No motions submitted

Got lots of things to read through for Tuesday.
Points of information during speeches – often interrupt speeches, so SRO can choose whether to sustain it or postpone it or ignore it.
Going to read through the speeches to see if they’re alright to go through, check for false promises.
Sarah will be SRO-ing the meeting as AB is running for a position.

Elena Martin’s Manifesto
All good

Amy Kuner’s Manifesto
Edit creating study space to make it clearer that it’ll be repurposing old space
Edit note about committee between independent common rooms as no actual evidence of university politics changing
Edit elect from the freshers week inclusivity reps to “create”
Edit POC to POCA
Edit investing reserves in tech to raise the idea of this to the trustees

Other Things
Sarah to email candidates to tell them to come early
Gov comm to come for 7 rather than 7.30
Liv will be in charge of the stopwatch
Cat in charge of pizza
If we see someone campaigning incorrectly, take note/screenshot and email SRO account
Schedule of social media posting to remind people to vote:
– Weds: Samrat post in 1st years, Live the 2nd years, Sarah the 3rd years, Emma bar group, Harry postgrads

Next Gov Comm meeting at Abbi’s house with dinner.