Gov Comm Meeting 2018/10/09

Present: Emma Croll, Samrat Pasriccha, Amy Kuner, Elena Martin
Absent: none
Setting: The conference room that is still full of banners and decorations left over from Freshers’ Week. Aw.

Having Meeting in the Bar
EC: College and Bar are not liking us taking up time in the bar with the meeting so we need to get the meeting a lot sorter so they lose their revenue.
So we need a plan and just bang through the motions so that it can be over faster and college are more likely to let us have meetings in there in the future.
We are going to sign people in at the end of the meeting.
Ignore the people who walk in late/ half way through.
Are we going to make the JROs we elect today do their new job through the meeting?
SP: Yeah, I was also going to get them to do the posters tonight.
EC: We have a few people who are absent and need to read their speeches.
SP: We are rearranging the order to make this work as smoothly as possible.
EC: I will read them out.

The Elections at this Meeting
EC: when are we counting the votes for this election? The Method I.
SP: Counting the votes on Wednesday 4pm. The election is live but invisible at the moment but will make it visible at midnight.
Everyone likes Samrat because this was a good idea.

EC: would like another meeting further in advance of so that it’s more organised. Tuesday?
Everyone: Probs Tuesday, if not then Monday.

Going though Manifestos

James Cochran
EC: No problems, all good. Agreed?
Everyone: Agreed.

Christopher West
Spelt postgrad wrong lol
EC: everything else is good

Jenny Oster-Warriner
Everyone: no problems, all fine other than the size of the table slip which is being sorted.

Kristen Price
Everyone: all okay
AK: I like her signature
EC: Me too

Jack Simmonds
SP: We have some issues with pre-campaigning both with posters in the JCR and posts online.
EC: Decided on a sanction of getting

Theresa Rauh
SP: The manifesto is just way too long.
EC: can she just make it smaller?
But nothing else is wrong with it? Nah it’s all fine.

[Exit Samrat to do printing]