his role is to be bants. Will is going to sense the room and work on this.
Samrat takes over

We are happy that a lot of our positions at the moment are contested!
There is some debate about whether a candidates photo needs to be cropped even more because it’s very clearly them next one the current facilities manager. A candidate does mention an exec member by name. In this context it’s okay as long as they change the name to the role.
All we need to do is remove the names of proposers and seconders from election materials.